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Thread: 100 Days of Happiness!

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    100 Days of Happiness!

    Hi guys!

    After 30 days of reaching for better feeling thoughts and working my way up the EGS, I am thrilled to say my dominant vibration is at Positive Expectation/Belief! I have come a long way and now I have decided that I want to live my life in a state of appreciation, I want to appreciate everything from the 'smallest' things to the 'biggest' because they are all just as valuable to me!

    So for the next 100 days I intend to do at least 3 ROAs a day (lasting a minimum of over 68 seconds), as well as filling my spare moments with thank you's and "what do I like about this?" and "what are my favourite 3 things about this?!"

    I am doing this process purely because of how GOOD it feels to me and anybody else who wishes to join, please feel free!


    (P.S. I may have put this in the wrong forum?!)
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    (As I actually started this the day before I posted this thread, I will share my rampages from yesterday!)

    ​DAY 1
    (1)I love spring
    I love the fresh smell of grass
    I love seeing flowers begin to blossom
    I love that the sun just shines that little bit brighter
    I love the contrast of spring
    I love how the sun warms my windows whilst the rain patters its beautiful song
    I love that it's spring now and even though the sun is out it is SNOWING! That's right snowing!
    I love hearing people outside with their lawnmowers
    I love that beautiful smell released of fresh spring dew
    I love that the days feel longer and the sun blesses us for much longer
    I love that although it is not sweating weather, it is definately a lot more warm than winter
    I love that the sun is shining through my window as I sit in my pjs loving life
    I love that I am sat here using my computer and it works so quickly
    I love that the keyboard and mouse are wireless
    I love that I get to sit in my comfy house clothes and pajamas
    I love that anytime I wish to go and curl up in bed I can easily!
    I love having the fan heater on mmm it's so warm and it fills the room with heat so fast, it reminds me of sitting besides a fire - a more technologically advanced one at that!
    I love the beautiful music my ipod is playing right now, ahh such bliss
    I love these wonderful songs, I have created a marvellous playlist that I never have to skip a single song! Why didn't I think of this before?! A playlist full of my FAVOURITE twilight songs! Ahhh, bliss!!
    I love having an ipod, I use it practically everyday because I just LOVE LOVE LOVE listening to music especially cute little love songs that just get me in that vibration of pure love! I love all the songs I have on there and I also love my spotify account! Wow what a massive collection of songs, many I have never even heard before! Yes there is the occasional advert, but WHO CARES! I just hum over it anyhow!
    I love this office, it never used to be here! I love that it is a cosy little room for me to sit in and the chair is soooo comfortable, I can lean back on it and stick my feet up on the desk with no worry whatsoever! The office is really cosy and homely not to mention full of clothes and shoes haha! All that are very beautiful I must say!
    I have just looked outside and it is still snowing! Crazy, isn't the universe just amusing! Barely snows in winter, cascades in Spring! Yep that's the universe, no limits to what it can do!

    (2)I am feeling really good right now especially due to my realizations over the past few days. Over the past few days I have realized how far I have come! What a long way I have come from those old days! And it thrillllls me honestly! I don't wish to be a historian but wow the genuine self-respect and self-worth and self-love I have for myself now is off the scale. It bowls me over to think that omg I am in love with me!!! I am my own number one and that is the way it will always stay! I will pamper myself and feed myself and care for myself always because I love it! Soon after this I will go and run a big gorgeous bubble bath, I will deffo use that almond bath milk omg! Luscious or what! Mmm talking about luscious things I have eaten FOUR cookies in under 24 hours, FOUR! And do I care one bit?! NOPE! All I know is that they were absolutely DELICIOUS mmmm! I love cookies and I love where I am, I am in my vortex more often than not. I am in alignment with my inner being and that means I can eat WHATEVER I want to. Four cookies even! Hell, I'll eat 30 if I want to! Maybe 50 and some crisps straight after! I take care of my joy, the universe deals with the rest including my awesome metabolism! Pow! Some people can't believe that the food I eat and the amount I eat has resulted in such fantastic weightloss but I can duhhh. It's the law of attraction! It's what you think, not what you eat! And I think MMMMMMM THIS IS DELICIOUS! So the universe has to match my joy!

