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Thread: No "But" any longer: Un-splitting myself!

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    No "But" any longer: Un-splitting myself!

    So inspired to make this theme a new practice for me.
    Allowing this to pick up speed, and ready for more specifics, in time!

    You don´t have to let all people "in": Some people are just not a good match for you, right now.
    Guide yourself to what you WANT!

    Esther had an experience lately where she made a decision about something, let someone into her life, up close, pretty good. Felt weird, right from the beginning. And instead of following her guidance, she over rode her guidance by wanting to give that person the benefit of the doubt.

    Because that´s what "good humans" do!

    And then it got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, and then she said- "I knew it then, I knew it then- I knew it THEN- I knew it THEN... I KNEW IT THEN!
    (with annoyed voice) ...I realllly know it now.... I REALLY REALLY REALLY know it now... I REALLY KNOW IT NOW...!"

    And we don´t want any of you to beat up, on that. We just want you to start paying attention to what you knew- and how it turned out. How you felt, and how it turned out.

    We want you to start guiding yourself in the direction of WHAT YOU WANT.

    San Francisco, CA June 29, 2019, from the clip
    Speak Your Desires Into Existence - Abraham New 2019

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    Wow. No "but", on THIS!
    No "but". Just guiding myself in the direction of what I want.

    What do I want?
    I want this to work out smoothly and comfortably, for all who are involved.
    I want to get the perfect X, that feeeels so good.
    I want to have all the money flowing to me, in the process.
    I LOVE that I already have the amount and more, but I want more. I want it to be EASY, with a very comfortable, sweet buffer.

    I want much more clarity. Yes, I LOVE the clarity!
    But I also like to trust the unfolding, one easy sweet step at a time. Yah, I LIKE it that way. And, it might even feel better in this new way.
    Hmmm, sounds exactly like "satisfied where I am, and eager for more!" Hey, I like that!

    I like the "no but". I LIKE this. It feels so natural. It makes so much more sense
    It feels reasonable!
    It feels disciplined.
    Why the heck should I ever contradict myself on something that I want, and that I have decided to do!!??

    "Pick a decision and then make it the best decision you ever made" (Abe).
    Hah!! This is IT!

    I am making this one of my BEST decisions ever! It may be quirky, but then- I AM quirky
    I like it that way! And it feels so good!
    I don´t care what others think: I LIKE it this way!
    And DH is in it completely, as well, we will do this! We will line up with this on and on and on!
    And it already feels so sweet. It feels sweet and quirky, and joyful and lovingly and cute and wonderful. This is what I want! THIS IS WHAT I WANT, and I feel how source says yes to it all the time, the heavens are filled with sources laughter about this: "Yes, yes yes!!" Everything I WANT which feels good has sources undivided back up, and it is DONE. I like that. I like that. Ahhh, YES, this feels good!

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    Cut yourself loose! Let it GOOOO!

    When something really matters a lot, it tends to get really an inordinate amount of your attention. And when it´s moving into the direction you don´t want it to move, than that inordinate attention increases the momentum.

    And the thing that is so confounding about it, to you, that thing that makes you feel that disgust and rage, is- a part of you knows, that it doesn´t have to be that way. A part of you knows, that you are smarter than this, a part of you knows that if you just could get hold of it and apply yourself in a different way-
    you could turn it around!

    We want you to make MOMENTUM your friend, too!

    The thing we so want to convey to you in a way that you can really feel it, is that sliding in opposition to what you want DOES NOT INDICATE BAD CREATION.

    It indicates strong determination!
    -If you really want something, and you are focussed in opposition to it, it´s really really uncomfortable.
    If you don´t care at all, then your opposition-thought doesn´t hinder you, at all.

    And so, when you feel strong about something, as you do there is very very very good news, in that. And the good news is:
    There is strong, strong, strong, strong, STRONG momentum!

    Now we want to help you understand something about momentum! Because, so far in this conversation, it felt like we´r talking about momentum, that´s taking you into the OPPOSITE direction of where you want to be!

    But momentum -ahhhh- momentum is NEVER EVER taking you
    into the opposite direction of where you want to be!


    Momentum is ALWAYS source energy,
    moving TOWARDS something you really really want!

    But in opposite vibration, in opposing personal thought-vibration, the momentum that is really leading TOWARDS where you want to go, feels AWFUL while you are pulling against it! Now, did you get that??

    THIS MOMENTUM -this is not a downward-slide, that you are upon, this is an onward slide,
    this is the Universe, lining everything up, to give you everything that you want! THAT´S WHAT´S REALLY HAPPENING!

    But where you are standing within it, and almost everybody would understand it-
    you are pulling in such opposition that it FEELS to you, that the momentum is going in the opposite direction-
    because you´r taking score of current manifestations instead of understanding the power of the momentum!

