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Thread: It's A Wonderful Life!

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    letting go of resistance
    to go higher
    and higher
    there is so much more for us
    right now...
    much love to everyone
    so much love to you Susan
    enjoy Spain

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    Itís not that thereís this manifestation sitting over there that you are just going to stumble your way to and then youíll be able to behold it, sort of like walking into a room. You have a vibrational frequency that you must achieve. And that really has been our message to you from the beginning...

    Youíve got to get into the Vortex. Youíve got to tune yourself to the frequency of the Vortex. Youíve got to go there often enough that itís familiar, and youíve got to seek the ease and flow, and joy and love and fulfillment and friskiness, and confidence and worthiness and good feelings that are in the Vortex. And if you go seeking that emotional state of being, it is our promise to you that the ideas will begin to occur to you. And you will feel the hitting it out of the ballpark sensation as the idea does occur to you.

    Because you will be in the Vortex, where you can finally translate your treasures into something that is meaningful for you.

    And this is not just metaphysical mumbo-jumbo. Weíre not just talking to you about the spiritual based Universe that is based on this powerful Law of Attraction. Weíre talking about you putting yourself in the mindset where things occur to you. But things are not just coming as ideas. EVERYTHING that is necessary to back up every idea will then come, too.

    So you could potentially get yourself into the Vortex so frequently that you are walking around in the frequency of the Vortex most of the time. That would mean just like you are rendezvousing with the ideas from inside your Vortex, now you are walking down the street and the person who is the one who holds the key to something rendezvous with you. Youíre standing on a street corner. You look at each other and there is a knowing, a compelling, a Letís-have-a-drink-together kind of conversation and there is an unfolding of something meaningful to you. When you look back on it youíll say, ďIt was as if something broader than both of us was orchestrating our coming together.Ē

    Stamford CT 10/2/10

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    Good Morning Energy Beauties!

    A little bit of my paraphrasing on Abe/Esther's words:

    You are sitting in the vortex of infinite intelligence, you have access to everything you need and want.

    You don't have to "nail it" (be a perfect vibrational match to what you want), just get in the vibrational vicinity of it and LOA can draw you the rest of the way into the vortex.

    Where I stand means NOTHING. Where I'm going means EVERYTHING!

    Get yourself into the proximity of your vortex by telling yourself the story of what's in your VE. MILK IT!!! Use it as your excuse to get in the vibrational vicinity of your vortex and hover there. Talk yourself into alignment with what's in your vortex. Than about what's in there!! Get in there and FEEL IT!!!!

    Loving this beautiful sunny day
    time for meditation and appreciation
    hovering in good feelings; so lovely
    love my adorable son and husband
    appreciating my coworkers
    feeling love all around me and within me
    feels luscious
    feeling abundance and connections everywhere
    more of this please
    fun inspired action
    connecting with others
    alone time for me
    light and free
    everything easy
    flowing effortlessly
    delighted with me
    delighted with the world
    love how beautifully soothing and pivoting can work in one's life
    surfing the contrast
    feeling the prize of good feelings
    love this beautiful earth
    and infinite universe...
    much love to all

    When you let your world be a vibrational world, which means it's an emotional world, which means it's a thoughtful world...

    Now your world can be one that vacillates between comfort and ease and power and certainty and eagerness and clarity and passion and love and joy.

    In other words...'You are UP There - on that end of the emotional scale!

    You are not having to dip into the contrast, because you have enough contrast in that good feeling end!

    You like going from...'ooooohhhh, the satisfaction of not being overwhelmed...
    To the exhilaration of having a little more to do right now than you really wanna do.

    In other words...that's really a nice blend of have the ability to control yourself in that way!

    San Diego 1/12/2013

    "Everything that is, is the result of vibration. And if you don't like the result, change the vibration, that's all. 'How do I change a vibration?' Think differently. 'Well, how do I think differently? That's the way I've always thought.' Well, start paying attention to how the thoughts feel instead of the content of the thought. You see, you've been making the decisions about what you think on based upon others have told you is the rightness or the wrongness of the thought...

    There are many things that are absolutely true that you don't want active in your vibration because you don't want to live them. There are many things that other people say are right that you don't want live just because they say are right... and truth doesn't mean diddly squat, it just means it's that's somebody's indicator of how they held their thoughts...

    And we would say, 'We would not give any of our attention to any of those things that are true unless they felt good when we thought about them.'"

    If you get in the Vortex and then focus on that subject then the Vortex will spit you out.

    So the first step in staying in the Vortex on that subject is to make peace with what-is. You've been hearing us talking about making peace with what-is. Making peace with it means not pushing against it. And not pushing against it is like meditation. When you make peace with it, there is no longer resistance, and now the Vortex takes you right in.

    < snip>

    You've already asked for it. Now you line up with what you've asked for. Just get your mind off it. If we were standing in
    your physical shoes, no matter what issue we were trying to find improvement on, we would just use any excuse we could find all day long to get in the Vortex. We'd just get in no matter what! Why? To improve your life? Sure. To get stuff you want? Of course.

    But the REASON we'd get in the vortex is it just feels so good! Clarity feels so good! Sure-footedness feels so good! Worthiness feels so good! Certainty in who I am and my well-being feels so good. We'd get in the vortex because it feels good. Not because getting in there will give me the goodies. All the goodies you want, you want because you want to feel good. So when you get in there and feel good they've all gotta come.

    Just don't be worried about the Vortex spitting you out. Now you know how to get right back in. You do. You know how to get back in. You've just gotta want to be in. Gotta find thoughts that help you in. And don't start with the hard stuff.

