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Thread: Pingan’s practice

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    I have a bad feeling because i think something I desire is slipping away from me.

    Of course that would feel bad. Let me apply my 1,2,3 plan.

    This is a 2 situation: accept that this is how I’m feeling due to misaligned thoughts. Don’t push against it. Accept that I feel powerless and fearful of losing what I desire, and I’m struggling to see how it can work.

    Yes this is painful. But there’s a soothing feeling to accepting that this is just how I feel right now, that it’s due to my thoughts, and that it’s a function of how I’m creating my reality.

    As I accept it, I feel that the pain of it is deeper and more varied. It’s not pure pain. I’m not in intolerable pain. I feel like cause and effect are coming into focus: yes, I think these thoughts and they make me feel bad. That makes sense.

    Once the initial rush of resistance subsides, I’m still alive and still here and still able to appreciate things.

    And I can appreciate that answers are coming to me in this less resistant state. Answers are coming to me and my desires are coming to me. The things I desire are coming to me.

    3. Don’t take the tempting offer to push against my resistance. Just accept it and be okay with where I am. Feel peace and calm returning as I softly let these pressures dissipate.

    1. Find something else to appreciate. I appreciate my body. I love my body. I feel good in my body. I love being me. I love who I am.

    Answers start flooding in about my resistant situation. Answers I dont need to share, but which do provide understanding and my inner being perspective of cooperative components.

    And all together, the message that I can of course chill out and relax and feel good, because everything is coming to me.

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    I can accept that I have fears of missing out and feelings of lack. I don't have to enjoy them. But I am better served by making peace with where I am than struggling against it.

    Let it sink in. I'm afraid of losing out, missing the boat, being overlooked and not chosen, being passively rejected. It's okay that I'm afraid and feeling bad. Stop pushing against. Don't push against. This feeling accurately reflects my thought vibration. Respect the clarity of my guidance.

    And don't worry. The answers are coming. Relief is coming. Making peace does not make permanent.

    With ease the resistance will bubble up. And it will prove to be as simple as a thought that runs against the grain of my desires and being.

    Keeping light about it, not pushing, appreciating, the answers come because the answers are themselves things to appreciate! Appreciation is the vibration of solutions and answers and freedom and relief and joy and ease.

    So stop fighting the resistance. Making peace won't make it real.

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    “The thing I want won’t happen” of course that feels bad. “I need to do something about it” feels even worse. “How can I make it happen” feels bad too. “Why is it not happening” also feels bad. “How can it possibly happen” feels worse. “I don’t think it’s going to happen” feels pretty bad as well.

    These thoughts feel bad. I don’t have to fight against them. I can’t yet see how to soften them. But the answers are coming to me. Yeah, I don’t know how the thing I want is going to happen, I don’t know when it’s going to happen. I can’t make it happen. But I feel good about my desire. Whenever I focus on my desire I feel good about it and that must count for something.

    It’s okay for me not to know how or when. It’s definitely okay for me to not be trying to make it happen. The main thing is for me to feel better right now so I don’t feel the pain of resistance.

    In fact, right now in my focus on it, I’m still pushing against it!!! More subtle than before, but trying nonetheless.

    Can I feel appreciation, feel better, even while feeling resistance?

    Let me just go back to my 1. Appreciation. Relief in acknowledging that my body feels good. My home feels happy. I’ve had a good day. I’ve enjoyed my day.

    “What about the really important desires???”

    Ah. That’s the resistance. Implying that these desires are more important than feeling good! Implying that I need progress on my desires more than I need to appreciate and feel good!

    I see. I focus on the lack of “important” desires and that undermines my happiness right now.

    Well, all desires are important! But none are as vital as feeling good right now. The whole point of desires is feeling good. Using desires to undermine good feelings now is just messed up.

    What about the really important desires? All my desires are important. And none of them has the power to make me feel good. None are more urgent or more pressing. That’s just my opinion of how important or urgent or pressing they are.

    House, money, relationships, health, none of them trumps feeling good. So none is more important or more desirable than the other.

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    “I have to keep focusing on what I want or it will drift away!”

    That doesn’t sound right. It doesn’t feel right either. Feels like lack, feels like fear, feels like effort.

    Focusing through fear of missing out is futile and feels like it.

    This isn’t just about particular desires. It’s a practiced vibration of clinging to things for fear that I will be left behind and abandoned.

    It comes with an attitude of thinking I am disposable and not precious in others’ eyes. I feel like I could be jettisoned or just ignored while others walk away, up to me to follow and keep up.

    But this is a universe powered by attraction. I am attracting things all the time. I might not like all of them, but it means I can also be attracting the things I do like, firmly and undeniably attracting all components of my desire. Never chasing or running after or following.

    It’s following that makes things seem fleeting and avoidant.

    I can attract anything.

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    “I will feel good once I have that”

    It’s a lie.

    The thought feels both good and bad. Bittersweet. Because my inner being agrees that it feels good, but doesn’t agree with the conditionality.

    I have a belief that I will feel good once I have it.

    It’s okay. I don’t need to try too hard. But it would help not to invest in that lie. Because if I believe I will feel good once I have it, I can’t help but feel bad when I see the lack.

    And besides, the truth is that I will enjoy having it. Not that I don’t already feel good. I will feel good as soon as I appreciate. I don’t need the condition to feel good, however much I will enjoy it.

    Like my house: I will enjoy my new house but I can also enjoy where I am. I can feel good right now. So I’m not dependent on conditions to make me feel good.

    When I win the lottery I will feel so good....not quite. I always can feel so good. So what then? I’ll enjoy winning the lottery. Yes. Feel the shift? The subtle but definite shift from “this will make me feel good” to “I can enjoy that.”

