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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    Reading parts of Dream of the Red Chamber, and learning new words through online dictionaries, I feel satisfied. In the world of every language, there is always something new to learn. Actually there are a lot of Chinese words whose pronunciation, spelling and meaning are still unknown to me, and just today, I got to know a dozen of them. This reading ignited my interest in learning more English words, I remembered the channel I have subscribed--Rick Steve's Europe, and then watched an episode. With this ongoing interest, I was willingly learning the pronunciation, spelling and meaning of those new words appearing in the show.

    One interest led to another unexpectedly. How do I end up looking for information of fragrances? My mind was thinking--Does petunia smell well? What about frangipani? And roses? I was not sensitive to fragrances or smells, but there are people who care a lot about scents, and I am glad to sorta see this world through their eyes, or more accurately, noses. Though I may not be very interested in fragrances, still I can be pleased by them or words written about them. The space described in the book seems more lovely because the writer wrote about the fragrance from the brass censer.

    As I was walking in the nearby stadium where a tall poplar tree always waves at me with its lush, heart-shaped, glittery leaves. Thanks to the modern technology, I can walk and read at the same time. Tonight, I read A Thousand Splendid Suns. The world depicted in this book is so different from where I have been and where I am. Maybe I should read some sunny, optimistic books, but it attracted me and I chose to follow my interest. At least, this book inspires me to treasure my life more--treasure its ease, safety, comfort, modernization, and open-mindedness.

    Till today, I have known about 100 flowers that bring me pleasure in different ways, for example, with their beautiful names, and/or their delicates shapes, and/or their various impacts on human lives--I have been searching flower shaped necklaces, bracelets and earrings with curiosity.

    I would like to enhance my appreciation of nature in all possible ways. Such as, by comparison, I notice the beauty of both butterflies and birds. Birds are bigger with louder sounds when they fly, while butterflies are usually very light and thin with inaudible sounds in fluttering. Ah, now I realize butterflies don't sing like birds. How about imagining a butterfly having beautiful birdsong?
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    A neighbor moves home and l get the black and white bike from him. Not riding a bike for years, l soon got familiar with it, rode to a fruit shop and bought two boxes of cherry tomatoes. l like it's convenience. l appreciate my body that still remember how to ride a bike. l appreciate my father who taught me bike riding.

    Recently, l bought several items online, including a necklace, a handbag, an eyebrow pencil, jeans and shoes. l bought them with interest, with a sorta of "why not?" attitude. I am glad that it's easy for me to find satisfying commodities online. l greatly benefit by the modern delivery system here and my computer was repaired, packed up thoroughly and mailed back to me from the other part of China.

    Music is so abundant. With two music apps, and YouTube, l get to enjoy songs from all over the world. Open-minded in this area, I like listening to Chinese songs, Kpop, Thai songs and English songs. I listen to songs with lyric unknown to me when I am doing other things, and at other times, I may enjoy stories the lyrics are telling. The stories may be sad, but the way the were depicted was beautiful and attractive. Joker Xue definitely put much effort in writing his songs and I like many of them.

    I continue to read Dream of the Red Chamber and A Thousand Splendid Suns. They have something in common--both authors like describing the environments and other objects with great details, especially Dream of The Red Chamber. There are an ocean of beautiful words the author used to portray female characters in the book. And the male character genuinely appreciated females though it's a time when women were belittled.

    l used the dictionary a lot because the first book was written hundreds of years ago, and there are many words I don't know. I like learning something new and l like feeling interested in learning something new.

    Both books let me know the importance of mutual respect among people. Males respect females. Females respect males. And I want females all over the world to be self-reliant, confident, happy, healthy, and feel worthy. Thanks to these two books, I know more clearly what I prefer in relationships:

    Respect. Polite. Have fun. Love and appreciation. Willingness to communicate and cooperate. Lighthearted chats. Solution oriented conversations. Mental and physical support. Company. Thorough care. Interest in others and willingness to sorta see through other's eyes.