    Asheville, NC on 5/31/09

    "I now understand the futility of anything I am doing or saying or thinking while outside the Vortex. I have made a decision, right here, right now, that I am going, to the best of my ability, moment after moment, I am going to be in the Vortex.

    And in making that decision, that you will find yourself there 10% more tomorrow than you were today, and the next day, 10% more until within a matter of 10 days, two weeks at most, you will have moved your position from mostly outside the Vortex to mostly inside the Vortex.

    And what that means from a manifestational standpoint is things that you have been waiting for for a long time are going to show up and show up fast.

    What it also means is your level of joy is going to begin to soar in unexpected ways.

    Your ability to think will become clearer and people will be quite amazed at the clarity of your being. Your physical apparatus will come into alignment. Medicines you have been using will become unnecessary. Conditions of your body that have been unpleasant will begin to fall away. Muscle toning will begin to take place. You will begin to breathe more deeply. The metabolism of your body will come into alignment.

    Every relationship that you have, you will find improvement in it. Your ability to perceive what's going on on the planet will be moved to new heights. Your ability to create whatever you are wanting, when ever you are wanting it, will become apparent, not only to you, but to others who are looking at you.

    You are the creator of your experience. You now understand the Laws of the Universe, the guidance system within you and the Vortex where all cooperative components are assembled."

    Boca Raton, FL, 3/24/10

    The kind of "inside trading" we are encouraging is not illegal. We want you to be inside the vortex where you feel secure and confident and expectant of good things coming to you. In other words, in alignment with your desire -- not worrying about or pushing against outcomes.

    2/13/2010 San Francisco

    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!

    Everything that we are talking about here, from the first subject to the last is about lightening up!

    It's about not making such a big, hairy deal of things that just don't matter. It's about getting in the Vortex and lightening up and feeling better and loving myself more and having more fun.

    In other words, you want your world to be light and free.

    You can't organize the world, and you can't organize your home.

    You just got to get into alignment with who you are. And then your body and your home will take shape around you to match this vibrational alignment that is taking place within you.

    Philadelphia 6/11/09

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    sitting to feel the core
    vibrational essence
    pure luscious liquid love
    feeling the perfection of the thoughts
    receiving the thoughts
    feeling inner being whispering love
    infinite intelligence here
    surrendering the resistance
    allowing the rise
    feeling the path
    moving into new
    feeling the beauty
    focusing my lens
    on the beauty of desire
    new exposures to life
    deep knowing
    trust in the process
    milking the feelings
    allowing the natural evolution
    releasing the old
    preparing for the new
    appreciating the emotional journeys
    always guiding me
    my inner being never looks back
    there's something fun around the corner
    new expansions
    flowing the energy
    feels so good
    feels satisfying
    hugging myself
    because it feels so darn good.
    much love to all!


    We want you to reach the place where youíre willing, not just willing, determined, not just determined, eager to let go of the control or the need of control, of things that are uncontrollable, like what anybody else is doing. And give your undivided attention to the only thing you can control, which is how you feel in any given circumstance. In other words, we want you to leave this gathering saying, ďIíve decided that Iím gonna take life as it comes. And I am going to do the best that I can do in the midst of what Iím doing.Ē

    Nothing ever goes wrong because every piece of contrast, no matter how wrong it seems to be, is always helping you to clarify what it is you do want. Thatís the thing we want you to remember most of all. The contrast, no matter how it looks, in any moment, is contributing mightily to your expansion. And the thing that you call things going wrong in your life experience are, actually, only the distance between the things that are so right and your current perspective about it.

    In other words, if you could just accept that you have amassed a huge vibrational fortune that is ready for you to begin tapping into immediately and all this is required in order to tap into it is a willingness to look in the direction of what you want which will cause you to no longer look in the direction of what you donít want. Life will begin to get better for you, right now. And that is our strongest message to you. Life is supposed to be good for you.

    You live, whether you know it or not, you live as the full recipients of a hurricane of grace, that is flowing toward you at all times in answer to all that youíve been asking for. Not one of you has been separated out as one who should not be the receiver of it. All of you are in the full flow of this hurricane of wellbeing. And as you understand that and you begin to stand up with an attitude of willingness to receive the benefit of this well being and worthiness thatís flowing to you at all times. As you just get a whiff of that, and the best way to get a whiff of it is to stand right where you are right now and do your best to find the best of the positive aspects that surround you.

    Look for things to appreciate even if there arenít that many. Look for things to feel good about even if there are more things to feel bad about. Give your attention, as best you can, to the best things that are going on in your experience with the determination to train yourself into the best feeling vibration that you can find right here and now. Today, no matter where Iím going, no matter what Iím doing, no matter who Iím doing it with, it is my dominant intent to look for and find things that feel good when I see them, when I hear them, when I smell them, when I taste them, when I touch them. It is my dominant intent to solicit from experience and exaggerate and talk about and revel in the best of what I see around me here and now.

    As that as your mantra, you will tune yourself to the best vibration that you can reach for and then the best and then the best and then the best and then the best. And before you know it, you will be vibrating in the vicinity of whatís going on in your vibrational escrow, in your vibrational reality.

    This vibrational reality is spinning and becoming and if you are in anger or fear or despair, youíre nowhere near it. When you get in the vicinity of hope, when you start feeling hopeful, youíre within range. When you feel hopeful, itís drawing you in. Itís drawing you in and once you begin to believe or expect good things to come, youíre in the vortex. And once you get in there, youíre no longer the only uncooperative component. Now you are a cooperative component.

