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Thread: Love myself, love life

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    Quote Originally Posted by footprints on my way View Post
    Originally posted by Jenny Lee:
    "Just now, I wanted to reply to somebody. I wrote for a while, and finally deleted all the written words. Because what I wrote seemed to prove that I was right and she was wrong. That's the thing I didn't want to do.

    So, I said to her that I felt sorry to analyze her.

    After a while, I felt joy. I still feel this joy now. Feeling good is really more important than feeling right. My emotion clearly tells me this. I appreciate this experience. I appreciate the person whom I communicated with."

    Hi Jenny Lee,

    I love this post of yours :-) In true connection with another person it is hardly ever about "Who is right". Even if in some moments it seems important to us to express our point of view. That is understandable, as it makes us feel empowered.
    But the joy you describe in your post sounds much more delicious than that - and shows that you were/are higher on the Emotional Scale than on that level, where proving, that you are "right" feels empowering. Congratulations for that. It is good that you are joyfully connected to "Who you really are".


    Dear Anne, thank for your warm words, I really appreciate them. I love your avatar--such a shining being, I love your smile. So through your avatar, I immediately recognized you because you visited my previous thread. You give me the image of a warm, genuine, soft and loving cute lady. I appreciate you and your posts very much. Pardon me, if I use the words inappropriately, I am still learning the nuances in English expression.

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    I appreciate that I can watch and enjoy and contemplate upon Andrew’s performance. He gets me think a lot. One can impress the audience with such amazing performance. I love the variety in this world that gives me unlimited opportunities to enjoy all kinds of great creation.

    I am glad that I am good at writing. I am good at using words to express my opinions. Language is miraculous, beautiful, and powerful. I love exploring language. Language is always evolving and incorporating new words on a daily basis. I am willing to learn new words and new usages of language. Thank you, language, for all those wonderful things you have done for me. I appreciate and love you.

    I am proud of myself because I have been continually improving my English ability since 2008. I used various materials to teach myself English. Then I could listen to and understand many teachings in the spiritual area. And I began to think and write in English. English has played a very important role in my life since then. English, you’ve done so many amazing and beneficial and transforming things for me, and I really appreciate and love you. I also love and appreciate myself for the persistence in learning and improving my English ability.

    I so appreciate and love abeforum. Every day I visit abeforum, learning and finding something to ponder. I am collecting useful and inspiring data in abeforum—tips about money, work, relationships, etc. I know these tips are important for me, and will absolutely influence my future in positive ways.

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    Love the songs that have been giving me good feelings.

    Love the happy vibration the male singer brings to his song. I can feel his high energy in this song even though the lyrics are not that happy. I am proud of myself because I attracted this song long time ago, and it still works very well in terms of enhancing my emotional state. Thank you, Hu Ge. I love your song.

    Love the genius creation of the Universe. There are so many beautiful and charismatic actors and actresses. I love their appearance. I love their great performance. Thank you, actors and actresses, for providing me with so many wonderful characters/roles.

    Love the fact that I get new knowledge and ability every day. I begin to use emotional words and sentences to find the feelings that I desire. I know I can master it if I insist on practicing. I love the process of finding the most appropriate words to reach for the feelings I want. I use words which describe emotions such as passion, and I also use analogies. I write about passion, and find a warm feeling in my chest. I think it is a feeling of being blessed. I am so glad.

    Love writing. I love writing. I keep on writing things that I am really interested in. I write about movies and dramas. I write about the Internet popular words. I write about my inspirations. I write about music. I love writing. Writing new things feels so good to me. I am a passionate writer.

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    Appreciation and pivoting and…

    * I appreciate variety very much. It gives me many perspectives, and therefore I can live a more abundant life.

    * I appreciate that my mind and heart are more open now. I now can accept things such as competition and no.1 and so on.

    * I so appreciate that Abe’s teachings about unlimited resources and the false premise of deprivation greatly change my attitude toward something. Everything is about focus and match. So just focus upon what you want, even it is about being the no.1 in a test. Don’t worry, you will never deprive anybody of anything, everybody can set the same goal, the result will show you who matches the no.1.

    * I so appreciate that I am genius in providing useful tips to other people, and really uplifting them. The positive impact upon people I communicate with is very obvious these days, because I have directly seen many positive responses to my suggestion. And there is one person who recommends me open a center to uplift other people. I appreciate these wonderful responses.

    * I so appreciate the power of intention and thoughts. After I say to myself that my answers and replies to other people are perfect in the moment I am writing them, so I will not second guess them. I see them perfect, I see them beneficial to the people I communicate with. And it is really true. People are getting wonderful inspirations from my answers and replies.

    * I so appreciate that I have the ability to direct my focus and therefore create more satisfactory environment for myself. I am making full use of what-is. I now rarely fear about my future. I release a lot of fear because of managing my focus/attention.

    * I appreciate that thinking and exploring ideas bring me a lot of pleasure. I soften my previous opinions about writing. Now I can write in a more free and lighthearted way, knowing that many people want to see what I write. I am now willing to set high standard in some areas such as language abilities.

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    * I am blessed because I again know from Abraham that I am connected with unlimited Source. I am supported by Source. I am supported and taken good care of all the non-physical beings. And I’ve already received many inspirations from them. Thank you, Source. Thank you, my beloved non-physical friends.