    It would be a little bit like, if you would be garnering the empathise, that you where going to shoot something far far far out into space- but so far, the rocket hasn´t been launched.
    So, it´s just sitting there- in a resistant state!

    Iow, it wants to go, but they got it all strapped down,
    and so it looks like it´s going to tear the whole launchpad up,
    if somebody won´t cut it loose and let it GO-

    and THAT´s what we want you to focus on, here!
    This momentum, that feels like downward-spiral, is NOT a downward-spiral. It´s an upward-spiral, that you are not flowing with, yet.
    That´s all that it is.

    Abraham Hicks

    I SO love this quote!!
    I was soooo thrilled when I first heard it. I KNEW, I KNEW it was true. And now, I´m getting to live this. Now I´m ready to turn this paradigm, for me. Now I am willing to let go the "but´s", and to ALLOW the momentum.

    Ahhhh, this feels so powerful!
    It feels amazing. I understand that I held back, in the face of THIS power. But now, I trust God and I trust MYSELF enough to allow this.
    I relax into God. I relax into all the remaining fears. I relax into all the remaining doubts. This will be AMAZING! I trust the Goodness. I trust the unfolding. I trust that all the beauty that is in myriads of specifics in my Vortex, will carry me from one treasure to the next.

    I trust, I trust, I trust!
    I cut this loose. I give up my but. I give up my resistances. I surrender into source. I give up, I give up, I give up, I give up! I surrender.

    Awwwwww, I love that! I have no idea "how". I don´t need to.
    I have no idea, and it´s perfectly ok!
    I have no idea YET.
    But I will, soon.

    I take my time.
    I give in to source. All in good timing. All in perfect unfolding.
    i am willing, I am open, I relax into my guidance.


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    Here Now
    I feel you....

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    Quote Originally Posted by treelotus View Post
    I feel you....

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    Unsplitting myself.
    No "but", anymore!

    I feeel the but in a conscious way as I never did before! I LIKE that! I got aware of this! It came out of the hiding! I SEE it. I realize it. That´s such a good thing, it´s not "the unconscious thing I do" anymore.

    I see it, and I FEEL it as soon I do it. This feels so much more powerful!
    I like that.
    I love relaxing into this. I love understanding this.
    When I say "but", and contradict my beautiful beloved desires, that really ARE WHO I AM- ohh, source will never follow me in that.

    OF COURSE this feels terrible!
    OF COURSE this is as a punch in my gut.

    Ohhh, I like it, I like this AWARENESS.

    And I relax into the pain. I give up my struggle, and I give into the flow.
    I just give up.
    Source, take me!
    Source, you know how.
    Source, you take the lead. I give up, I give up, I give up. Ahhhhhh, this feels SO GOOD.

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    I love this EASE.
    I love to be so friendly to myself.
    I love to stop all the nudging and pushing and to crack any whip AT ALL.

    I love trusting myself.
    I love to relax in what I know.
    I love to know, how far I came, and how clear I got.
    I love knowing that from here, it is easy. It´s just babysteps!

    I love feeling the "buts" coming up, so clearly.
    I love how I not push against them.
    I love embracing them, allowing them, and I love to see how lightly they let go of me, in this way.
    I love to realize what a light way this is!
    I love to understand how much love there is in it.

    No rush.
    No need.
    No should.
    No must!

    Freedom and JOY.
    Selflove and ease. It is sooo easy. It is so nice. It is SO MUCH FUN.

    The decision to be SATISFIED with simply feeling good, here and now,
    might be your Quantum-leap

    Today, you´ve moved- by the power of your desire- into something, that we don´t encourage very often, we witness it from time to time, and it´s what you will call sort of a "Quantum leap". And a quantum leap happens, when there are enough people who are focused upon something that they desire, even though it may feel nebulous, as it has somewhat, in this room, today- in an atmosphere of lots of nonphysical focus, so that there is enough SHIFTING.

    -It´s also called a Paradigm-Shift. When there is enough SHIFTING in the energy, to make a real difference in the way you stand, so that your point of attraction is shifted enough, so that you will begin to see results, that will make you BELIEVE.

    (Abe are further wrapping what happened in the seminar up, and finally tell how we could answer a friend on their question, how the seminar went)

    "I´ve decided, that I´m gonna be NICER to myself,
    and I´ve decided, that I´ll have more fun.
    And I´ve decided, that I´m gonna think happier thoughts,
    and I´ve decided that I will look around for things, that are SURE FIRE subjects for me, to feel good about.

    And I´ll concentrate, as close to 100%, at those things as I can."

    And your friend, who wasn´t here, is gonna say: "Isn´t that unrealistic?" And you would say: "Yes. But, I decided to leave reality and realism somewhere else. Because, it´s been tripping me up. I´ve decided to be, right now, today and tomorrow, as long as I can keep it going, one who dreams for the sake of FEELING GOOD, rather than the realist, who is facing reality for the sake of explantion. Or for the sake of attention. Or for the sake of justification. That´s what I got from it."

