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Thread: It's A Wonderful Life!

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    Jul 2008
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow, USA
    inner being whispering love
    a constant signal of love
    good day, Venus thank you for the love and appreciation
    I love appreciation
    love when I can extend that appreciation to myself
    what a gift
    love my alignment with Source
    love feeling the abundance and love within and all around me
    makes me feel special
    blessed by the Universe
    feeling my vibrational reality all around me
    reaching its hand out
    saying come this way
    come this way
    things and ideas to explore
    answers here and now
    look within
    feel within
    go higher and higher
    allow the momentum
    to take you higher
    allow the flow
    allow the flow
    allow the flow
    the fun
    the ease
    the easy flow
    feeling the resources of the Universe in every cell
    calling me
    loving me
    waiting patiently
    for me to be
    in absolute alignment
    sweet alignment
    sweet Being
    love my life!
    Love to all!

    Key West

    When you croak, Oh, you'll be abundant. You say - Then I'll hardly need the money to pay the rent will I? (laughter). And we say it is energetic anyway, you see. Stop counting it as money in your bank account and start counting it as emotion in your belly.

    Start counting it as vibrational alignment. Start spending the real stuff of the universe.

    Spend the thought, spend the clarity, spend the vibration. Come in alignment with the energy that creates worlds. This is energy that creates worlds that we are talking about. It is much much bigger than what you call your economy.

    Washington D.C. 10/11/08

    waiting for sunset; Mallory Square

    You are living the manifestation of the perfect dream that you launched from your God Source perspective. It's time for you to start feeling appreciation for the clarity and power with which you chose to be here, and to feel, through connecting with your Inner Being, the satisfaction of it now playing out. You are the manifestation long dreamed of; bringing endless satisfaction to that which is your Source. And now your Source is here, wanting to express to you ways to help you get back into the loop of joy that you began, even before you made the decision to come here.

    Reach for thoughts that feel better; pay attention to the way you feel. And as you bless every emotion, whether it feels good or bad, because you know that it is the indicator of your connection to Source Energy, you regain the feeling with which you came forth into this experience to begin with. And as you regain your memory of why you came forth into this physical experience to begin with, you will be inundated with indescribable joy.

    Abraham-Hicks Boulder, CO 6/2/01

    If you take a period of time, and you ask more of yourself than is really physically possible, you put stress on yourself. It's just not possible to do it. So you get smarter and sharper and more efficient, but still, if you are not in the vortex, if you are outside the vortex trying to make things happen, then you have this imbalance taking place.

    The more you are in the vortex, the more the resources are there for you to expend.

    But if being in the vortex is not your highest priority, and you are still active and involved, then you just deplete yourself a little bit.

    And it's the same as not being able to take as much air in as you are breathing out. It's exactly the same thing.

    So we're really talking about in the vortex-out of the vortex kind of stuff.

    So stay with us just a little bit and you'll feel some things click into place.

    So what if, knowing all you know about being in the vortex, what if you, and others that you know, including Esther, too, what if you're trying to make too much happen outside the vortex? So that you are spending more than is coming in, in essence. So that you're breathing more out than you are breathing in. It's that imbalance that is at the heart of this. It's not about an allergy. It's about over-extension.

    Asheville, NC 5/29/09

    "Do you believe that there is any relationship between the way you feel and what’s happening? Or do you think, like most people think, that you are having an emotional response to the reality of something? This is a huge question!

    Because almost everyone would say, "He’s got a business that is doing such and such, and therefore, he is having this emotional response to the business. And what we are saying is that all that may be true, but the emotional response you are having is holding you in the holding pattern, and your business cannot grow beyond your emotional response.

    Your relationships cannot grow beyond your emotional response. Your finances cannot grow beyond your emotional response. Nothing can grow beyond your emotional response.

    Everything matches your set point of emotions on every subject that exists. That was soooo good. Please write that down!

    You want to get to a place where you feel free and easy. Remember, this is important to remember: We are not counseling him from a nonprofit business to a high profit business. We are counseling him from concern to feeling free. We’re counseling him about emotion because we know the dollars will follow. Is everyone clear about that?

    Tampa 12/6/03

    We've gotta tell you. Source within you adores you SOOOOO much, that when you think a thought that is other than that, you go right out of range of Source. Source never stops feeling it about you. But you vibrate yourself right out of range.

    Then you say, "I feel unworthy!"

    We say, "That's ridiculous! Just vibrate yourself back into range. Just vibrate back into range."

