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    Character Set

    I've been noticing that special characters aren't supported on the forum. For instance, special quotes, emdashes, etc. Either it's replaced with just a question mark, or it's broken down into several strange characters.

    For instance, here's me ?trying to use special quotes?.

    It's a character set issue, either with the database or how VBulletin connects to the database.

    Here's a VBulletin thread on how the issue can be fixed:

    I know it's probably a minor issue, but more and more browsers are automatically converting quotes and apostrophes from straight quotes to special quotes.

    Example: here's a straight apostrophe, but here?s a special apostrophe. I'm seeing these character set issues in more and more posts.

    The current character set is probably either latin1 or ISO-8859-1. It should be UTF-8 for widest compatibility.

    Edit: Yep, this line in the header confirms the character set. This character set is outdated.

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">

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    I would really like to see this fixed too! Just one page as an example, has so many characters being converted into strange strings, like an appostrophe becoming ’
    This makes the forum posts very hard to read. In some cases I've had to take drastic measures like copying a post into Microsoft Word and manually Find > Replace each offending string.
    I hope that someone on the techincal side of the forum can do something about this!

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    The problem is since February this year, after a complicated rescue of Forum from being down for 2 weeks. Some more back-story is here:
    We are back!

    As I have understood, there needed to be a new/different software that doesn't jive in some way. David seemed to leave it as how it is, and I personally am happy to have Forum back, first and foremost.

    I like to write on the computer (using Chrome) where I can exchange the accent that makes problems with the apostrophe. When you write on Tapatalk this option isn't there- so *I* decided to just leave the sign out (even then it's written "wrong").

    While I'd love it to be fixed as well, if possible! All old threads- especially in the Quotes-Subforum which might serve as resources- get pretty hard to read, due to this.

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