    The day before yesterday, I picked up my nephew from an after school class. He was so happy to see me. l held his hand and I promised that he could watch an animation on my computer. My mom was home, making buns stuffed with vegetables and pork. Our lunch was congee and buns. As the animation finished, my nephew began to draw pictures, actually, write characters from one to ten, I wrote some for him and now he could easily imitate. In the afternoon, my mom took him to the nearby stadium and he would get yummy snacks from his grandma...

    There are harmony and willingness and love in us. We definitely want the best for each other. From time to time, I would remember the time my nephew and my niece is with us, because there are more satisfying elements in our interactions. We adults get to be the step 2 for them in some situations. And it helps me to feel more mature.

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    I continue to remember the story I read in the book Money and the LoA. And I noitce most of the time, I feel comfortable and focus upon other subjects, not thinking of my body. When I feel a little pain in my body, that comparatively speaking takes up much much less time, I would remind myself that story and then direct my attention to something which feels better to me. He, the author, watched a series of tv prgrams and laughed, and the disease that was considered incruable, just went away. This is a vivid example of teaching me how to treat so-called problems. Things I don't want can go away by my focusing upon things that feel good. I don't need to know how that's gonna happen. I often feel healthy, energetic and alive and for now I don't have anything serious and urgent. But what about serious and urgent situations? What would Abe say? I vaguely remembered the conversation between them and a HS who had stage 4 cancer. I was inspired to re-listened to that clip and happy to know again those points. First and foremost, always put energey work as the most important. Try one's best to find some time to not think about the physical condition, but to focus upon wellbeing however the form--it can be general wellbeing like eagles flying for the pleasure of flying, butterflier fluttering, or the planet earth spinning around in the perfect proximity of other planets.

    Sometimes, I would doubt my attention, because my thoughts or focuses seem not very related to me. I would doubt, "what's the point?" However, the point, the meaning is very personal and subjective. And those seeming not related subjects may help a lot because they have less resistance or wobble. So thoughts about the blue sky and snow-white, fluffy clouds could be of benefit to our mind and body. And good-feeling thoughts about any subject benefits my body.

    That being said, I still like deliberately thinking thoughts about my body. Better said, I like appreciating my body for what it has been doing for me. I am walking on the road and writing something on my phone. My body is so versatile that I can keep safe, walk and at the same time move my flexible fingers to write. I appreciate my physical energy that allows me to keep clear-minded and do a lot of things every day. I appreciate my eyes for being such a wonderful companion of mine. Actually, words are hard to describe the functions my eyes perform for me. Most of my activities are supported by my eyes. I appreciate my eyes for letting me see flowers, walk fast on the street, and look into others' eyes in communication. I appreciate my ears for letting me enjoy the abundant great beauty of music. I have been listening to a collection of songs sung by rappers, and today I just found a Japnese song with a beautiful melody. I like moving around freely. I like seeing my fingers flexible and efficient. I like walking fast on the streets. I like riding the bike and easily arrive at every part of the town. I like paying more attention to scents and my nose does a good job in differrentiating fragrances. I like feeling the deliciousness of food and drinks. I like the bread and the bubble tea I have today. I like that every part of my body, including every organ, tissue, gland and cell, is making the best of whatever comes in. My body, every part of my body, is making the best of the air, food, drinks, the temperature, and physical exercises, to function as perfectly as it can. And the Vortex version of my body IS really amazing--healthy, beautiful, multi-functional, flexible, alive, energetic. Very energetic that I need much less sleep. Strong that I can easily carry or lift some heavy stuff...
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    I want to feel ease, safe, secure, relaxed.

    l searched flower-shaped necklaces and earrings. l bought another pair of ear studs looking like clovers. Flowers and jewelry are objects that please my eyes. And the photos of them are enough to offer me pleasure. I feel concentrated, l feel ease and comfort, and l feel interested when I am staring at flowers on the computer or the phone.l get to know the delicate complex most flowers display.

    l want to feel comfortable in relationships. l want to feel interested, l want to feel love and appreciation, I want to feel self-reliant, and I want to feel willingly supportive.

