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what i meant, more clearly, is for example if i send a message, will the reply be negative or positive depending on the vibration I was in when I sent it, or on the vibration I am in when I check my inbox?
In an ideal world, you'll want to manage your vibration such that you're in alignment all along your unfolding, from thinking about the situation/people to the contemplation and then drafting of your email to the sending of it and on through your anticipation of the results you'll yield from your unfolding.

Because that's how you have fun along your way. (Can you feel how that's a different attitude than the management-of-my-outcome attitude that you're suggesting here? Your questions sort of smack of the "Abraham, show me the money and then I'll feel better" attitude that Abraham tease us about. They tease us about this attitude [and we all do it to some extent; you're not alone] because it's backwards from how the LoA operates, which is why I'm starting here.)

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Of course what I want exists in my Vortex, but if I get happy now does it matter if I was earlier when I took the action?
All of your power is Right Now. You can only tune your vibration Right Now.

Think about the radio I'd mentioned. As you tune your vibration, you are also tuning to a different "station," which is "playing" different "songs" which you "manifest" into your experience. It doesn't matter what station you had been tuned to (or even if you had been tuned to that station "forever"). All that matters is what you do with your vibration Right Now.

Does that make sense?