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    "The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide" is the title of the newest addition to The Teachings of Abraham from Esther and Jerry Hicks. Published by Hay House, it is available wherever books are sold, and also at their website.

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    Hi guys! Can you help me out a little bit? I was reading the book (Astonishing Power of Emotions) and I came across this:

    It is our expectation that as you read this book and return to your conscious awareness of the amazing power of your emotions, you will become the Allower of the Well-Being that you are from your broader Non-Physical, Source Energy point of view.
    When Abraham say "Allower of the Well-Being that you are from your broader Non-Physical, Source Energy point of view" do they mean that we are well-being or that we should allow the well-being that we allow already in non-physical (I mean our Inner Being)?

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    I initially read it as your second suggestion, but then I thought about it too much and now I'm not sure.

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    I think it means that we will become "Allowers of Well-being" just like our Non-physical part is.

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    I understand them to mean BOTH - we ARE nothing less than PURE Well-Being, Love, Knowing etc. AND we are CONTINUALLY ALLOWING the Ever-Expanding Well-Being that we are CONTINUALLY CREATING from our Physical Perspectives. That is the ESSENCE of our Being, both Physical and Non-Physical - Well-Being that is Creating AND ALLOWING MORE Well-Being - only the Physically Focused aspect of us is capable of pinching the Well-Being off to a certain degree, is capable of Allowing LESS than ABSOLUTE Well-Being, while our Non-Physical aspects are not. Well, on second thought ... maybe our Non-Physical aspects ARE capable of pinching it off - they just don't do it because there is not so much detail to focus on that has nothing to do with what is wanted. Besides, from the Non-Physical, Broader Perspective, IT IS ALLLLLLLLLLL GOOD! MAXIMUM ALLOWING!!!

    This sort of either/or thinking is totally counter to that which our Inner Beings know to be True. But - because it's part of what we came here to play with ...


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    Thanks y'all

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