    I have finished A Thousand Splendid Suns, and l know this book definitely launched new desires of rocket for me, and after further research, l understand that things I take for granted, such as water, mutual respect, may be very precious for others. And therefore l get to see where I live from new eyes.

    I like the fact where I am is very suitable for plants. I see trees, flowers and lawn almost wherever l go. On hot days, there are water trucks driving around providing them with extra water. I often go to the river, a big river connected to another big river, abundantly flowing to every household.

    When a lot of people are suffering from famine, l have enough to eat, and I have great freedom in picking what I eat and drink. At home, my mom is a fabulous cook. As I want to eat noodles, dumplings, bread or cake, I eat outside. I consicientiously balance food and exercise. I have a good appetite, meaning almost all food I pick tastes wonderful. I like sweetness. I like the sour and sweet flavor. I like juicy fruits such as watermelon and cherry tomatoes. I adore water and coke I sometimes drink.

    Women wear burqa and seem to walk carefully on the streets in some countries. Some of them may get beaten by their husbands...

    l like feeling safe inside and outside. Where I am feels safe and I can walk outdoors at late night. I go to that familiar cafe, standing in front of a bunch of girls, and order a cup of iced lemon tea.

    I asked my niece to come on the upcoming holiday. She has been loved by a lot of people since she was born. Her father knew how to feed her, change her diapers and bath her when she was an infant.

    When I was in the hospital, my father called me every day. Though not having much to talk, I know this is his way of caring me. My brother and my sister-in-law picked me up from the hospital that felt horrible to me. My mom spent more than a month accompanying me in the hospitals, comforting me and buying yummy meals for me.

    I like having fun with my nephew and my niece. I like being their step2, such as turning on the computer, and finding my nephew's favorite animation, or taking them to the park by bus. They are cute. It feels so natural to kiss them on the cheek or ask for a kiss from them. l like seeing their bright smile. I like holding their hands, and listening to their chit-chat. When they are happily playing games with kids they just know, I could sit next to the entrance, reading a book on the phone.

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    My body is healthy. I worry less about my body. I like again and again remembering that by watching a series of humorous tv programs and laughing, the disease he didn't want just went away. This story remind me to focus upon good feeling things no matter what they are. Or I can remember what Abe say about subject--putting undivided attention on one subject that feels good, all other 99 subjects, if there are 100 subjects in total, will get better.

    So what are subjects that feel good to me?

    * Music. I have access to unlimited songs both on my computer and on my phone. Most importantly, I fall in love with songs easily. I fall in love with Chinese songs, Japanese songs, Korean songs, Thai songs and English songs. I appreciate the beauty of music. Sometimes, I see myself as the background, very quietly, letting the musical notes and different sounds play with each other. In the process, my body may move to the rhythm.

    * My health. I am healthy. In the world of wellness, there are all possibilities--desired and undesired. I breathe easily. I smell fragrances. I walk fast. My fingers move fast on the computer keyboard and on the phone. I open my eyes and just see. I see that poplar waving at me. I read books wherever I go. I read novels and look up new words on the phone. I search flower photos and observe them. I put on my headphones and enjoy music, or dramas, or Abe teachings. I hear clearly. I differentiate sounds. I find what I like most and loop them. I can move around easily with a fast pace. I like walking fast for an hour, accompanied by music or books. I can choose to ride the bike. My body knows how to ride the bike.

    what else?

