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Thread: Pingan’s practice

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    When I look outside myself for something or someone to make me feel better, I’m forgetting that Source is within me, the source of my happiness is within me, not out there in manifestations.

    It’s never the case that something out there makes me feel good. Yearning? That doesn’t feel good. Longing? Nope.

    What about the times when I’ve felt good and it seemed to be coming from someone or something close by? Well if I look at those circumstances carefully, wasn’t I already flying high? I’d already closed the gap - that’s why I felt good, and yes: circumstances reflected that.

    Manifestations are always a match to my vibration. So when I’m flying high my manifestations tell that story too.

    Sometimes I think about my desires with a feeling of yearning or longing, and that feeling comes from the thought that my source of happiness is “over there”.

    It’s not the worst feeling to have but it’s not the best either. I’d much rather feel good because I know that Source is within me. I’d much rather create my reality from that foundation. I’d much rather allow beautiful manifestations to spring up like flowers all around me, thanks to the light of Source already shining through me.

    To all the people and things I’ve clung to, hoping for happiness, I release you. You aren’t my Source. You aren’t the cause of my joy or relief or freedom or love. I don’t need you to make me happy - but I know you’re in my vortex, full of eagerness to meet me when I’m ready to let you come.

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    Have i mentioned how much I appreciate being on this forum?

    It’s so good to have a place to share my practice, with such high-flying people in my vicinity. You guys and gals are amazing

    Just now I was looking around my home, my partner and kids and a messy house, and I saw all these things that would have got me down, and you know what I did instead? I reminded myself that when I feel better I’m turning to Source within me, Source who holds me always and unceasingly in its loving gaze.

    And I reminded myself that manifestations don’t make me happy. It’s my turning to Source within me that makes me happy!

    It was so small, so simple, and yet so significant for me to acknowledge at last that I have the power within me, the power to feel good irrespective of what is happening around me.

    It’s a power I had searched for since I was a kid, the freedom and the power to feel good even if those around me didnt.

    I’m so grateful and appreciative to Abe and Esther and all you beautiful people whose work I’ve been reading for years. Thank you so much

    I am keeping my promise to remember who I am, and I am appreciating the feeling of Source flowing through me!

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    Feeling better is me turning towards Source within me!

    Hey there beautiful people! I woke up this morning with some things on my mind and some strong desires pulling at me, and I had time to write a thoughtful and insightful post...that didn’t really help me focus on wanted

    So I deleted it.

    Nothing is more important than feeling good because feeling good is my alignment with Source within me.

    Just feel better. Source is welcoming me with love and appreciation, and as I feel it, I’m allowing my vibration to rise and my reality to change!

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    What’s next?

    I can feel Source within me. My practice of just feeling better has become a reliable way of tuning into Source.

    So what next?

    I feel like I’ve finally got my hands on the valve and if I focus it opens up a little. I wouldn’t claim to be in the Vortex yet, so I’m guessing the way forward is just to keep milking the connection I have, and it will become stronger and flow faster.

    I think I’ll be listening to videos and reading the books in a different light now. Exciting!

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    New platform, new contrast...
    Just feeling better has brought me so far, it even brings me insights into my circumstances and the patterns of my vibration.

    These insights tempt me to pursue them and start efforting for the sake of further insights and manifestations.

    I want to laugh at myself more; this is so silly. Feeling better is the only thing that works, the only work worth doing. Forget about solutions and insights and knowledge and understanding. Just feel better

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    Making peace with where I am, instead of fighting against it. Making peace where I am. Making peace wherever I am. Blessed are the peacemakers!

    When I feel better I’m turning towards Source. This is my proof that it works, proof that my vibration really does create my reality. Turning towards Source, turning into Source, I’m demonstrating to myself that Source is here within me.

    Source is here, and I’d like to draw on it more. I’d like to be in the flow more often. I’d like to let Source soften my whole life’s experience.

    But where I am right now I can at least make peace with it. I can keep finding Source to the best of my ability, and the best is just feeling better no matter how small a change that might be. I can feel a little bit better about anything in any circumstances, and then appreciate that I’ve deliberately found a little more alignment.

    My circumstances may still have much room for improvement, but I can be glad for the contrast they provide and the reassurance that manifestation obeys law. Small improvements in how I feel will bring corresponding changes in my manifestation. It’s not magic.

    I feel better about this — just a little — and a little is easy, manageable, and stable.

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    I just read this on another thread from PoE:

    “With THIS intense focus on the unwanted, you are activating the unwanted.

    SO EASY, so "small" it seems- but in the vibrational word, your focus and your belief (="I´m not getting this!!!") becomes your EXPECTATION. That´s it. You must shift this observation to a different focus, to get something different.
    Like attracts like.”

    Word was a typo (world) but it caught my eye for some reason - perhaps because I’m so focused on the power of words.

    And I admit this aspect of Abe I still have some resistance to. Part of me doesn’t simply want things to improve by changing my focus. Part of me wants instead to have the sense of solving, completing, and resolving the unwanted.

    Because my belief has been “if I don’t know how to control it, I can’t be truly safe or free from it”.

    That’s something valuable to deactivate: I actually can control the putting my attention on the wanted. There is no unwantedness trap or challenge or mechanism to decode and decipher and destroy, it’s all law of attraction bringing me more of what I’m vibrating.

    If I stop reminding myself of unwanted, paying attention to it, and fill in those gaps with wanted thoughts and focus, then my experience will be different!

    I keep looking for “solutions” but solutions imply problems...and it’s my vibration of problems that is bringing me more of the same.

    Even at this very moment I have a sense of “if I just reach a little further I can find the answer!”

    Oh well. I don’t have to change everything at once. I have this momentum, but it doesn’t control me. It’ll be ok. I’ll just let it slowly wind down and not beat myself up when I forget.

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    Practice practice practice.

    My feelings and my manifestations tell me how my vibration is going, but I’ve only recently found my reliable sense of connection with Source.

    This connection has helped me evaluate my usual feelings. I know it’s usually the unwanted that helps us know what we want; but in this instance it’s more like the wanted has shown me how much better things can be.

    I’ve seen people come on the forum who haven’t known how they feel, and usually that means they’ve grown so accustomed to feeling bad that they block out their guidance.

    That’s probably a bit like me.

    But you know what? I’m glad if things are worse than I realised because that means I have even more room for feeling better and finding ease and relief.

    It’s a relief to know that my vibration has been lower than I thought, and I’m encouraged by this sense of clarity about my vibration.

    I appreciate the added incentive to practice more effectively. Not by efforting but by being more mindful of my guidance and more consistently taking refuge in Source by feeling better.

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