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Thread: I'll never Fall in Love Again ----- HUGE Success Professionally

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    I'll never Fall in Love Again ----- HUGE Success Professionally

    I managed to do something at work I've always wanted to do ... I wanted to do it with a Fred and I wanted a certain material manifestation and it came! It's huge!

    And no I didn't win an award, but I'm saying I wanted it lightly and I didn't fall "in love" with a person or thing in the way Pop Songs and most humans mean "in love" which usually means "in yearning"

    So, if I am growing at all from this experience, I'll never fall in love again, not in the way Elvis Costello means it lol

    But Damn it, Abraham, you know I got the "in yearning momentum" on other Subjects so I can't make do on my promise here but I feel thrilled and accomplish to get something at work that I've wanted, but didn't want so badly that it had to come

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    I guess I know what you mean- you feel out of yearning?

    But I SURELY wish for you that you will fall in love again and again, every day. As Love is the top of the EGS, and who-you-really-are! It's where you belong and where you would be naturally, if you wouldn't have so much resistance.
    And to "fall there" all by itself is how it works, as you can not "go out there, wrestle love down and drag it into your cage by it's hair". You must allow it, aka, fall into it.

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    Yeah love in the way Abraham or other teachers mean it I should fall in love but not in the way Air Supply or Elvis Costello means it or most humans lol weeeew

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