    (3)Talking about food I am so looking forward to this resturant meal, omg! Pleeeeeeaaaseee get in my belly right now! I adoreeee their food, mmm I will stack up on those delicious naan breads covered all different curries and I will pop crispy duck wraps in my mouth til the cows come home! Yum! It aligns me instantly just thinking about eating all of these delicious foods and smelling all those gorgeous aromas! And the staff are always so efficient and polite and effective, I really do love it there and it's so funny because the restaurant is like a symbol of abundance. THERE IS AN ABUNDANCE OF FOOD THERE ALWAYS! Nothing is ever out of stock, it's constantly being topped up topped up topped up well before there's none left! I love it! How funny, a confirmation of not only my alignment with joy and eating, but also with abundance! Woot! I definitely have an abundance of food I cannot deny it, mmm I love to eat and I especially love eating take out and food that other people have cooked for me! Maybe one day I will hire a chef to cook me delicious meals all day long! I love love love love life right now seriously I am thrilled and this is just day 1 of my vortex obsession! There is nothing I want more than to be in my vortex, there is nothing more important to me than feeling good and being in alignment with my true self because anything less than that is not good enough for me!! I LOVE that I am fantastic enough to be in this place where this can now be my MAIN focus!

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    DAY 2
    (1)I love my bathroom
    I love that I have two bathrooms
    I love that I have an abundance of loo roll (thank heavens for that!)
    I love all the cleaning products that smell so lovely and fresh
    I love that when I turn on the taps fresh water always flows in abundance
    I love my bath, I feel like it was made just for me!
    I love my bath products, especially that almond bubble bath!
    I love my soft Egyptian cotton towels and I love that they are PINK!
    I love the beautiful brown tiles of my bathroom
    I love that I have a separate shower head to wash my hair!
    I love that there is a shower downstairs so that I always have the bath to myself!
    I love the orange and jasmine scented hand gel downstairs, I'll find any excuse to use it!
    I love lathering dove soap into my hands it feels like stroking a cloud
    I love how organised my bathroom is, how easy it is to find things!
    Oh and I love my mango scented sugar scrub I use EVERYTIME!
    I love that I have the matching body butter it reminds me of abe's recommendation to eat a mango in the bath!
    I went one up from that - I became the walking mango! Mmm!

    (2)I love my past lovers
    I love every single one of them
    I love the contrast that came from them
    I love all the good times we had
    I love all the great laughs we had
    I love that I know I could still easily go and message them!
    I love all the romantic experiences I have had
    I love all the dates I have been on
    I love all the attention I have experienced
    I love how much I have grown through every relationship!
    I love how I have come to truly appreciate each and every lover!
    I love how close I was to each one
    I love the intimacy I got to experience
    I love that I got to be a part of their experience and them mine
    I love that I love these people now!
    I love the wide variety of people I have dated
    I love how attractive some of them were, pwhoar!
    I love how confident I was around them all
    I love how much they loved me!
    I love how some of them still contact me with pleasure!
    I love how much of an interest they take in me
    I love how much we have in common!
    I also love how different we were!
    I loved meeting new friends through them
    I loved going to new places and trying different scenes!
    Yes, I just love them all!

    (3)I love being able to wake up whenever I choose!
    I love taking naps
    I love being snuggled up between my sheets
    I love the fact that the sunlight naturally wakes me up in the morning
    I love that I get to do whatever I want whenever I want to!
    I love that whilst I am at home I get to help others by cleaning and cooking
    I love blasting my music and dancing around the kitchen with the broom!
    I love the sun shining on my face whilst I clean up!
    I love how I am now in alignment with cleaning to the point I will happily offer to do it!
    I love the look on my mothers face of pure appreciation for helping her out!
    I love everything my mother does and everything she has taught me!
    I love anti-bacterial spray... no seriously I use so much of it!
    I love bleaching and wiping and soaking!
    I love that every time I clean up is like a joyous work out for me
    I love the lovely hot shower afterwards!
    I love how my desire was to become a naturally tidy person and I am now that person!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetheartx View Post
    (P.S. I may have put this in the wrong forum?!)
    I dunno. I think you were inspired to open your thread in the "right" place. Let's honour your guidance.

