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Thread: New Job & Next Logical Steps

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    New Job & Next Logical Steps

    Next Monday I will be a full-time permanent employee at the company I've been a temp at for the past 7 months. This is my first permanent job since I lost my job of 10 years in June 2005.

    The whole process of getting this job has been so "next logical step" that even though awesome, never seemed like a really big deal. When I was first contacted by my temp agency, who I hadn't heard from since my last job ended 14 months earlier, I was so excited, and it seemed like a big deal then. But over a month went by, and it seemed less likely that it would happen. Then they called and said that this company was finally ready to hire someone, and could I go meet with someone to talk about the job the next day. It wasn't really even much of an interview, just asking if I could do some things they wanted. Then I started the next day. When it happened it was so fast, and just no big deal.

    My first day I was brought to my own office - with 3 windows. As time went by I just kept finding things I put in my vortex. All the little things I put in there without realizing it at the time - A toaster oven in the break room (I rather avoid microwaving my food), walking trails around the neighboring buildings, lakes with wildlife like geese and herons which I thought I would lose when I lost my last job, close parking, a shorter commute than my last 3 temp jobs, a nearby mall and surrounding area with tons of places to eat, a cute smart single guy as my work partner, people that talk to me and treat my with respect, some occasional after work happy hour socializing, etc.

    I got my "buttons", but not the "castles". So I came to the acceptance that they wanted me to stay there, but just were kind of procrastinating on making me permanent. I knew it was going to happen, when the time was right. I knew the universe would take care of the timing, and that it was just making sure they knew how valuable I was to them. I just relaxed with it, and appreciated them, and also the benefits of being right where I was as a temp (ie, no time clock punching). So today, finally getting the job should have felt like a big deal, but still just felt like the next logical step.

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    What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing your journey and congrats on your new position

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    I really liked reading about easily that happened for you and how it felt like the next logical step! I love when life works like that.

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    Congratulations Amee! I liked reading your story, as I am also trusting a wonderful opportunity is unfolding for me.

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