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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    I like again and again remembering that by watching a series of humorous tv programs and laughing, the disease the author didn't want just went away. This story remind me to focus upon good feeling things no matter what they are. Or I can remember what Abe say about subjects--put undivided attention on 1 subject that feels good, and all other 99 subjects, if there are 100 subjects in total, will get better.

    So what are subjects that feel good to me?

    My nephew came. He caught a cold two days ago, but he looked good today. His maternal grandfather drove him here. He has been living in a very easy, comfortable and abundant environment, which may the reason why he enjoys animations that feel faster, cooler, and more able to trigger new desires. I had listened to Abe taking about kids and competition--they mentioned the thing that is considered as competition, working as contrast, helps kids to become more alive and active in life, because in other areas they are too well tended, sorta plain, not having enough contrast--They don't need to earn a living. They can easily get toys. They get to travel around.

    I played the animation he chose, and as he was enjoying it, I cleaned up my room and take out the electric fan which I was gonna use soon. From time to time, my nephew would share something with me, and always added, "Do you understand now?" I responded to him randomly, some times "yes," and other times "no."

    I found my old phone to watch some videos online. I really like the existence of smart phones. So convenient and beneficial! I don't need to take cash because I can pay everything with WeChat or Alipay on my phone. I can easily do my writing when I am walking on the street. I watch dramas and short videos, and enjoy music almost every day. My phone is such a wonderful tool to connect with the Internet world. And WiFi is everywhere, so it's easy for me to use any app as I like. Based upon my knowledge of how things go, I expect my phone to get better while it's already working very well. I expect that it will operate every app faster. It can be working for a much longer time before the next charge. It can be fully charged in a short while. It is very firm and stable, very hard to break. It has a large space to store anything I want. And it is lighter.

    I have been purposefully practicing focusing upon good-feeling subjects. Sometimes, old worry came up, and it's easier for me to turn the other cheek, to direct my attention upon better feeling objects. The more I do so, the more habitual this action becomes. Meaning I have built satisfying momentum on this behavior. This itself is satisfying.

    I am listening to Zico's Any Song. I would call it as a fast-tempoed ballad. The rhythm is attractive and present instead of nostalgic. It's a modern song with a lot of modern musical elments. According to its rhythm, I'd say it is also a lighthearted and frisky ballad, even though the lyrics may tell a sad story which I have no intention of figure out.

    Go back to my body. I like listing the states of being related to my body. I want my body to be strong, not weak, not needing to protect, but strong. Strong, stable, firm, resilient, evolving, multi-functional, getting better and better. About my body, I feel relaxed, ease, satisfied, appreciative, natural and sure. I feel very clear-minded, fresh-minded, alive, energetic, flexible, resilient, supported, tended to, loved, energized, freshened, and balanced. I feel lighthearted and frisky. I can jump high. I walk and run fast. I have great ease in lifting heavy things. I feel youthful...

    I like to list desired states of being in relationships. I feel self-reliant. I feel stable, firm and lighthearted. I focus upon what feels better when self-pity comes up. I may watch a funny video and have a good laugh. I like the state of appreciation. There is nothing more important than appreciation/love in aligned relationships. And without deliberate cultivation, the feeling of appreciation would also wither. It should be in present tense. I appreciate my mom who accompanied me for two months in the hospitals without any complaint. She was showering motherly love toward me. She did so many things for me. She is a great cook. She is a loving grandma. She follows her own interests. In many cases, she is my step 2. I like to feel extremely stable in relationships. I like consistently remembering what's important to me and not being easily triggered by what others say. I like continually doing what I want regardless of others' opinions. I like being unconditionally lighthearted. For outside comments, I like just shrugging and quickly letting go. I like being responsible for everything in relationships. I never feel being owed no matter what I do with others. This gives me great lightheartedness--with this attitude, it's hard for me to complain. I like being strong, mature, willing and energized in relationships. I like easily discovering positive aspects of people.

    As for memory, I would like to be good at remembering what I want to remember. I have my own ways of memorizing. My mind would work differently in memorizing different things. Thank you, my brain and mind.
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