    * I am blessed because I can access youtube every day that I can receive the wisdom of Abraham and Bashar every day. Their messages are such a great relief for me. I become more self-reliant and persistent because of them. Thank you, youtube. Thank you, Abraham. Thank you, Bashar.

    * I am blessed because I can easily find wonderful stories to enjoy. And now I find a wonderful story written by Jin Yong. I not only can enjoy the story but also can enjoy it with many people at the same time. I love watching their comments. Thank you, the whole staff who creates this drama.

    * I am blessed with the aligning state of being. Here and now, I am in a calm and aligning state of being. It feels good.

    * I am blessed with my beloved friend. We have known each other for more than 15 years. And we can talk about something that I wouldn’t tell other people in my reality. It seems a pull for me to say something to her. I think it’s a wonderful thing.

    * I am blessed with the delicious meal that my friend invited me to. It is called 火锅 in Chinese. I loved it and enjoyed it fully yesterday.

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    *I am blessed with so many successful stories about using LOA. I fulfilled many of my desires by using Abe teachings. And I’ve written down them in my journal or share them online. I am so lucky to have so many personal successful experiences. Thank me. I am stubborn in pursuing my dreams. Thank you, Universe. Thank you, all my co-creators.

    * I am blessed with wonderful language abilities. I am good at English and therefore I can enjoy all kinds of wonderful teachings in English. I am proud of myself in this.

    * I am blessed to know HitC. I knew her through Abeforum. I love her persistence in pursuing her dreams. I love her ability to tell a better story. I love the fact that she is a multilingual and she gets great joy from her work. HitC gives me many inspirations. Thank you, HitC.

    * I am blessed with a lot of new thoughts these days. I know these new thoughts will absolutely positively influence my near future and further future.

    * I am blessed with more sweet Thai songs sung by Four Mod. So I now have more songs to enjoy.

    * I so appreciate people who choose to do what they love no matter how it is received by other people. They can do things just for themselves or for a few people. I appreciate them and I am one of them. Because of people like them, life seems more interesting and pleasing to me. Thank you very much.

    *I choose to love what I write. Fully love what I write. Writing is part of my life. I feel good about it. I love it. I appreciate my progress in writing. I appreciate every word I’ve learned and known how to use. I am so glad that I received education which helps me better use Chinese and English language. From not writing to write as I like, it is such a huge progress. Such an amazing progress for me. I am still learning new words and new expressions. Because it is fun and beneficial to me.

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    I am blessed with...

    1. I am blessed with a very happy and sweet and lighthearted song sung by Four Mod.

    2. I am blessed with a"Happy Birthday!" message from an old friend.

    3. I am blessed with several wonderful dramas, and I can enjoy them tonight.

    4. I am blessed with expanded care about more people, including people who just graduate from school.

    5. I am blessed with a lot of knowledge about vibration, feelings, wellness, well-being and death.

    6. I am blessed with the knowledge that there is no death and that relationship is eternal.

    7. I am blessed to know wonderful people such as WellBeing, POE, HitC, Marc and so on. I am inspired by them on a daily basis.

    8. I am blessed with a healthy body.

    9. I am blessed with strong interests in writing and sharing. I get a lot of fun, joy and pleasure in my writing.

    10. I am blessed with continual good ideas. It’s easy for me to find something to ponder and explore.

    11. I am blessed with my own uniqueness. I am unique in many ways. I feel good about my uniqueness.

    12. I am blessed with genuine friendships.

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    Happiness is____

    Going out and having a happy dinner with my beloved friend.

    Finding something wonderful to enjoy.

    Following the impulse to do something. And the action I perform is called inspired action.

    Knowing happiness can be unconditional. We can be happy just by our deliberate focus.

    Being hopeful about myself, about other people, and about the whole world.

    Focusing upon thoughts or things that make me feel good.

    Knowing I can create a happy world for myself.

    Knowing there is no death. Relationships are eternal.

    Knowing I am connected with absolute Wellness.

    Knowing I always have enough time, energy and resources to do whatever I want to do, including sleep or watching movies or dramas that I like.

    Letting in all kinds of abundance.

    Letting in unlimited amazing ideas and inspirations.

    Feeling good about myself.

    Expanding my understanding of myself and other people. Thus I can get better in uplifting other people.


    Clarity and being clear-minded.

    Confidence. Shining. Glowing.

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    As we say in my native language, "You, my dear, are going places!"

    I was just led to your thread this morning, and see that we have a hug to share.

    PS: If you don't already have it, I highly recommend Chet Atkins' Sails album. One of my favorites that I have been listening to for nearly 25 years and, for me, strongly connected to my early days of awareness of my Inner Being and teaching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hands in the Clay View Post
    As we say in my native language, "You, my dear, are going places!"

    I was just led to your thread this morning, and see that we have a hug to share.

    PS: If you don't already have it, I highly recommend Chet Atkins' Sails album. One of my favorites that I have been listening to for nearly 25 years and, for me, strongly connected to my early days of awareness of my Inner Being and teaching.

    Oh, dear HitC, I'm so glad to see your reply. And I find Chet Atkins' Sails.

    Thank you for your warm and inspiring words. I love your golden suggestion--"Do the Work."

    I do spend a lot of time using pen and notebook or Word document to do the work. I'm getting progress every day.

    Yes, I think "I am going places." (I decide to change the statement like this, even though I don't know whether it is right in terms of grammar.)

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