    And they´r gonna say: "It doesn´t sound like you´ve got much? Seems like a small idea, or even, obvious idea!" -and then, you might say: "I thought that, too, at first. But the presenter of the seminar seemed SO DETERMINED to make the point, that there is power in that, that I ve decided to give it a go. I´ve decided that I´ve gotta accept, that life- so far- has caused me to ask for a lot. And I´ve decided that I, RIGHT NOW, begin letting more of it, in."

    And your friend -if you´ve kept their interest, by now, they are probably gone home, and texted someone about what´s wrong with you, but if they are still hanging in with you, the next thing that you could say to them, the next thing that they might solicit from you, is: -"So, what does this MEAN, how is it´s gonna play out, what advantage of it is it for you?" and you can say, with as many words as you feel like saying: "I´m not sure that it will lead to ANYTHING. But I believe, that I will FEEL GOOD, in the moment. And for me, right now, THAT IS ENOUGH.

    I´ve decided to stop trying and efforting to make something happen.
    I´ve decided to accept my worthiness and my blessedness.
    I´ve decided to accept, that I stand in a place, where good things ARE flowing to me.
    And I´ve decided that- as hard as I´ve been trying, I haven´t been letting ENOUGH of them, in!

    And so, I´ve decided to take a different approach!
    I´ve decided to take- maybe- the EASY way.
    I´ve decided to stop fussing about it, and worrying about it, and trying so hard,
    and I´ve decided to just give it all the fun and ease and laughter and lightheartedness, that I can muster.

    -THAT´S MY PLAN. That´s what I took away from the gathering." And they´ll say: "Are you ever gonna go back to one of those meetings?" And here´s what you´r gonna say to them:

    "I never HAVE to go to another meeting! Because I´ve GOT IT."

    closing of Boston, Massachusetts, April 27, 2019 from the clip

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    Unsplitting myself.
    No "but", anymore!

    awwww, I LIKE that.
    I so LIKE that! I soooo love how Abe speak about it here:

    Is there really "nothing serious going on", here?
    (referring to the famous Abe-quote) this body, in this life-time, in this whole life-thing?

    YOU ALL are the only ones that implant the seriousness of it, because... because without meaning to, you have observed and collected, and made statistics of, and therefore rivers of thoughts of
    in the mis-understanding, that in the overcoming you become better people.

    When you are already REALLY GOOD, to begin with.

    from the clip Abraham Hicks - Don't Compare Yourself To Anyone

    NOTHING to overcome. This feels sooo FREE. This feels beloved. UNCONDITIONALLY beloved!
    I don´t need to prove anything. I don´t need to get others to understand me. I don´t need to convince anyone to open doors. I may just LIVE. Stand in my joy, live my life, in golden light, and in contrast, and making the best of it as I go. I may be AS I AM, giving my best. As everybody.

    And it will serve some, and some not. And it´s all ok. Some will get splinters and take me as excuse, and it´s not my pie, ever.

    I LIKE THAT. I like that!
    No shying away when I enjoy doing something. No need or should or not allowed to, ever. I AM FREE. And it´s easy. And I may take it completely easy!

    Ohhh, I so LOVE this.

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    Unsplitting myself.
    No "but", anymore! "but" anymore. No more wallowing in the unwanted. No more clinging tostep 1, that gave birth to the solutions.

    How fast can I catch the rocket!?
    How loving can I be!?
    How easy can I be?

    Light and easy. Light and forgiving. "Having been there and done it, myself". Friendly. LOVING. How much love can there flow, from me?
    How much benefit of the doubt can I give- for myself and for others...?

    It´s not so easy for any of us. It must not be hard. It MAY be easy. But this might be the "hardest" lesson of all... IT MAY BE EASY.

    Easy, light, lighthearted, non-attached, LOVING. Loving, loving, loving loving.
    When I flow my love, I´m invincible. And why should I do anything less... loving. Friendly. Gentle. Because, I want, and I can. I want, and I can- with EASE. Source´s got me. Every single time.

    Ohhh I like this. This feels so good. This feels so much better! Thank you source!

    Nonphysical Jerry, catching stumbling Esther

    Last week, Esther came bouncing up the steps, and the step wasn´t stable.
    When she stepped on it, it caved in, and her foot went between the step
    and the stage. Scraped up her shin, she stumbled upon the stage-
    it was... funny.

    It was really funny. And Esther thought- for the life of me, I do not know
    HOW I went down!
    So, Esther has a dear friend, who sees energy. (...) So, after the seminar
    she sent Esther an email, "You know, Jerry walks on the stage, with you?"
    And Esther says, "Yeah, I know. I can feel him there."
    And then she said, "He caught you, last week!"