    Now YOU get to rendezvous with your money. You get to rendezvous with your vitality. You get to rendezvous with your clarity. You get to rendezvous with your lover, with your loving neighbor, with the things of your environment that youíve been wishing for. You get to rendezvous with all of the good stuff that youíve put there, once you begin to get in the vicinity of what feels good.

    And you can train yourself there. You can do it in a day. By tomorrow you could be vibrationally so close to who you are, that you would begin to see the evidence. You would begin to see movement. Your bank account will shift toward what you are wanting. The people in your neighborhood will begin to be more cooperative. You have control of everything that rendezvous with you, when you get control of the vibration that you offer. And you get control of the vibration that you offer when you care about how you feel. And when you care about how you feel, and you lean in the direction of what feels best, you become, in a very short time, a vibrational match, to who youíve become.

    The most important thing that we are saying to you is: this self love that you think you are looking for is not love of self, itís love that IS self. And thereís a difference. When you get it that, while it feels good to be loved... nothing feels better, in all of the Universe, than to love. As you look out with the intention of finding love, donít look for the love through their eyes, look for the connection through your eyes.

    Let it be love of whatever I can feel appreciation of. And as you just begin to tune yourself, first to the things that are easy to appreciate and then to the things that are obvious to appreciate and then as you begin looking for things to appreciate you begin to tune yourself into a vibrational alignment with Who You Really Are about things that are easier for you to love.

    Because, friend, we donít want it to be this way, it shouldnít be this way but for most of you, the hardest focal point on the planet for you to love is that one you see reflected back in the mirror. Go home today and sit before a mirror, and sit there and look into the depths of your eyes and look with the intention of seeing your Inner Being looking back at you. And say: ďI know youíre in there, and I have an inkling of how you feel about me because Abraham has been talking about it and Iím just gonna look for you until I find you. Iím going to stay here until I find that feeling of awareness of me and appreciation of me that Iím looking forĒ. And from where you are, we can feel that you can get there very quickly.

    Thereís a difference between loving me and being Me Who Loves. And itís being Me Who Loves that is really you. And when youíre Me Who Loves, itís easy to love that one and that one and that one and that one and that one and that one and that one and that one and that one and then it becomes irrelevant what your object of love is if youíre loving.

    What difference does it make what is the reason, the focal point, for the love that youíre feeling? What possible difference does it make? That would be like eating a really wonderful meal and while youíre eating it, being unhappy that you canít be eating that one and that one and that one and that one and that one. It doesnít matter which meal youíre eating as long as the meal that youíre eating feels wonderful. It doesnít matter what the focal point of your love is as long as the love that youíre feeling is the love that really is You, you see.

    HS: I can flow love that way. Are you saying that when Iím flowing love like that.... randomly to anything and everything.... that that is Who I Am?

    A: Yes. That is Who You Are. That is Who You Are. And, the more you do it deliberately and acknowledge That Is Who I Am, then the more you demand it of yourself Ė and demand is too strong of a word - but the more you set your intention to find that and the more you look for it everywhere you go. And the more you look for it, the more you find it, and the more you find it, the more you look for it until, soon, you just become it. And then you become this stable being who is never off your balance. Who, if someone looks at you and doesnít find appreciation as they are looking, you understand it hasnít got anything to do with you. It never had anything to do with you. Everything that has everything to do with you, you are in control of, you see.

    HS: Ohhh. Why is it so hard for me and others to look at our own human self and not feel that same ripple of appreciation and love?

    A: Because youíre looking for love to be focused at you rather than love to be focused through you.

    HS: But I want to focus it at myself. I know what you mean about third parties, Iíve been down that rabbit hole, but Iím talking about focusing it on myself.

    A: But what we are saying to you... and we want you to love you like we love you... but in the meantime, what difference does it make what the object of your attention is when youíre feeling love? And the thing that is apparent, and we appreciate you saying it, and everyone feels it to some extent also, is that in your awareness of not loving self.... you canít find self love.

    And so, weíre just trying to build a bridge for you that... in other words Ė any time somebody hurts your feelings it is because youíre in a different vibration than Who You Really Are. And so this quest for self love we think is down the rabbit hole. We wouldnít be looking for self love, weíd be looking for the part of self that does love.

    Rather than saying to someone that we love ďI want you to love meĒ, we would begin training ourselves into a desire that says:

    ďI love loving you....
    I love the feeling of loving you.
    And how you feel about me is irrelevant.
    I love the feeling of loving youĒ.

    And then what begins to happen... itís like our friend who got so angry at us: ďAbraham, I donít think you care if my lover ever comes to me.Ē We said ďthatís exactly right, we just want you to form a vibration that makes you feel so wonderful that it doesnít matter.... but then, he cannot not come!Ē

    In other words, when you find that vibration the Universe has to match you up with somebody that feels exactly that way, you see. But we donít want you to let whatís happening in terms of manifestation be the criteria for how you feel. So many people say ďOK, Abraham, Iíll play your silly games, Iíll do your processes, Iíll do whatever I can do to bring myself to the place of offering the vibration that will get me to the manifestation that I want.Ē And we say ďhave you heard nothing from us!!?!! It isnít getting you to the manifestation that we are teaching you all of this, it is getting you to the place of feeling so good that the manifestation doesnít matter!Ē

    And then you worry and say ďohh, so Iím not maybe going to get the manifestationĒ and we say ďthatís not what weíre saying at all! Weíre saying the desire for the manifestation is what gives you the reason to want to connect to the energy that is really you that is the true living of life. And that self love is evident then you see.Ē

    And thatís why we just donít hit you over the head with an ĎI love meí stick because that really is not what youíre looking for. Youíre looking for reasons to love. Youíre looking for reasons to love. And in this environment there is so much abundance of that.

