Frangipani wrote:
I would appreciate a second opinion on where 'INTENSE' would sit on the scale? or does it not belong?
I used to think it ok, and along the same lines as 'passion', but now I am feeling it to have more of an upstream/resistent vibe .. as in too serious, tense, holding on, pushing, perhaps with a tinge of fear? .. not sure? But am leaning toward wanting to feel more easy going/laid back, not so serious re emotions... Does that make sense?
So what would be the closest emotion to bring relief and head downstream to vortex, you thinK?
Thanks::hearts J
Hi J,

"Intense" is not really an emotion. It describes the strength of an emotion. You can be intensely happy or intensely angry. Try to identifythe emotion more clearly. Taking a guess, I'd say you're experiencing some fear? Overwhelment? Abraham says the EGS is just a guide. There are a lot of emotions not listed, like sorrow and excitement. You can add emotions that fit you better if that helps.

Maybe you're feeling reallyhappy but unused to feeling it so strongly, so it makes you uneasy. I would just try to clarify what emotions you're talking about, and that might help you know where to go next.