    You say, "How do I do that when I am so terrible?"

    Stop saying that, for one thing! Stop beating the drum of it for another. Start looking for evidence of some wellbeing or goodness within you. It might be buried deeply, but it IS in there!

    Look for it!
    Look for it!
    Look for it!
    Look for it!

    When you look for it, you always find it, until before you know it, you feel like you are. [worthy]

    Esther noticed it right from the beginning. She would bring herself into alignment with Abraham through meditation. And then through the years, she could easily get into alignment just in anticipation of a gathering like this. Even in the early days, she would notice that, when she walked off the stage and looked in the mirror back in her sleeping room, that as she was fresh from the full blown vibration of Abraham, she looked beautiful and lovely and there was a sense of adoring self she was not used to seeing.

    Because for years, when she looked in the mirror, she didn't like that and she didn't like that and she felt bad about that and guilty about that...

    You trained yourself to stop loving yourself. But when you see ANYTHING through the eyes of Source, you train yourself back into alignment.

    Asheville, 5/29/09

    I Love My Life!

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    Somewhere Over The Rainbow, USA
    feeling the flow
    taking time to meditate and feel good
    love the fun manifestations
    popping up on my trail of the energy flow
    feels so delicious when I have become the vibrational match to a desire or desires
    and that it feels so done that I have already moved on with my energy and enthusiasm to the next fun moment
    then later I have people looking for me, trying to track me down to give me the manifested form
    actually they were only the vehicle for the universe to deliver (they were a vibrational match also)
    it's a kick to see creation take form in fun ways - I love how these Laws work
    and I love when I'm in the flow of my strong momentum in tune with universal energy
    feeling and blessing the higher vibrations
    knowing how easy it is to let go of the resistance once I recognize it
    how easy it is to get on the fun and easy train... no matter what contrast is around me
    love going higher and higher
    feeling my creative power
    feeling the universe backing me up always
    even if at first it may not look like it -- that's what trust is
    in the face of one's own resistance; knowing and trusting that the Universe can deliver
    not only can but WILL deliver to you as you steadfastly tend to your vibrations and focus
    as you remember it's only an energy game
    a very fun energy game when you take the time to find alignment often and visit your vortex
    the leverage of this Energy Alignment is HUGE!
    it's so fun feeling like you are writing your own fairly tale
    love this beautiful energy and love
    open, wide and expansive
    abundance flowing endlessly
    love all of the new people and things entering my life
    love feeling my vibrational reality so strong and solid
    so beautiful; and feeling it blessing me always
    so much to appreciate in life
    so much to look forward to
    endless fun and delight..,
    what a life!
    Much love to all!

    Pacific Palisades

    When you do not have enough of something wanted, it is you who is depriving yourself, but what you are wanting is alignment more than the stuff that you think you want. Now, we want you to want all that stuff, we want you, because you are out here in the leading edge, someone said yesterday "Well, not so sure that this stuff that I want is really as spiritual as I want to be", and we say, this stuff out here on the leading edge is the extension of what spirit is; there is nothing that is not spiritual about your materialism, because you are the extension of source energy. But there is a physical aspect of you that is out of sync with the spirit that is you, just as there are physical aspects of you that are IN sync with the spirit that is you. So, it is not materialism that is tripping you up, it is having asked for that which Source has endorsed and become, and then holding yourself in vibrational opposition to it, that makes to begin to write books about the inappropriateness of wanting material things.

    9/09 LA, CA

    So they say, "What's on your list of things to do today?"

    If you were really understanding this, you'd have one thing on your list. "I'm going to get in the vortex."

    "I thought you had a lot to do!"

    "No, I have only one thing to do. I just got to get into the vortex!"

    "But I thought you are a doctor. I thought you are an accountant. I thought you are an author on a road tour?"

    "NO! I just have one thing on my list. I got to get in the vortex! And then when I get in there, I meet up with my team, my team that travels with me everywhere."

    "What do they do?"

    "Oh, a variety of things. They clear traffic. They line up great meals.
    They orchestrate everything. They take care of it all."

    "Well then, how do you justify your existence?"

    "I gave that up a long time ago. That kept blowing me out of the vortex!"

    Stamford, CT 6/14/09

    For every single thing you want, there are 20 or 30 or 40 available avenues to open right now. Right now to lead you closer to what you want. Right now they’re there ready to pop with you just turning downstream. But the problem with being turned upstream is you have got the upstream habit and you have gotta develop the downstream habit.