    In that light we would like to say to you that we find you loving of yourself quite often. We find you absolutely lovable. We find you recognising that you are lovable.

    We believe, with everything that we are, that if it were not for your comparison of yourself to others and... oh, here it is Ė this is really what is at the heart of all of this....

    So, all of you stand were you do and you launch rockets of different things that you want and you conclude that others are already living what you want and youíre not. And you gather that information by comparing the smiles on their faces and the words that they speak and the things they write in their books and the movies they show you. So you use their success as a club that works against you as you compare them getting what they want and pointing out to you that, in some instances, youíre not getting what you want.

    And what we want you to understand is that you cannot accurately compare what anybody is getting because you have no way of accurately assessing their points of vibrational relativity. And what they appear to be showing you and what theyíre actually living are two very different things. Donít you know people that have all the money in the world and theyíre still dissatisfied? Donít you know people that are living in what you think of as your dream house and are dissatisfied with it? Donít you find it amazing that people that ought to be happy under the conditions that you think youíre reaching for arenít? And doesnít it sort of point out to you that you just canít compare anything that anybody else is living with what youíre living?

    We donít want you to feel bad about, in every moment, not being able to announce to the world that you have achieved absolute self love. We just want it to be your never ending quest. And we will say to you that you have hit upon something that is so essential and so to the core of Who You Really Are and who you were as you came forth into this body. Because that self love is the driving motivating factor, it is the inspiration, it is the thing, it is the ultimate calling!

    Here Source is, over here, loving you with everything that it is and of course it is the quest that youíre most wanting to answer. And so therefore of course it would be the thing that you would feel most uncomfortable about not achieving moment after moment after moment.

    But what Source wants to say to you is that the love that you hold for yourself in any moment is enough! In fact, itís the perfect love under the conditions in which you are living.

    It is enough! Itís just right! Where you are on your path is just exactly right. Itís exactly where you should be on your path.

    If you can acknowledge that: ďWhere I am is just right, and given the circumstances of my life Iím right on track. And Iím reaching for a fuller, more encompassing sensation of love. And Source is over there patiently, never for a moment impatient, always loving meĒ.

    Do you know, hereís a good thing to say to yourself: ďEven though, for whatever reason, I donít like myself very much right now, I know that I have not caused Source to deviate in Sourceís appreciation of me at all. I have not convinced Source not to like me. Source will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever do that.Ē

    Source maintains its absolute appreciation of you. And as you know that, maybe it will help you give yourself a little more of a break. Maybe it will help you to acknowledge: ďI am in the perfect place relative to everything.... even relative to self love."

    Make lists of positive aspects. Make lists of things you loveóand never complain about anything. And as you use those things that shine bright and make you feel good as your excuse to give your attention and be who-you-are, you will tune to who-you-are, and the whole world will begin to transform before your eyes. It is not your job to transform the world for othersóbut it is your job to transform it for you. A state of appreciation is pure Connection to Source where there is no perception of lack.

    All the resources you will ever want or need are at your fingertips. All you have to do is identify what you want to do with it, and then practice the feeling-place of what it will feel like when that happens. There is nothing you cannot be or do or have. You are blessed Beings; you have come forth into this physical environment to create. There is nothing holding you back, other than your own contradictory thought. And your emotion tells you you're doing that. Life is supposed to be funóit is supposed to feel good! You are powerful Creators and right on schedule. Savor more; fix less. Laugh more; cry less. Anticipate positively more; anticipate negatively less. Nothing is more important than that you feel good. Just practice that and watch what happens. There is great love here for you. We are complete.

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    Somewhere Over The Rainbow, USA
    Loving this beautiful sunny day
    enjoying this vibrational reality
    feeling vibration
    loving vibration
    the creative process
    hanging in my Vortex more because it feels so good
    feeling infinite intelligence in my life
    feeling satisfaction in my life
    seeing opportunities all around me
    love these teachings
    so many wonderful tools at our fingertips
    focus wheeling
    positive aspects
    guidance always about how we feel
    knowing how to move up the emotional ladder on any subject
    taking the time to see all of the wonderful manifestations already in my life
    all of the joy on my journey
    the beautiful loving fun souls in my life now and through all of my life
    love knowing, experiencing and understanding the absolute power of my Vortex
    remembering how powerful my imagination is
    just seeing, feeling, letting go and off to something new
    awww the Beauty of Letting Go
    Sweet Allowing like the breath of a fresh spring air caressing your face, baby's soft skin cuddling in the nook of your body
    seeing through the fine lens of my camera
    taking time to focus, frame, appreciate the vision
    feeling the vision
    seeing and feeling the beauty
    Beauty that vibrates with the power that creates worlds
    trusting, remembering that no one can assert in my reality
    I am the Creator
    Knowing that what I vibrate is all that matters
    Not allowing the noise and chatter of others matter...
    Keeping my focus on the good
    on the wanted
    feels delicious
    knowing and feeling the Power
    vibration turns to thoughts
    turns to feelings
    love getting my mojo back
    love my
    meditation time
    having fun
    taking time to smell the roses in my life
    being defenseless
    just Being
    to return to my core
    my essence
    goodness, wisdom and clarity
    free as a bird

    We want to say the ONLY thing that you have the power to deliberately create is your vibrational state of being, which equals your point of attraction.

