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Thread: WELCOME and Forum Guidelines

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    Welcome to The Abe Forum!

    I am delighted and excited that you were attracted to The Abe Forum. I know you will find it an enriching, inviting, and FUN place.

    I offer you this forum as a labor of Love and it is with great honor that I present this opportunity for us to "take thought beyond what thought has been before".

    The topic of this forum is the Teachings of Abraham, as they are spoken and written and recorded through Esther Hicks in the many workshops, seminars, books, CD's, and DVD's offered by Abraham-Hicks Publications. To find out more, go to the Abraham-Hicks official website at: You will find a wealth of materials there in a variety of media which will enrich your contributions to the discussions here.

    intention and purpose of the forum is to discuss how we are using the Teachings of Abraham in our lives.

    The discussions on the Abe Forum are closely monitored to assure a match to the above intention and to ensure complete respect and appreciation for and among the members, for Esther and Jerry Hicks, and for Abraham. I have discussed these intentions with Jerry and Esther and they are in alignment with the guidelines of the forum.

    Members are expected to abide by decisions of the moderators. The moderators can be contacted by email or private messaging, but comments on the forum guidelines and/or comments on any actions taken by the moderators are considered off-topic for the forum itself. The moderators are people with the most loving of intentions and appreciate the honor and the role you allow them to play here. They give freely of their time to make the Abe Forum an inviting and wonderful place to be, and to help it maintain its topic, purpose and intentions.

    If you are a registered member, you can post new threads, and you may reply in established threads. You can take full part in what the forum has to offer. If you are just visiting for now, take a look around, and if you feel comfortable with us, you are invited to register.

    Important: Before posting, it is mandatory to read and agree to the Forum Guidelines which are the firm rules of the forum (below).

    As Abraham so often reminds us: Life is supposed to be FUN!So let's get on with the expansion and the JOY that await us in our interactions on this board. Thank you for the opportunity to make this happen.

    With Great Joy and Excitement, I welcome you to The Abe Forum!

    With Love and Appreciation,
    David Gordon

    The Abe Forum Guidelines
    Agreement to the below is required for all postings [/align] By registering on the AbeForum you agree to abide by the following terms, which are set up to ensure that the forum remains a match to the intentions with which it came into being.

    This forum is for the purpose of discussing Abraham-Hicks teachings and materials and how we are using them in our lives. Learn more about them at:

    The forum is not to be used for the promotion of any materials or teachings other than those of Abraham-Hicks Publications and any links pointing to sites selling materials of other teachers, members, or anyone else may not be posted here. Likewise, contact information provided by the members in their profiles and/or the private messaging facility on the forum, may not be used for promotion of any kind.

    Live links in posts are allowed only if they point to the domain, to David Gordon's Abraham Appreciators page:, or to the official Abraham-Hicks YouTube channel.

    There are many teachers on the planet. Thereare many places on the internet whereother teachings and philosophies are discussed. This venue however, is for discussion of "Abraham and You", referring to the teachings brought to us by Abraham, through Esther Hicks and trademarked and copyrighted by Abraham-Hicks Publications. Please bring your questions, your curiosity, your knowledge, and your experience with these teachings to this forum with Love and Joy, and you will be a match to having a wonderful, uplifting, and expanding experience here.

    When starting a thread, please be sure to directly relate your subject and content to the TEACHINGS OF ABRAHAM-HICKS.

    Please remember that your post may be read by a public far greater than the membership of the forum, and it is the intention of this site to remain respectful of all others at all times.

    Contributions: Membership in the forum is free. An opportunity to contribute is provided by following the "Contribute" button on the bottom of the homepage of the forum. This forum is a Labor of Love which is given in a spirit of appreciation for the online community wishing to discuss Abraham in a welcoming and joyful manner. The hours and monetary investment it takes to make this happen and to maintain it are given with Love, and your contributions are accepted with GREAT appreciation and honor, and will help ensure the ongoing viability of the forums. Contribution is not a requisite for membership. Contributions are not announced in any way on the forum site.

    David Gordon, Administrator, The Abe Forum

    Jody Baron, Moderator, The Abe Forum
    Guidelines Updated February 22, 2011

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