    * Interests. I often feel interests for something. Though they may feel subtle, but I know they do exist. For example, I might suddenly think, "The world is so big and I know so little about it and I want to know more." Then I began to search information about countries unfamiliar to me. And novels still attract me and in some cases, what attracted me were the way by which the authors combine and flow the words. When I was young, I usually cared more about how the story went instead of the detailed atmosphere--I often skipped the descriptive parts. Now, my preference has shifted to enjoying the detailed description most of the time. So I have interests of word combinations. I am also interested in stories, especially stories that seem new to. me, such as the stories happening in a very different background.

    What else?

    * I hold appreciation for my family members. I appreciate my mom, my father, my sister, my brother, my. sister-in-law, my niece and my nephew.

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    I like again and again remembering that by watching a series of humorous tv programs and laughing, the disease the author didn't want just went away. This story remind me to focus upon good feeling things no matter what they are. Or I can remember what Abe say about subject--putting undivided attention on one subject that feels good, all other 99 subjects, if there are 100 subjects in total, will get better.

    So what are subjects that feel good to me?

    I find an interesting story displayed in the form of tv series. I like the detailed formation of those characters. I ENJOYED watching it on the big screen of my computer and on the smaller screen of my smartphone. I was also attracted by books like A Thousand Splendid Suns and Dream of the Red Chamber. I notice that by using detailed words describing a particular role, the author, or at least the book itself, wants the readers to further dislike this character and further sympathize the other role. Knowing what I know, I just can't read novels like how I did many years ago. I just skipped some parts, knowing their intentions. I generize them in my mind. I read word by word other parts. But I thank all of them because it let me know that human beings are really good at telling undesired stories in a very vivid and detailed way. I am often curious, "Why does the author or the movie spend so much time and words describing this kind of things?" Which shows that I am more familiar with the opposite of them, that I don't like complaining and I can catch myself doing so when it begins to be more vivid. And the other question coming from the above question is: Why don't I spend so much time and words describing things that please me? Um, because it needs practice. I need to practice more and I can begin with easy subjects like flowers. Spending more time and words on describing flowers only benefits me, why not?

    I appreciate where I am. It is a moist place with abundant mountains, rivers, trees, and flowers. I can see the lush leaves of camphor trees throught the glass wall of the cafe. And poppies, one of my favorite flowers, are in full bloom along the roads. I can easily re-picture flowers in my mind's eyes: white and light purple petunias that are semi-transparent, frangipanis, cherry blossoms, peach blossoms, plum blossoms, showy tulips. I see them, as well as flower-shaped jewery, as beautiful and attractive. Flwers are everywhere, on T-shirts, on mugs, on wallpaper, and set beside the basins. I have seen most of the flowers I had searched online, including pink lotuses, and water lilies of different colors. Some corners of the West Lake have really wonderful water lilies and lotuses that could make amazing photos partly because it's background is the large round lake and green mountains housing the ancient pagoda. I walked along the lake many times and till now I can still rember its feel. It gives out an atmosphere of serenity and delicacy. Not eye-opening, but stress relieving, with its large willows, camphor trees, oriental plane trees, and squirrels hopping around on tree branches.

    I continually find beautiful music to enjoy. There are several wonderful websites and apps for me to find and loop songs.

    My niece came on this holiday. She is happy. She is unique. She has her own preferences and she wants to share her life with me. She had a pleasing walk with my mom and my mom bought her a dress and a pair of shoes. She is beautiful...

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    I like again and again remembering that by watching a series of humorous tv programs and laughing, the disease the author didn't want just went away. This story remind me to focus upon good feeling things no matter what they are. Or I can remember what Abe say about subject--putting undivided attention on one subject that feels good, all other 99 subjects, if there are 100 subjects in total, will get better.

    So what are subjects that feel good to me?

    I went to the hospital this morning. The subway station is very near and it's the first station, so I easily get a seat. I got the medicine shortly after I arrived at the hospital. I appreciate the stability medicine gives to me while I understand the most important thing is the energy work, or vibrational work.

