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Thread: Rampage of Love for The Yukon!

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    Hi All, A member of this forum noticed I lived in the Yukon, right next door to Alaska. They had a longtime desire to visit here and asked me if I could write a rampage of appreciation for Whitehorse.

    I wrote it and sent it off and I was thinking about all the Alaskan Abe Cruisers and how they might be tuning into what I live in everyday living way up here near the top of the world!

    So I thought I would post this here to share with all of you. There is a port in Skagway Alaska where up to 7 ships pull into port daily and it is only 2 hours drive away. I had hoped to stand on the dock with a sign and meet some of the Abe Cruisers. But alas the Abe Cruise is not pulling in there.


    I love waking up and knowing that I am here in the Yukon
    I love the big smile that emerges at this thought
    I love the yummy feeling that spreads through me and wraps around me with this thought

    I love knowing that at any moment in my day, no matter where I am, I am always and only and ever 5 minutes away in any direction of walking into the forest
    I love knowing this thought
    I love the serenity and joy I feel walking through the forests
    I love knowing I am surrounded closely by undisturbed nature
    I love knowing that no matter where I am I can look up and see that which fills me to the brim and overflows
    The mountains, the water, the birds, the trees, the sky,
    I love that anywhere I am in my day I can look up in any direction
    and see that which fills me to the brim, the emotion motion moves through me, and I am filled with the greatest love, the greatest joy, the greatest appreciation

    I love every minute every second feeling the purity, the freshness, the cleanness of the air being breathed into my body,
    I love that first moment of knowing when I bring my attention to the need to take a breath, the first moment I feel it in my nostrils, I can feel its Sourcefilled loving caress touching me, it’s very life essence moving through me and then on down into my body, I love feeling it dancing through my body
    I love knowing it’s the cleanest purest air because of all the trees filtering and creating the purity for me to breathe

    I love moving and swimming through the dancing essence of Source that lives here
    I love feeling the essence of Source swirling and moving all around me and through me
    I love breathing the purity of the essence of Source through me
    I love that the Source essence is palpable, that it loves me, it feeds me, it is my essence, it is my Source for aliveness, it is my reason for existence, it is my existence

    I love the prominence of the seasons, they are so forcefull and vibrant, you can’t’ miss them
    I love how they pop into existence with such lifeforce and vibrancy

    I love how the Yukon held me in its vibration Source, held a place for me, reserved a spot for me, when I was too pained to hold my own vibrational connection to joy

    I love the Yukon for being steady, for being steadfast, for always being there, for always holding me, open and ready for me to move into when I was ready

    I love feeling the appreciation for the gift of this, I love that the Yukon loved me and held me when I could not hold myself

    This place is the greatest Sourcedfilled place and I love that I could be here, being nurtured by that till I found my own Soucefilled place within my own self

    I love the Yukon for this, I love the Yukon for this gift
    I love sharing the essence of Source with this place
    Together We Are Source, together We Dance
    The Yukon and Me, where Heaven Touches the Earth


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    Maureen --

    Thanks so much for this rampage. I wasn't sure I should even ask for such a thing, and now I am so deeply appreciative of what you wrote.

    I can literally feel the trees and clean, clear air as I breathe in and out.

    It's so delicious!!

    I'm looking forward to the moment when I come around the bend and see the sign:

    Whitehorse 30 km


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    Greetings Hearts Maureen, are you still a Yukoners? I seek kindred spirits on this edge of wilderness.
    Brendan Morris

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