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In the summer, amidst intense heat, I saw an older man with a frail appearance walking down the street. His spine looked curved so that he did not stand straight. He looked like he was in his underwear, wearing a thin undershirt, and printed cotton shorts resembling boxers. Black socks and shoes adorned his wobbly bowed legs. Because he was not the norm in appearance, my eyes curiously gazed at him. And as all my attention fell upon him, I felt the beauty of Source radiating from him. So I enjoy seeing unusual people! As I gaze at them, I become more centered, purely focused, and I see more in them. Then, there is no pity for such a sublime being, radiating through what appears to be an awkward body.

I have been experimenting with new food combinations in my kitchen, and sometimes the end result does not look appealing. I think it might be a failed concoction, but when I taste it, it tastes wonderful. So it may not look right, but it certainly tastes right. And I see that happens with manifestations too, that they may not look as I expected, but they certainly taste right (deliver what I truly sought). The Universe knows me (us all) well.

Being alive, at this very moment, is a blissful experience, indeed, when I check.