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Thread: 30 days of step 3 moments

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    Aug 2014

    30 days of step 3 moments

    Hi, everybody!
    I just decided to put my all energy into feeling good and to make it simple. And Rampages of Appreciation are really good way to take up.
    DAY 1
    I love how everything is getting better and better.
    Everything is working out
    I always find the best way to feel good.
    Feeling good is my work.
    Its my only work and Im doing very great
    I love waking up with beautiful feelings.
    I just love milking it.
    I love this thread.
    I love finding more threads I love.
    express love, the best feeling ever
    Although every feeling of alignment is best feeling
    I love to feel good
    I love every day, sun is shining, the Earth is spinning, there is a lot of things that are working out. In fact almost everything
    I just love it. There is so much love
    I am in love with my life.
    I see visible results of my beautiful thinking
    Happy thoughts. I love how it sounds.
    I love that timing is always perfect. It just is.
    I love my everyday life. It gives me so much power. It gets so much better every day.
    I love going general.
    Thank you for being there, Abe people

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    Aug 2014
    I love feeling so relaxed after shower. When I am taking shower, I feel bliss and joy as water is filling all my body cells with love. Water gives me joy, it is one of the elements of nature and it feels so good
    I love laying in bed, the comfort of the pillow, the heat of sheets and warmth of thinking at the next beautiful night. I love giving my body rest.
    My body deserves it. My body is my best friend. I fill it with love and it gives me my love back.
    I am getting better at this. I am connected to Source every day more and more. The connection keeps going and it is getting stronger with each happy thought.
    I love thinking happy thoughts.

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    Aug 2014
    I love every day of my life
    Everything is falling into place
    I love meeting animals of all kinds
    I love pheasants
    I love seeing them meanwhile I am sitting in bus. It is a sign from the Universe
    I love storks. Even they are rare to see, I see them. And it makes every day even more special
    I love animals.
    I love my budgie PepĂ*k. He is just so sweet.
    When I play with him, I am in my Vortex.
    I love being with him in my Vortex
    He feels it. He is my lovely sweetheart.
    He is part of my Vortex.
    Hm, what else can I find in my Vortex?
    Loving my beautiful body, I love you, my body.
    beautiful moments of my life are flowing easily
    I love the present moment
    I am the extension of the Source
    I am proud of it!
    I am basically Source. We all are. We just came there to explore, enjoy, mild, have beautiful moments
    I love my Soul
    I love my Inner being
    I love being connected to my Inner being
    I love you, Inner being
    I am the Inner being
    It is okay
    It is good
    My life is blossoming
    I love my life
    I love being in this body
    I love the Vortex is easier to sustain
    I am calm
    I love

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    Every day is easier
    Life is easy
    Life is efffortless
    Life is fun
    Life is there for me
    Life is entertainment
    I love my life
    I love life generally
    I love life, every person, every animal (yes, even spiders )
    I love feeling joy
    It is my natural state
    I love my natural state of joy
    I love my natural state of Inner being
    I love well-being
    I love it
    It is so easy
    I love this process
    I love this path
    I love my path
    My path is so clear and vivid
    I made my Vortex the best
    I love everyone
    I love meeting people

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