    There are so many things I can enjoy. I don’t need to stick so ardently to one particular desire, however satisfying I think it will be.

    So that’s it. I think my desire will be very satisfying. But I am better served to accept that I can feel just as satisfied, more satisfied in fact, just by appreciating things right now.

    I am not bound by longing to the things I desire. I am free to feel satisfaction right now!

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    Yes, the sticking point is not the unmet desire, but the thought that I need the desire to feel good, when in fact I can already right now feel even better than the desire would feel.

    Since I can already feel even better than that desire, there’s no urgency or pressure for it to happen. Yes it’s something I will greatly enjoy and appreciate. But I have many many many things to enjoy and appreciate right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pingan View Post
    Yes, the sticking point is not the unmet desire, but the thought that I need the desire to feel good, when in fact I can already right now feel even better than the desire would feel.

    Since I can already feel even better than that desire, there’s no urgency or pressure for it to happen. Yes it’s something I will greatly enjoy and appreciate. But I have many many many things to enjoy and appreciate right now.
    Since I can already feel better and enjoy, how and where will I focus to feel better and enjoy myself right now? Obviously not on things that aren’t manifested yet. But on things that have manifested. Or the manifested aspects of things I desire in full.

    Now that I apply the standard of how much enjoyment I want to feel, where shall I look to feel that good? My beautiful partner. My adorable kids. My awesome physical body. Good places to start.

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    Such amazing movement today.
    I had an EMDR session, and used it to focus on how I want to feel, instead of the negative I have felt. It was powerful and joyful and gave me answers.

    Last night I also the face of absent desires, get this, people: I have the ability Right Now to feel even Better than I think I will feel when my desires manifest!!!

    Isn’t that the most amazing thing? Not just I can feel good now; I can feel BETTER now! I can feel better than the money and the house and the other things!

    Not just as good as...even better! There’s no limit! And doesn’t that just affirm so solidly that it’s not about getting my stuff? It’s way bigger than that. It’s way bigger than the stuff because I can feel even better than I expect to feel.

    And so my longing and yearning and craving just evolved. Something shifted and now I’m thinking wow. The only reason I want those things is because of how I think I will feel, and sometimes I torture myself with the thought that they might not happen, and I try to feel good anyway.

    But just shows me with such immediacy that it is not about the stuff. Unleash my imagination to how good I can possibly feel, because I actually can feel it right now.

    And I don’t mean a quantum leap, I mean I’ve shifted my perspective. I have this vast energy of life and love and joy available. And it is not limited by the several things I’ve desired.

    I can feel better than those desires. Way better. So much better. I can fly. I can soar. I can swim. I can float. I can levitate. And that is my true home and my true belonging. Right now. I can feel even better right now. That is the power and the joy of alignment!

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    I’m feeling new or refined desires springing up in response to unwanted conditions. Not super bad conditions, just a preference for things to be different.

    So right now, can I keep up with my desire instead of wallowing in the unwanted aspects?

    First, I can appreciate something. My body is a great thing to appreciate because it is so immediately a part of my experience and has so much about it for me to appreciate and enjoy, and when I appreciate anything my body feels good too, so it’s especially focused to appreciate my body and feel the appreciation in my body.

    And with my desires launched, I can gently let myself feel them. Desires for something interesting and fun and warm and satisfying. Desires for love and company and a festive feeling.

    Oh and I can see that this is the fullness and festivity I desired in the past. I loved imagining a home that was always full of light and love and warmth and care and fun and joy and abundance of things to do and see and play with and explore, for me and all the family.

    Imagine everyone having an abundance of things to occupy them with fun and interest in an atmosphere of love and enjoyment.

    Ah. That is so beautiful. And I want to do things too. I want my own interests and hobbies and occupations that are fun and interesting and satisfying.

    That’s beautiful.

    And the final component is that I can feel even better than that right now. I can feel interest and fun and love and enjoyment and satisfaction right now, even more than those manifestations seem to promise.

    Oh and one more step....I don’t have to feel that good right now. No pressure to feel amazing. I know I’m on the path to that. And I know it’s enough to feel some relief and some appreciation, tuning to that frequency.

    Even if I relax to “neutral”, I can appreciate neutrality. There’s no effort required of me. I don’t have to do anything. Where I am right now is perfect and I don’t have to make myself feel any better. No “have to”.

    And in freedom from “have to” I’m more aware of how I’m feeling. And as I’m aware of tension and shifting feelings inside me, I give them space and opportunity to wind down and rest and release their tightness.

    I don’t need to be tense. It’s okay that I feel some tension. I like the relief as it lets go. I like the relief.

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    I’d thought that other people’s actions could upset my desires, and that my desires depended on people “coming around” to my desires.
    But that’s not true. And it’s not taking ownership of my creative power. I’ve been afraid that my desires would impose unwanted conditions upon others!
    I’ve been afraid of even influencing others by my desires: as if my desires could impose, as if my wanting could force others to go in a certain direction not of their choosing and blame me for it. As if this were mind control or persuasion.
    I want relief and ease, as I accept that this is not how it works. My inner being and all their inner beings are in alignment. There is no conflict. In fact they are just waiting for me to be one of the cooperative components.
    I’ve been afraid of swaying others because I’ve been afraid of blame. But having my own desires is not blameworthy. Who could blame me? This is why we are all here.
    I have desires and the do not depend on people acquiescing because people do not acquiesce. I do not desire acquiescence, I desire love and joy not just in myself but in those I care about.
    My desires are mine. They are part of my being. They are who I really am. And the people around me are part of that too.
    No one can upset my apple cart nor I theirs. We are all in this together and we are all sharing compatible desires and destinations together!

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