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Thread: It's A Wonderful Life!

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    Ahhhhh, beautiful, sweet POE thank you so much for the love. How wonderful it was to wake up this morning to the beauty of your words, Abe/Esther's words, and the flowers... the beauty of the vibrations being reflected back to me is delicious. The beauty of being able to share these teachings and universal love with each other knowing our physical bodies are in different countries/another part of the world; however the love vibrations span the Universe and connect us in a more powerful way than any physical manifestation. I love and appreciate the leverage of this beautiful energy. I am so appreciative that our journeys have intermingled in this vast universe. Happy 2018, POE -- may your alignment bring you more Joy, Fun and Expansion! Much Love to you, dearest POE!

    knowing pure positive Source energy
    rendezvousing with the fairies of the universe is so much fun
    feeling the beautiful powerful love energy in every particle of this Universe
    basking in the feelings
    love how easy the flow is with alignment
    life showing me
    fun and loving manifestations
    desire feeling good
    feeling the worthiness of Source
    showering me
    loving me
    reminding me of who-I-really-AM
    powerful, strong, loving energy
    free to choose
    to focus
    on this exciting Leading Edge
    exploring and experimenting
    enjoying the sensual, physical platform
    appreciating my creations
    for the fun of the journey
    for the guidance of the feedback
    for fine-tuning more of the wanted
    loving the higher vibrations
    flowing with Well Being
    thriving in so many ways
    feeling higher dimensions
    and loving this beautiful physical world
    connecting with others
    and most of all

    When you want to be joyful and you remember that your joy is not dependent upon the behavior of others -- and you consistently look for good-feeling subjects to use as your chronic point of focus -- all desires on all subjects will be satisfied.

    The Vortex page 77

    My mate has worthiness issues, but I'm not trying to change him...

    Abraham: You know why we believe that, that you're not trying to change him? Because you're seeing him exactly as he is, so you are helping to hold him in that unchanged state.

    San Antonio 11/10/12

    "Iíll bet there are many people who, at one time, were standing financially about where I am. Who broke through this, and found a stream of abundance. And I can feel the stream of abundance approaching me, because things that have never happened to me before are beginning to show up. So, I know my vibration around money is improving. And, thereís no end to what that improvement will be. And itís gonna be fun for me over the next days to watch different evidences showing me Iím really sniffing out the trail of abundance.

    And, I accept that 99% of every creation is complete before I see any physical evidence, so itís alright if it doesnít flow right into my hands this red hot minute. I can be patient here a little bit. Iíve learned to settle in here and Iím alright in waiting for this. And Iím actually beginning to feel my impatience turning to a little bit of eagerness. Itís going to be exciting to watch how the Universe displays, to me, in a way that is meaningful, where I can consciously recognize that my energy is shifting. And, I can feel that even in this conversation that Iím having with myself that Iím moving systematically into that Stream of money that Iím wanting. And Iím not asking for it to come all at once. Although it can. Iím asking that it come through my crack of least resistance, which Iím working on right now. And itís exciting to me to anticipate the adventure, and the surprises, and the ways in which it will flow.

    And, Iím appreciating already my knowledge about my own guidance system. I am appreciating my understanding of the Law of Attraction. And I am appreciating the people that are showing, in a demonstrating way, that abundance can flow into their experiences. And I am looking forward to meeting people who can tell me their stories about how they were in desperate straits not very long ago and money began to flow. And I like hearing from them, especially the part where they say, ĎI canít believe that it was always there for meí, or I have the sensation of, ĎWhere have you been all along.í In other words, itís an interesting thing to be on one side of the manifestation one moment, and on the other side of the manifestation in the other moment. And Iím looking forward to breaking through that.

    But, in the mean time, Iím happy to be on this side of the manifestation because Iím feeling better, and better, and better. Iíve improved my life in so many different ways. And Iím eager to begin to see the stream of money flow into my experience. I know that Iím worthy of it. Thatís not what the question is. I know, now, that Iíve just been a little bit vibrationally out of whack. And I can feel in conversations Iím having with myself, like this, are bringing me vibrationally into alignment. Iím understanding that my work is this emotional journey. Itís not about getting out there and beating the pavement. Itís not about finding the vortex Ė the specific vortex Ė through which the money will flow. I donít want only one specific vortex. I want many vortexes to open. I want to be the focal point, where enormous sums of money begin to flow into my experience.

    I have activated my imagination. There is no end to my ideas of what I will do with this stream of money. Itís great fun! I love the idea of playing the game where Iím spending the money. I love the sensation of the money being in my pocket! And I love the sensation of expressing it out there in the Universe. And I love the economy that I benefit as I hire one more to do one more thing, or as I buy one more thing and bring it home. But most of all, I enjoy the sensation of Freedom! And itís interesting to note that I am having that sensation of freedom right now even though my dollars have not changed at all in this moment! Iíve broken through the emotional journey. I can feel that Iíve cleaned up my vibration. Iím much closer. Maybe 70% of that 99.99 of that percentage is in place. Iím willing to play this game! Who wouldnít want to play this game! Itís exhilarating to play this game! Itís life-giving to play this game. I could play this game all day, every day! Wouldnít it be nice if I have that? Wonít it be nice if I have that? Wonít it be nice if I have that? Wouldnít it be nice if I have that?