    Washington DC, 9/24/11

    Nothing brings something thatís in your Vortex, and ready to pop, to you faster - than SURRENDERING
    to the knowledge that itís there and ready to pop AND Ė doesnít require your effort.
    Thatís the true definition of SURRENDER!!!
    Surrendering to what youíve created.
    And sometimes people think that surrendering means giving up.
    It means Ė letting go of resistance and allowing the Universe to yield to you what you want!!!

    Abraham-Hicks, from the Panama Cruise, 2011

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    Somewhere Over The Rainbow, USA
    following the path of least resistance
    allows vibrations to rise
    focusing on the good
    allows LOA's engine to become stronger
    while you get to feel good
    visions and inspiration flow
    inner being whispering love
    loving fun connections wherever you go
    abundance everywhere you look
    feels luscious
    feels so good to appreciate others
    we are so special
    so blessed
    we are Blessed Beings
    here for the Fun of it
    the Joy
    Flowing Energy and Love

    "The Leading Edge requires vision and positive expectation, but it is really where the most powerful exhilaration is. To be in a state of desire and to have no doubt is the most satisfying experience possible, but to want something and not believe in your ability to achieve it does not feel good. When you think only of what you desire, without constant contradictions that are filled with doubt or disbelief, the Universal response to your desire comes quickly, and in time you begin to feel the power of your deliberate thought. But that kind of "pure" thought takes practice, and it requires that you spend less time observing what-is, and more time visualizing what you would like to experience. In order to tell the new-and-improved story about your physical experience, you must spend time thinking and speaking about the experience you would like to live.

    The most powerful thing you can do -- the thing that will give you much greater leverage than any action -- is to spend time every day visualizing your life as you want it to be. We encourage that you go to a quiet and private environment for 15 minutes every day where you can close your eyes and imagine your body, your environment, your relationships, and your life in ways that please you. What has been has nothing to do with what will be, and what others experience has nothing to do with your experience...but you must find a way to separate yourself from all of that -- from the past and from the others -- in order to be what you want to be."

    Money, and the Law of Attraction, p. 154

    "Babies come forth to remind adults of that which they have forgotten.

    They are the well-springs of the eternal life that is promised to all physical beings.

    They come forth in absolute perfect balance. Perfect in numbers, in physical appearance, but most importantly--perfect in balance of desires and intentions.

    If the natural desire within each precious babe is allowed to develop without destructive human criticism and control, the child's ability to fulfill his Non-physical purpose unfolds early in his physical life--bringing joy to the child and to those who surround him.

    Look into the eyes of a little one and see the wisdom of his true knowing. He knows that All-Is-Well. He has come to remind you."

    -Abraham-Hicks, 10/6/96

    If you will start appreciating your body, just for the sake of appreciating it, not for the ulterior motive of getting it whipped into shape, but just for the reasons of appreciating it. If you would just breathe on purpose and smell delicious air on purpose and bask in the beauty of the day on purpose and revel in the dexterity of your body on purpose and feel the vitality of your body on purpose and appreciate your body on purpose, you'll start tuning yourself to that vibrational escrow image of yourself and your body must follow the vibrational suit, it just has to.

    Orlando, Fl 10 November 2007

    Q: Okay, my question is: Iíve been really struggling with being very disorganized. I have a business and on my desk Iíve got a stack of business cards that should be entered into my databaseÖ.

    Abe: Why?

    Q: So that I can keep track of these people andÖ

    Abe: Why?

    Q: Öand market themÖ. (Brief pause.) Why are they still there?

    Abe: Why do you need to do something different with them than you are doing?

    Q: Because Iím not reaching out to this group of people to stay in front of them, to keep myself marketed to themÖ.

    Abe: Do you have plenty to do already?

    Q: Yes.

    Abe: Then why do you need more? (Laughter from audience.)

    Q: Well, I want to continue growing my business. And itís not just that, I mean, you know, Iíve got papers piled up here and there, and I feel like the fact that Iím disorganized is holding me back.

    Abe: We agree with that, but when you hate organizing, then organizing will hold you back, too.

    Q: Uh-huh. Yes, I hate it. (Laughter.)

    Abe: And the Universe has a way of yielding to you irrespective of your organizational skills. In other words, the Universe doesnít say, ďWhen you get organized, weíll yield to you.Ē (Laughter.) The Universe doesnít say, ďA clean desk is required before you get the good stuff.Ē The Universe says to you, ďWhen you want it, we yield it to you, and if youíre in this place of allowing it, then youíre gonna let it in.Ē

    And so there are different styles -- there are those who need to be organized in order to stand it. In other words, clutter just makes them crazy. Well, we would encourage them to get organized because they need it for alignment. But if organizing is as frustrating as you say it is, and if youíre making that stack work, it is our suspicion that you could get your hands pretty quickly on anything on your desk if it really mattered to you.

    If it really mattered, you could find it reasonably quickly. In other words, we think it is more of a time saver to just find it when you need it ó the Universe will help you -than for you to spend all that time trying to get organized and maintain a lifestyle that you have not produced or that has never been important to you.

    Q: Mmm. Wow, thatís awesome. Thatís powerful. (Laughter.)

    Abe: The only thing that is sticking for you is that you are beating up on yourself for not being organized, which is what is causing the resistance. But if you will say, ďAh, Iím like a mad scientist,Ē or, ďIím like a creative genius where the energy just flows through me,Ē -because you are that!