    And Esther thought: "THAT´S why I didn´t fall down!
    It didn´t make sense to me! I didn´t have my balance, I didn´t have anything
    close to my balance! But I didn´t go down!"

    THIS is the thing we want you to understand...

    But if you are not knowing that, if you are mad at yourself-
    then you don´t let us GET YOU!

    Westchester, Oct. 2014

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    Un-splitting myself:
    No "but", anymore!

    Everything that you´ve wished for, or desired, HAS HAPPENED.
    And the way you feel is only your indicator, of how close or far you are from YOUR realization, of it!

    So, that interpretation that you are getting: "It doesn´t matter", is just your IB wanting to help you find EASE.

    Iow, back up a little bit, back off just a little bit, go just a little bit more general- you´r ON the path, it IS unfolding, it IS becoming,
    everything you want IS IS IS IS IS IS IS !

    Just don´t focus on the "isn´t" of it or you mess up the "is", of it. THAT is what this voice is saying to you.

    from the clip Abraham Hicks- Everything You Want IS IS IS IS IS!!

    ...I got an AWESOME inspiration from a friend, who received a reading from "
    Sara Landon and The Council". It´s extremely Abraham-like (actually, feels all like it), which makes it easy to transform it into what Abe advice, as well. I will use this as a blank to work with for at least 30 days!

    Day 1.

    Set up:
    Finding the hurt part within me that desired something, while I contradicted her dream with my "but".

    ...this part of me wants me to be happy, and to know how special I am. She wants me to know everything is going to be ok. And the time she hurt the most, is when I hurt. What she really needs is my love. And that I´ll never again am going to let anybody hurt her, and that I´m never again going to hurt her, that she’s safe, because I´m going to protect her, and going to take loving care of her. That I´m going to have fun with her and play with her: Making sure she has everything she needs.

    She’s sort of my secret weapon! She’s the fun, she’s the play, she’s the inspiration, she’s the creativity, she’s the innocence. She’s the magical thing. She’s the one who believes in miracles. She’s the one that’s still innocent and believes anything is possible.

    I decide that let her have all of the things she didn’t get to have and let her do all the things she didn’t get to do. I decide to create those experiences and have those adventures and to say all the things she wanted to hear, but I didn’t say to her. I decide to do the things that bring me joy. I´ll be ALL the things to her that she deserves, because she deserves everything good. And she’ll tell me what she wants. -The key is to go with it, flow towards that, step by step, expect the impulses and hints- and not say "but", anymore!

    What does she want TODAY?

    She wants...

    Phase 1:
    Making total Peace with what is. Taking "what is" into my heart and resting with it, without any pushing against, until I feel PEACE. And then, floating within that...

    I make Peace.
    I make Peace...

    Phase 2:

    Trusting that there is so much more going on here than I can yet see. While I can FEEL it! My Soul has the highest perspective. My Soul is connected to all that is. My Soul is connected to the higher self of everyone else’s higher self. My Soul is God, is Source. It’s where all my intuition is, where everything I need to know is. It’s out ahead of me, orchestrating things on my behalf. It’s divinely orchestrating things for you all the time and it can use anyone and everything. I intend to step into it´s magnitude, relax into it, until i feel Trust. When I really, really do that, I will feel a wave of Love — pure Love — wash over me.

    I decide to trust.
    I trust...

    Phase 3

    I allow. Allow, allow, allow, allow it all to unfold. I allow the next perfect step. I allow myself to be guided. I’ll know that I´m allowing, when I am doing the things that bring me Joy.

    I allow me to do the things, that bring me Joy.
    I allow...

    Working WITH source is the next step!

    A lot of you realize this now... at first, as you began exploring the idea of deliberate creation, you were contemplating it primarily as how you related to the world around you. And so, the world around you was inspiring you with ideas, and you were lining up with these ideas and accomplished them.

    And NOW, what´s beginning to happen to you, you are beginning- aww, hear it now!! -You are beginning to feel from the alignment with the source, within you, with all those who have gone before- with the Abrahams and the Jerrys, all of those who have gone before you relative to all subjects that are important to you- you are beginning-
    because of your alignment with them!-

    -you are beginning to feel the inspirations and impulses from THEIR point of view. IOW, thats what´s coming next for you!

    Co-creating at it´s best, you see!

    Until just now (...) what most of you have been thinking about deliberate creation is that you were here still, to figure out how to do it. So, that someone else could review what you are doing (...). And what NOW begins for you, in the recognizing of the co-creation there,

    is this MERGING.
    You have never been here alone!

    (...)...You are rendezvousing with that broader part of you which also has ideas. THAT is when you begin to do your soul-intended work. That is, when you really begin to fulfill your purpose-for-being-work.

    SF, February ´12

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