    I feel such appreciation of the abundance thatís flowing into my experience. There is abundance thatís coming to me in so many ways. I have the abundance of clarity. I have the abundance of stamina. I have the abundance of health. I have the abundance of friends. I have the abundance of so many things. And now the Universe is getting ready to give me the abundance of dollars. The abundance of being able to prove to myself that I am in alignment of all that I want and that it is true that there is NOTHING that I cannot BE, or DO, or HAVE!

    Thatís what I want most of all, I say to the Universe! I want personal acknowledgment that there is nothing that I cannot Be, or Do, or Have. And money is part of it. Money might even be a big part of it. I can feel money on itís way to me. And I am grateful for it even as it begins to flow and I am proud of myself for the work I am doing. And I am eager to improve where I am. And I am Happy where I am.

    I am doing very well. I have come so far. Iím proud of where I am. I know the Universe sees me as I am. I can get on these rampages any time I want to. I am going to work on these rampages more and more, because they just feel so darn good. In fact, in a rampage like this, whether the money comes or not, in this red hot minute, is no big issue to me. I know itís coming. Iím not even wondering if itís coming. Iím not hoping that itís coming. Iím not even believing that itís coming. I know that itís coming. Itís just a matter of time. NO! Itís not even a matter of time. Itís just a matter of my alignment with what I want. And itís alright that I want it. The Time Space reality has given me the ability to discern it. Iíve launched rockets of desire and theyíre over there pulsing with me. And Source and Inner Being are in alignment with them saying, ďCome this way. Come this way. Come this way. Come this way. Come this way. Come this way.Ē And I can tell by the thoughts that Iím thinking right now I have come that way! Iím there! Iím there vibrationally and, NOW, let the money roll in! Yes.' "

    2005 Alaskan Cruise, CD4, Abraham's Rampage on Abundance and Money.

    You have gathered around you, in a rather consistent and intense fashion, a cadre of nonphysical energies, you can call them ďfairies of the universeĒ or ďangelsĒ -you can call them anything that you want- who have always known YOU, but whom you have not always known. But your feeling for them, and your finding of them, will be more vivid to you. And that feeling of standing out there on the leading edge, sort of lonely because others donít get you, is fast fading as your new associationwith who you really are has powerfully taken its place.

    Segment from the closing of the 2010 Mexico Cruise

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    Qzi, you are such a gem!
    your serene wonderful posts go with me all the year, and I so enjoy the pictures and quotes you choose.
    This was just a tiny thank you, because I wanted to share how much your energy means to me.
    Be blessed!

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    Thank you, POE
    basking in the feelings
    easy flow
    finding an abundance of time is so delicious
    no rush
    remembering and feeling the leverage of alignment
    taking the time for alignment makes it all so easy
    allowing the flow
    ideas and energy begin to percolate
    giving/ allowing enough space and time to the quiet
    to allow a finer tuning
    to receiving
    the thoughts
    in a delightful way
    building momentum
    attracting other thoughts to them
    knowing you are in the receptive mode
    feeling love washing over and through me
    so blessed
    so worthy
    Source adoring me; adoring us
    so excited to see this abundance of everything I want ready to pick from the tree of life
    it's done
    sitting there waiting for me
    orchards of
    open paths
    others delighting in life with me
    music in every moment
    fun drama
    basking in my imagination
    free to be
    much love to everyone!

    We want you to be aware that the fullness of who you are is lurking nearby and that you could, with far less effort that it takes to learn a computer program, you could tune in to the fullness of who you are and you could benefit by the leverage that flows through you.

    But, it is not that only you benefits, *everyone* who comes to know you benefits because when your light shines, it is not only you who has fun. Everyone in the vibrational vicinity of you does too.

    Washington, DC - May 12, 2012

    Your dominant work is to diffuse any feeling of lack, or any feeling of pushing against anything. That's the way you hold yourself in this place of greater allowance. We want to find ways to convince you that the well-being that you've been asking for *is* being answered. Your wish is granted! Now it's time for you to start accepting that it is done.

    May 20, 2000, Portland OR

    Did we say "Get into the receiving mode and change your expectation." Or did we say--which is what we mean--"When you get in the receiving mode, you will receive the expectation that Source has about this subject."?

    When you're receiving the expectation that Source has about this subject because you are in the receiving mode, your expectation will be changed to the expectation that Source has about this. That's flow. That's inspiration. That's passion. You have goosebumps on your body, don't you? ...

    It is you. It is you. When you find a vibrational frequency - it is you. In other words, you are us. We are you. There is no real separation between your Source and you ever. Except sometimes you pinch it off a little bit. And so, and this is a wonderful distinction to understand because when you get into the receiving mode you are blended. You are blended with the whole of who you are.

    So mastery is getting blended and staying there longer. Or mastery is at least getting there and knowing you are there and then knowing when you are not there, and knowing when you are there, and knowing when you are not there.

    Mastery does not mean always being there. Mastery means knowing the difference. And knowing what to do, how to get there and getting better at sustaining being there.

    Asheville, NC

    Leverage your time more by spending a little more time every day imagining and a lot less time every day doing. Do a little more imagining and a little less doing. Until eventually most of what's happening is happening in the cool, calm, anticipatory state. Just imagine yourself into the successes, and watch what happens. Imagine a little more and act a little less.

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