    And when you start developing the downstream habit, people are going to say "What have you done? It’s like all that stuff was lined up outside your door. How’d you get the door open? Avalanches of things you’ve been wanting just begin coming into your experience."

    And you say:

    "Well, I just stopped worrying about it not happening and it started happening.

    I just started playing the positive what if game, instead of the negative what if game.
    I just started feeling more optimistic and not so pessimistic.
    I praised more and criticized less.
    I stopped beating up on myself and loved myself more.
    I looked for reasons to feel good. I breathed deeply and took walks.
    And I said:
    Thank you for this planet.
    Thank you for this earth.
    Thank you for my body.
    Thank you for my fingers.
    Thank you for this stomach.
    Thank you for this digestive system.
    Thank you for this oxygen that I am breathing.
    Thank you for this hotel.
    Thank you for this light.
    Thank you for the… thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…
    I just got in this mindset of appreciation of all the magnificent things that *are* working for me. And when I activated that, then everything started working for me."

    The majority of what’s going on in all of your lives is working so well and yet you find the one thing that isn’t working and give it your undivided attention and let *it* be the basis of your vibration. You gotta get happy before the solution comes and then the solution will come.

    It’s wonderful thing when your desire to feel good motivates the direction of your thought. That’s the guidance you were born with, you see.

    For us it’s humorous to listen to any of you fretting over the timing of something unfolding because we see what you want and we see the vividness of it and the bigness of it and the power of it and we wonder why you worry about anything. And you say, we have been trained to worry. And we say "Yes, but does it serve you?" And you say well we don’t know what else to do. And we say "Try doing something else. Make a decision."

    Write these things down.

    For the next week, I’m going to catch myself in the act of worry and I’m gonna laugh about it. I’m going to laugh my worry away.

    I’m gonna catch myself in the act of not enoughness and I am going laugh my feeling of not enoughness away.

    Just take those two subjects and make a decision that you’re going to laugh them away and you will be amazed at how often those two subjects will rise within you in a day and you’ll have the option to turn downstream. And a week from today, things that looked far and distant and even impossible will be realities in your experience.

    That’s how ready to POP your vibrational escrow is. That’s how ready it is."

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    Somewhere Over The Rainbow, USA
    feeling the flow
    beautiful luscious feelings
    the sun blessing us today
    highlighting springs early blossoms
    new vibrant green everywhere
    love the flow
    and momentum
    blessing the small contrast
    reminding me of my guidance and vibrations
    feeling the fluidity
    the path of least resistance giggling
    saying come this way
    no need to respond one way or another to anyone
    that feels so good
    I love knowing that my alignment is the Source of all power
    Had a minor blip Friday with someone in another work area
    So glad I caught myself fairly early in my thoughts
    There are others in my area that have "had a history" with her
    I have never had a problem with her
    So glad that contrast made me check myself in thoughts and vibrations
    Also, I don't want others experience of her to cloud me
    I love remembering that I have all of the power with how I feel
    No one else's opinion matters
    And I know that I will continue to have good relations with her
    Because as I took the time to reflect I could see her from Source's eyes
    And can see she only wants what she wants -- and that is natural for all of us
    Love that I had a nice weekend tending to my vibrations and having fun
    Love this beautiful earth; so much beauty and fun to focus on
    So many good things and people to discover
    I adore the love and abundance showering me always
    Cooperative people and circumstances everywhere
    Inner Being loving me beyond description
    Showing me the larger long-term view of everything in my life
    Showing me the beauty and power of the moment
    Everything in the NOW
    within me
    all around me
    fluid loving vibrations
    opening to the new
    the fun
    time to rock 'n roll today..
    love to all.


    When you manage to get into the vortex so that you are perceiving whatever you are perceiving through the eyes of Source, then whatever you hold as the object of your attention benefits just by your attention to it because of your strong connection to Source. When there is no split energy, you are more powerful than millions who are not. When you are in this vortex, you are more powerful than millions outside of it.

    Whoever you hold as your object of attention, you evoke the very best from them. In other words, you match, for the time of your attention, THEIR vortex relative to them, so it is a very uplifting experience for them.

    Boston 6/20/09

    Baseball guy: I want money, money and more money! So I don't have to worry about that...

    Abraham: We want that for you, too, but we don't want you to ask for the security that comes from physical promises from physical humans.

    We want your awareness of your security to be that you know how the Laws of the Universe work, you know how to focus, and you know this positive focus that you know how to offer will ALWAYS bring you good things.