    You donít have to be like someone else is in order to have your success. Youíre having your success. And more is coming.

    Q: Okay. I was wondering if that might be tied in, ícause I was also dealing with some financial issues, and my bank accounts are disorganized -- my personal account, my business account, moneyís going back and forth between those two; my personal and business credit cards, you know, itís like wherever I need the money from itís being pulled here to go there and being pulled here to go there.

    Is that related to this -- I mean, is disorganization in this area causing me financial distress or are those just still not...

    Abe: Well, we think the disorganization that you have been practicing is sort of evident there, but we do not think one is the cause of the other. We think that the way you feel about organizing is the cause of all of them. But here is the thing that we really want you to hear: are you making it work? In other words, do you have a sense of where the money is?

    Q: I... not in a way that I could explain to the IRS. (Laughter.) But, yeah, I know where money is and which bank account has some in it at that moment and which one might need it later.

    Abe: Well, if you ever needed to explain it, all of the records are there. In other words, money in and money out is not a difficult thing to explain. Even when you spend something on your credit card, there is a record of it. And so at any point that any reconciliation is necessary, it is there for you. The reason that weíre playing with you here a little bit is because we want to soothe you into this place where you are no longer beating up on yourself for your organizational style. And we would call it a style, because itís sort of the way that you are moving,and the reason that we are not wanting you to all of a sudden begin to try to tighten up on yourself and shape up and do things in a more regimented way, in the way that would please someone else, is because creative juices very often are inhibited.

    In other words, sometimes there is a greater sacrifice to creative flow
    when you get all organized, than when you just allow things to flow.
    So the question that we are putting to you is: do your organizational skills,
    particularly the ones that are relating to money, cause you trauma?
    In other words, are you bouncing checks? Are you getting late notices?
    Are you financially behind things as a result of what some would call "irresponsibility"?
    Or are you managing in your style?

    Q: Yes to both. I mean, it has caused me to end up bouncing a check or getting a late fee and things like that. And yeah, I think Iíve gotten to the point where that doesnít bother me.

    Abe: Well, you see, this is hard for many to hear but when you get into this creative flow where youíre asking
    and the Universe is yielding, you reach this place where you donít sweat the small stuff. And keeping track of what you did is a little bit of sweating the small stuff.

    Now, we know your government requires it of you to a certain degree, we know that there are records and reconciliations that are required, but we have to say to you: far, far, far more importance is put upon that than we would if we were standing in your physical shoes- because you spend your time doing things you do not want to do, get yourself out of sync with the flow. When you get in the flow, so much avalanches in that, it becomes unimportant how it is managed.

    Itís sort of like saying, ďI have more money than I have any sensible use for, so now I donít have to keep such a close eye on my bank account.Ē So -- oh, there is so much disagreement in this room. It is great fun. (Laughter.)

    Esther balances her checkbook to the penny. She cannot bear it if it does not balance. She will stay up all night to find it if it is out of balance. And she feels uncomfortable while she is doing it, because she knows -with every fibre of her being, that it is a waste of her precious life experience.

    And yet she has this thing that says, ďI must be able to account for all of this.Ē

    And what we would say to her is: if you will relax and allow, everything falls into place.

    Jerry read an article to her. A woman keeping her checking account for 16 years rounded everything up or down to the nearest dollar. If she wrote a check for $10.75, she entered $11.00. It was easier for her to add it in her head. And after 16 years of doing this, her husband found out about it and was appalled. And spent 6 months reconciling the accounts. And it was 72 cents difference. (Laughter.)

    And so what we are really saying to you is: find the place of ease and let your creative juices flow, and let everything else take care of itself.

    Q: I donít even balance my, I donít even keep track of my check book.
    I just have some sort of a guesstimate of what I think is available.

    Abe: The bank is keeping track. (Laughter.)

    Q: Right. Thatís what I figure.

    Abe: And you can call them any time you want, and ask them how youíre doing.

    Q: Yes. Right.

    Abe: And you have an awareness of approximately whatís outstanding since you last called.
    We think you can figure it out close enough.

    Q: And that should be okay. And thatís not causing any problems,
    then, as far as money and things flowing to me? Itís just two different things.

    Abe: Your guilt about it causes problems. The situation itself doesnít matter.

    Q: Okay.

    Abe: In other words, as you say, ďIím a bad person because I donít make my bed,Ē then you better make your bed or get over thinking that youíre a bad person- because you donít.

    Q: (Laughing, amazed) How did you know? (Laughter.)

    Abe: In other words, either make it or say itís all right that you donít, but donít keep yourself in that tension place, you see. Yes. What we would do, if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would look for our own positive aspects. We would say, ďIím alive, Iím energetic, Iím enthusiastic about life. There is so much that I want to do. There are so many things that do attract me, there are so many things Iím interested in. And Iím taking a big bite out of life, and the things that matter do get my attention. Everythingís percolating along just right, and Iím becoming more and more expansive.

    And at any time that I want, if itís really important, I can hire someone to deal with all of that stuff.Ē And just relax.

    Q: Awesome.

    Abe: There are those who get out and live life, and there are those who stay home and clean their house. (Laughter.) And there are those that call one virtuous and one whimsical and irresponsible. And there are those like us that call it your choice in the way you live your life. You get to choose. Nobody else.

