"Here we go!" she said excitedly to herself as she held the checks that came in from her new line of co creative income with her source being. She was thrilled that the income had already started coming in for her and her co creation had come to life so easily! She had hardly asked for it just under a week ago and here it was in manifested form already! Checks in her hands! More income flowing right to her! Right there in her hands, she could hardly contain herself in her happy noticing that she just asked and allowed it to come right in to her life! What fun she was having with this! What fun she was feeling about the whole thing. She loved that it was going well and that she was feeling how fun it was to live this way! What fun she was having about this particular manifestation! It was fun for her to just walk around and realize that she had created another source of income just flowing right in for her. It was really a fun thought for her to begin with and now that she was feeling the thrill of it as she held some checks in her hands. It was just so much fun that she just bounced off into her day, knowing that she had created this! What a fun day she was having already!