    There are lots of cute objects in my world, thanks to the Internet. I may smile seeing a baby panda tumbling. This white and black furry creature is cute in my eyes. I am sure if I search "cute animal interaction," I would find lots of cute pictures and videos. Wellbeing abounds in nature that benefits and pleases me.

    I sit on the third floor in the familiar cafe. I can stay at home, but this space offer me a unique atmosphere, so why not? I can do so many things on my phone while slurping iced lemon tea. I worry less about a specific part about my body. I like going general to remember the story of an author's healing, to remember the functions of focusing on subjects that feel good. I sometimes remember Anita Moojarni's life experiences(she experienced a vibrational shift by letting go, tumors in her body shrank and disappeared in a short time period). l appreciate my body. I am glad that it's working well for me. Most of the time, I am alive and energetic. I can do many things efficiently. I walk fast. I enjoy food and drinks--bubble tea, pancakes, watermelon, dried figs, cheese toast, rice roll, etc. I am flexible. I feel comfortable. I see, hear and speak.

    I have been interested in numerous things...

    I just remember the simple questions: What do I want? And why?

    l want great health because I want to feel energetic and alive throughout the daytime. I like being clear-minded and fresh-minded. I want to be flexible, efficient, and multi-functional. I like being good at remembering what I want to remember. I want to feel very comfortable in my body.

    I want to be eager about life. Because this is Who I Am. Because it feels so much better than feeling bored or hopeless. I like feeling interested in things. I like having a long list of things that interest me, be it learning more about flowers, or reading new stories.

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    What if what I don't want disappear, or just go away, what would I feel, think and do?

    Then, there would be no worry at all. I am at ease. I feel relaxed and sure. I am fully enjoying life. I can easily focus on, put my undivided attention on subjects that feel good to me. I feel interested. I feel am interested in many things. I have a long list of things that interest me. I feel eager about life. I am multi-functional. I feel full. I may be riding the bike and thinking thoughts at the same time. I can do several pleasing things simultaneously.

    My thoughts and action toward my body would be different. I feel satisfied with my body. My body is working really well for me. It keeps summoning energy and evolving. I feel energetic and alive. I like what I see in the mirror. I feel more and more healthy. I walk fast. I can do so many things with my body. My hands are magical, displaying amazing agility, flexibility and efficiency. It is pleasing to watch my fingers move around ordely to finish abundant tasks. I appreciate the complete body I have. I appreciate the unlimited potential and functions my body has. I like remembering that the true version of my body is evolving every day and I like focusing upon new things my body can do. I get to exercise my body in a new way by riding the bike. I type faster on the phone in writing. I can read.and move at the same time. My eyes adapt to a moving environment. I offer my brains new food in different forms. I keep exploring satisfaction for my body. I am healthy. I enjoy life. I am powerfully supported.

    I would be in love with myself. I love myself. I feel stable. I enjoy my life. I am self-reliant. I can easily fulfill my needs by myself and with co-creative others. I have nothing to complain. I am eager in learning new things. I can easily attract things I want. I take care of myself well. I am willing and I have enough energy to do things with others. I can easily list things I like. I like a lot of people and things. I love the world of Internet. I have access to abundant resources. I like giving more details to things that are beneficial in my life. Such as, I like sitting in the chair, laid-back, enjoying the window view and a butterfly, lightly flying, I am ready to think some beneficial thoughts. I already find a series of songs to play as bgm. I am wearing new T-shirt, new jeans, new shoes, and a pair of new earstuds. I like searching on a shopping website that has lots of commodies with abundant prices. I can easily find satisfying products to buy, while sometimes I search just to see the

    beautiful designs of jewelry.

    I would feel fully relaxed. I would lose interest in proving my worthiness in any way. I enjoy life now instead of waiting something to happen or to disappear.