    The only thing that matters is your alignment between you and You. Thatís all, you see. So ease your own mind and bring yourself into alignment. If you really, really, really want things to be tidy, if you really, really want things to be reconciled and organized, then youíve been launching rockets of desire and the Universe has been hearing that. And as you chill out and stop beating up on yourself and noticing how Ďirresponsibleí and disorganized you are, which is holding you in a pattern that is not letting the Universe yield to you what you need to get organized -- in other words, as long as youíre frustrated about not being organized, that means that frustration itself is the indicator that youíre holding yourself in a place where even though the Universe is trying to yield the solution to you,you canít get it, you see.

    So thatís why weíre saying make it a non-issue. Say it doesnít matter. De-activate that and everything that you need or want, if you really want it, will flow easily to you. So later on, after youíve really chilled out about this, and you have someone keeping your house and you have someone keeping your books, then you can say to us,
    ďWell, Abraham, I guess it did matter because when I relaxed all of that came to me.Ē

    But if -- five years from now, after youíve chilled out and youíre happier than youíve ever been, and you still donít have anyone keeping your house and keeping your books ó then you can say, ďWell, I guess I really didnít want that because it didnít happen.Ē

    Because if you want it and you relax, it will happen. Thatís big.

    No matter what it is -- if you really want it and if you get out of the way of it, it will happen. It must be. It is law. It can be no other way. Itís the way this Universe is established, you see. We did not find you confusing. We found you easy to read. We found the question within you clear. Do you feel the power of our answer? Weíre coming forth in response to the clarity of your desire. Youíre clear. (Laughter.) Youíre just confused, because you think youíre supposed to want what others want you to want.

    They say, ďCleanliness is next to godliness.Ē (Laughter.) And we say, think of this random Universe where everything is possible, and understand that the organizational skills belong to Law of Attraction. And if you will relax and allow LOA to do the organization, the managing, then you can spend your time doing the things that please you
    and that make things happen for you. Yes.

    So next time someone asks you, how youíre doing on your checkbook, say, ďLaw of Attraction is managing my financial affairs.Ē (Laughter.) ďI have a financial manager.Ē ďOh, really! Is he good?Ē

    ďThe best. God-like.Ē (Laughter.)

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    Delicious! Delightful!
    What a gorgeous, satisfying post!
    thank you!
    lots of love to you!

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    good morning Fran and Venus!
    lovely to rendezvous with you
    sitting to hear/feel
    inner being whispering love
    a constant signal of love
    receptive mode
    so much good
    to appreciate
    I'm trying to stay off the news these days...
    So much pushing against on both sides politically
    I've always limited my time on news because so much of it doesn't feel good
    After knowing the Abe teachings (2008) -- I became even more selective in my focus
    Lately, I find myself wanting to totally ignore the news
    so I love reminding myself that
    when you are shouting NO to something
    you have given your attention to it
    and it becomes a part of your vibrations
    because it's an attraction-based Universe
    LOA is responding to what you are giving your attention to
    so it creates split energy

    "A battle against anything is a battle against you."

    but our beautiful guidance systems are always letting us know how we are feeling
    and if we are not feeling good
    we know we are not in alignment
    our thoughts are off
    not what our inner Being is thinking
    so there is a better-feeling way
    no railing against anything
    nothing feels better than alignment with Source
    sifting the contrast with Source
    I know that whatever anyone else is doing does not create my reality
    I create by my focus, thoughts, feelings/vibrations
    Love these teachings
    Such a lovely reminder of Well Being
    We are recipients of a hurricane of grace
    when we allow ourselves to Be in alignment with who we really are
    we feel our power; our love
    we feel good and excited about where we are and where we are going
    we feel satisfied
    we feel
    feeling vibrations
    loving vibrations emitting possibilities
    paths to everything
    fun paths
    good-feeling paths
    allowing the vibrations to gather momentum
    allowing higher and higher vibrations
    in alignment
    allowing the energy to flow
    beautiful luscious love
    so love my Vortex
    time to go have fun
    and leverage the energy that creates worlds
    happiness is where it's at

    Big Sur

    ÖYou are a Source energy vibration that is powerfully calling you home to the well-being that you deserve and that if you will listen to the call of that Source and vibrationally feel for it and listen for the vibration of Source and move consistently in the direction of the thoughts that feel better you will, before you know it, close the vibrational gap between you and YOU on every subject that's active within you and you will then be the

    Exhilarated BEING that you were born to Be

    Chicago, Sept, 2008

    Decide which game you want to play

    So often people have one foot in the "physical world action" game and one foot in the "let's line up with the laws of the universe" game, and you really can't have it both ways.

    In other words, you either acknowledge that you are a source energy being who has projected yourself here into the physical, and that the physical has caused you to become more, and you are working to come into alignment with that, and when you do you harness the energy that creates worlds, and then you are tuned-in tapped-in turned-on, and then life comes easily to you.

    Or, you are part of the struggle.

    Alaska Cruise 2008

    When you allow, you feel THE ECSTASY of Energy moving through you.

    Then you are on the path you've intended for this life.

    Gaithersburg, MD, 10/21/00

    "You are not a do-er. You are a be-er. You are an offerer of vibration, you see.

    That doesn't mean that we want you to stop having activity. Activity is delicious. We just want your emphasis to be upon your vibrational countenance. And if your emphasis on your vibrational countenance, now Law of attraction is arranging action and activities that are blissful and delightful in nature, you see.

    Most action that you offer outside the vortex is hard work, it's struggle. It takes a lot of effort because you are bucking your own current. It takes all you can do just to maintain your status quo, you see. But when you let go of that struggle and you let the vortex have its way with you...