    Don't try to see so far down the road. Just see what is and look for the good things. Look down the road and look for the good things.

    Just don't demand that promises be made that give you the security. You see, this is what makes the difference between someone who can stand where you are in an attitude of belief and trust, some call it faith. Most don't like the word faith, because faith feels like, "Be happy even though you have no evidence of being happy."

    We want to acknowledge to you, and you to acknowledge to yourself, you have much evidence that supports the power of positive thought.

    Baseball guy: Sure.

    Abraham: So just chill out. Don't try to figure it out all at once. Just pat yourself on the back and feel more appreciation.

    And the mantra that we want you to offer over the next days is, "I figure it out as I go. I figure it out as I go. I figure it out as I go. I figure it out as I go. I don't have to figure it all out today. I'm figuring it out as I go.

    Look how well I'm doing! I figure it out as I go. The Universe adores me. The Universe is yielding to me. Good things are lined up for me. There's not a reason in the world for me to worry." When I worry, it's old patterns of thought that have nothing to do with my current reality or my current vibrational stance."

    You are doing extremely well!

    San Diego 11/12/08

    Your ability to imagine will help the next logical steps come to you faster. Work the bugs out in your imagination. You don't have to build little things and bigger things. You can do it all in your mind. We're not talking about the next logical action step. Use your imagination until your big dream feels so familiar that the manifestation is the next logical step.

    Excerpted from the workshop in Chicago, IL on Sunday, November 1st, 1998

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    Jul 2008
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow, USA
    feeling the flow
    beautiful luscious feelings
    love within
    inner being
    hugging me
    knowing how wonderful I am
    we are Blessed Beings
    here for the fun of it
    the Joy
    enjoying the vibrations
    the flow of liquid love
    available to all of us
    tune to the Source
    ride the waves of good feelings
    go higher
    and higher
    loving the feeling of satisfaction
    everything is done
    reveling in my vibrational escrow
    reveling in the good feelings
    always on time
    always in the right place
    everything flowing as it should
    fun surprises
    delightful smiles and people
    fun places to explore
    love this beautiful bountiful earth
    love and adore my imagination
    free as a bird
    love this life!
    love to all!

    If you can think, regardless of the condition, a thought that puts you in the Vortex, the condition has to change. And you know why? Because the condition, only, and ever, and always, is a vibrational indicator. The conditions, the reality, whatever they are, the money, the relationships, the bodily conditions, every condition is a manifestational indicator of vibration.

    And when you can disregard the reality, when you can disregard those indicators, by directing your thoughts to things that cause you to feel good, by directing your thoughts to things that align you with the Source that is REALLY you, by directing your thoughts to the whole of who you are, to the solution rather than the problem, to the answer rather than the question, when you THINK regardless of the condition, you're living unconditional love, you go into the Vortex and then, oh! Then what happens is, your condition has to change. Because, remember, it was an indicator of your vibration.

    And when you're in the Vortex, your vibration matches your desire, not what's gone wrong. Your vibration matches the solution, no longer the problem. Your vibration matches the answer, no longer the question. You see how it works?

    When you feel bad it's because you're not up to speed with the present vibration of who you are. Which means, now hear this, this means that everything that is manifested so far is old news. It's old news. That's why you get bored so fast. And you know you do. You know you do. As quickly as a manifestation comes you are off to the next one and we want you to understand that this vortex of creation is where it's at. Because it is where the vibrational version of you is, it is who you have become.

    Boca Raton 3/24/10

    The thing that we want you to understand is, through all this sorting and sifting, you have done all the asking. You have made all the decisions, one at a time, and they're all in your vortex and they're all queued up.

    You've done the work.

    Now your work is to play on the beach. Your work is to release resistance. Your work is to appreciate and bask and find clarity and look for delicious ease and flow.

    In other words, your work is to look for feelings that feel good. Your work is non-work.

    Your work is to relax and release. Relax and Release, relax and release.

    And it is our promise to you that you will find all of those answers. They are all queued up. You just gotta get in the vortex!
    You've gotta stop clinging to what's out of the vortex. You gotta loosen your grip on what's outside the vortex.

    You gotta play more. You gotta laugh. You gotta release more. You gotta have more fun. You gotta think less and you gotta meditate more. You gotta bask more.

    Don't make it a thinking game, let it be a feeling game.

    Then watch what happens. So much there for you!!!

    Boca Raton 3/24/10

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