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    He came back from Nanjing, a bit tanned, happily eating an ice cream. I know his favorite animation, so I let him watch it on my computer. He has passion for learning new things including new words, and that's why he gets better and better in languages. He watches on a website that can send comments on the screen, and I teach him how to send flying comments. When I watch a comedy, I often turn on the flying comments, for usually they increase the fun of watching. He binges watching several episodes until his parents come to pick him.

    Years ago, I was also interested in animations. But recently, I watch tv series and read novels more. Things I am interest clearly represent my preferences. Different preferences come together to make a complex I like. For example, the preferred theme and the preferred background make a lot of Korean songs attractive to me, though I don't know what the lyrics are talking about. Most of the time, I can tell whether it's a pleasing song just by listening to its prelude.

    I have already built positive momentum on subjects like music, flowers, and my nephew. When sometimes l am lost in human stories, they can bring me back to a calm atmosphere.

    I am glad to know that my nephew is extension of Source Energy. I am glad that he is mostly in alignment, happy, active, interested, curious, and energetic. He has been continually following what interests him. He is cute and funny. He savors food. He would utter funny words adults won't do. He sometimes speaks out words in my mind which really surprises me. l like taking him to the park and seeing him quickly make friends there. I like him kissing on my cheek. I like easily carrying him in my arms. I remember how cute and innocent he was when he just learned to speak.

    As for my body, it functions quite well for me. It evolves. It continually adapts to new environments and activities. I like doing several things at the same time. Listening to music, walking, and reading or writing. Every day, I walk. Last night, I walked for two hours. I like my ease in the walking. I like the fullness during my walk, because my mind and hands are active. I like knowing my body is making the best of whatever comes in, including food, drinks, medicine and vaccine. I like remembering that author's story--by watching a series of humorous tv programs and laughing, the disease that was considered incurable went away. It reminds me that actually I can easily laugh in watching videos of certain genres. I like remembering the importance to these so-called little things. I like being clear-minded and fresh-minded. I like being energetic, active and alive. I like flexibility and efficiency. I like the great efficiency all my bodily parts demonstrate...

    I appreciate the wellbeing I can easily re-active in my mind. I just need to picture one by one following flowers: yellow-and-white frangipanis, pink petunias, purple morning glories, orange poppies, purple water lilies, white lilies of the valley, pink peonies, yellow chrysanthemums, etc.

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    I like again and again remembering that by watching a series of humorous tv programs and laughing, the disease the author didn't want just went away. This story remind me to focus upon good feeling things no matter what they are. Or I can remember what Abe say about subject--putting undivided attention on one subjects that feels good, all other 99 subjects, if there are 100 subjects in total, will get better.

    So what are subjects that feel good to me?

    I'm in a wonderful physical space of the right temperature and moisture. I enjoy the slightly coffee and the boiled water. I easily find a series of songs as bgm. It's so easy for me to buy fit trousers in the summer. I am healthy. I can walk around freely. Every day, I am attracted by the flavours of food. My nose is sensitive to pleasant scent, like the fragrance from the banana shrubs. I became interested in flowers and flower shaped jewelry. I have a pair of beautiful, clover-shaped ear studs. The delivery system here is impressive. I have bought a light colored messenger bag, three trousers of different colors, two t-shirts, and two pair of shoes. Packages could put outside a shop on the street and no one is gonna fetch your package. It's quite safe.

    l have harmony with people around me. I respect them and they respect me. My family members are self-reliant, and I am self-reliant too. We co-create with each other. My mom is still a great chef who offers me daily yummy meals. She has her own interests and has been following them every day. I have fun with kids. I explore what attract them. They are enjoying their life. They are so curious about the world. They are so ready to share. They are loved and supported in so many ways.

    I look at trees. They are waving at me. I look at the lights, they are magnified. I immediately walked to a place, picked up a gadget and gave it to my mom. Intuition told me where what she was looking for was. I like knowing I am supported by many nonphysical beings. And the welcoming posture of trees shows me what is unconditional love--I am always happy to see you. Always. No condition would prevent me from loving and welcoming you.

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