    Albuquerque, NM 4/7/09

    As you get on a little bit of a rampage of appreciation. What happens is as you are appreciating them [successful people] for their success you can't be beating up on yourself for not finding success at the same time.

    The Universe does not know WHOSE success you're focusing on!!!
    It becomes YOUR vibration of success


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    sitting to feel
    inner being whispering love
    a constant signal of love
    everything flowing as it should
    fluid and free
    feeling special
    new adventures
    new people
    fun around the corner
    fun right here right now
    luxuriating in the thoughts
    in the Vortex
    the visions of who-we-really-are
    staying in my own lane
    seeing and feeling wonderful manifestations unfold as I close the gap
    knowing nothing is more important that I feel good
    nothing is more important than my alignment
    it's good to surf the contrast
    and remember that all of the power is within me in the now
    recently I had something denied by a health insurance company
    I was so surprised and initially I felt the impulse to want to rail against that judgment and the company
    I'm proud of myself for catching that quickly
    I decided that my Well Being was not coming from the insurance company or anyone else for that matter
    reminded myself that the universe has always provided for me when I am open, trusting and not in the land of resistance
    Reminded myself that this not an action-journey; it is an emotional vibrational journey
    Worked my way up to hopeful and trusting the Universe
    Anyway, two weeks later I received a letter that the judgment was totally reversed
    I love how these laws work
    I love when I stay focused and feel my power to feel good
    my power to focus
    seeking my alignment
    and my Joy
    what a wonderful world we live in
    much love to all!

    Do your best to imagine what's in the process of becoming while you are making peace with what-is, and then savor every piece of evidence that shows you that you're on the right path.

    And never question that you're on the right path: trust that you are because the more you trust you're on the right path, the more the path will unfold in meaningful ways. The more you question whether you're on the right path, the more it closes up and you feel lost again.

    Abraham-Hicks, Dublin 5/18/08

    Don't let any place that you are standing frighten you. All it is, is a byproduct of some Energy alignment, which only gives you stronger clarity about what you want — and, most importantly, greater sensitivity about whether you're in a receiving mode or locked off of it.

    Excerpted from San Rafael, CA - March 24th, 2001

    Abe: We are wanting to help you find a way of accepting once and for all the perfection of who you are, and we want so much for you to find this place where you really are so sure of who you are that anyone else's opinion of who you are does not matter at all.

    In other words, we want you to be able to... mess something up altogether or blow an exam or crash your car or do any other number of things [to which] much of the world would say, "Well, that was certainly an inappropriate thing for you to do," and we want you to be able to stand proudly and say, "Hey, I did that and it doesn't have any relationship to who I am." In other words, "Who I am is Source energy physically embodied. Who I am is pure positive energy out here on the leading edge.... Who I am is an eternal seeker of alignment with who I am. But I'm not going to let any outside standards or judgments confuse me about who I am," and we feel that's what is at the basis of all of this for you. When you let somebody in really close where they might really know [you], then you start worrying about what they really think, and we want all of you to reach the place where it just doesn't matter to you so much what anybody else thinks -- it only matters to you how you feel. And when you reach that place then you attract those people that agree with that.

    Does that make some sense to you?

    We do not believe that anyone could sit in a room like this... and hear someone like Abraham, who knows the perfection of who you are, telling you how good you are, how wonderful you are, how really right you are, how really expansive and ever-changing you are, and we don't think that any of you could get it even close to the way we know it and mean it. What we hope to do is to incite within you a desire to train yourself into that dominant thought. We want you to train yourself into self-appreciation. And you just do it one little thought at a time.

    Want to talk some more?

    Guest: No -- that's perfect.

    Abe: One little thought at a time. We want your mistakes -- whatever they may be -- to strike you as humorous. [When it comes to] your opinion of yourself, no matter what, we want you to look for redeeming features. We no longer want the insecure masses who have surrounded you, who have used your errors as their justification for feeling better, who have convinced you that you are unworthy and inappropriate and flawed in this way and this way and this way as you don't measure up to who knows what standards -- we want you to just stand and sort of shake yourself off and begin saying, "I really don't give a rip what any of you are thinking because none of you have concentrated upon me fairly. None of you have really known -- none of you know who I am, none of you know how I am from Source, none of you have walked in myshoes. Nobody knows. Nobody knows. I have accepted this feeling of un-appreciation unfairly and I've practiced it, and I'm no longer gonna do it."

    Abe - San Francisco, CA, 3/16/02

    All is Well!

    Action was never meant to create...

    You can't see things that are right under your nose when you've been beating the drum that is different from what you are wanting.

    It's amazing how things come into place when you use the power of the Laws of the Universe and stop believing you create through the mundane, mediocre, not-very-powerful-at-all action that you muster by dragging your body from place to place.

    Your action was never meant to be the way you create your reality. The action was the way you meant to ENJOY the reality you created through the alignment of thoughts.

    San Francisco 8/10/08

    If you're believing, or knowing, you're in the vortex and everything you want you know will be. And so then you're standing in this place of anticipation, not worried about if it will happen – you know it will – exhilarated about the idea of when it will happen because it will be fun to watch the adventurous way in which it unfolds. You reach the place that you are so knowing that life is going to be good for you, that your worries are gone and now you're focused upon who you really are, what you really want and why you're really here.

    Melbourne, Australia. 12/12/08

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    8,016 much love to you Susan
    what a beautiful thread
    thank you
    listening to our heart

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