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    Yes, I am practicing these teachings so I do infact feel that this is the right place for this thread!

    DAY 3
    (1)Thank you for an amazing day yesterday
    Thank you for all the joy I felt all throughout the day!
    Thank you for the ease of me maintaining my alignment!
    Thank you for the wonderful little things that happened
    Thank you for inspiring me to turn on the television just as a Disney song countdown was on!
    Oh I sang my absolute heart out!
    Thank you for my evening comfort I so basked in my environment
    The candles were lit, curtains drawn and I felt blissful!
    Thank you for allowing me to rendouvous with beautiful clips from the tv that actually made me cry with happiness!
    Oh and ofcourse thank you for my twilight dvds (my obsession!) I always know that the end scene will put me in tears and in the feeling of love!
    Thank you for the yummy chocolate I ate yesterday
    Thank you for the wonderful meal I ate that somebody else lovingly made for me!
    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity I have to sit down in my house clothes all day long
    Thank you for the lovely ice cold water that danced down my throat and the beautiful flavour of summer fruits that came with it!

    (2) Thank you for my comfortable bed
    Thank you for the wonderful warmth it provides me
    Thank you for my beautiful bed sheets that match the wallpaper and curtains!
    Thank you for my lovely wall hangings of buddha, shiva and more!
    Thank you for my wonderful crystals that help keep me and my environment centered
    Thank you for the wonderful soft carpet that I love to rub my toes between every morning!
    Thank you for the position of my bedroom where the sun floods the room early each morning!
    Thank you for my view of my beautiful garden as well as others
    Thank you for my memory foam mattress that moulds to the shape of my body like lying on a cloud
    Thank you for my candles and incense that make me feel so relaxed and at ease, not to mention the gorgeous smells they produce!

    (3)Thank you for my wonderful mother, oh there are so many things I just LOVE about her!
    I love how generous she is
    I love how kind hearted she is
    I love how she is a fantastic example of how to be a loving person
    I love how she makes me laugh til my tummy hurts!
    I love how fashionable she is
    I love how beautiful she is
    I love how she is a fantastic advocate of self-love
    I love all the great things she has taught me and still continues to teach me
    I love that we are so close we still snuggle up in bed
    I love how affectionate she is and I love to look after her and give her millions of hugs and kisses!
    I love how quick-witted she is and intelligent
    I love how we have lots of things in common
    I love how understanding she is and respectful of others
    I love the way she always smells beautiful!
    I love how she has rubbed her cleaning tendencies off on me!
    I love how I get to help her and she gets to help me!
    I love how much I trust her
    I love mine and my mothers relationship
    I hope that my future relationships with my children will be as beautiful and thriving as mine and my wonderfully beautiful mother!


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    DAY 4
    (1)I appreciate the contrast I experienced last night
    I appreciate the rockets of desire that were launched from it
    I appreciate the EGS and how successfully I worked my way up it
    I love the clarity I received from this experience
    I love that I can FEEL my progression
    I love how much easier it was for me to get right back in the vortex
    I love how this helps confirm where I predominantly am vibrationally!
    I love the feeling of getting back in the vortex when you haven't been in
    Oh, it feels like quenching a thirst with ice cold water!
    Oh, it feels like eating your favourite meal when you've been out all day long!
    I love contrast, because I love knowing how much it serves me
    I appreciate how after the contrasting experience, I felt better than I ever did before!
    I am feeling the best I have ever felt!
    A little pinching off here and there is just fine, just fine, just fine
    I love how I accept and embrace all emotion
    I love how I am noticing the feeling manifestation soon enough to not result in a physical manifestation!
    I love how even if I was to experience a physical manifestation of contrast, it is only an indicator!
    I love knowing how all manifestation is just an indicator of what I've been doing with my vibration
    I love knowing that if I just change my vibration, the indicator HAS to change too!
    Woo, how joyous is this stuff really!
    I am really in the vortex today, I woke up there and have been there ever since!

    (2)I love disney
    I love the wide range of films they have
    I love the MAGIC in them
    I love disney princesses
    I love that my love for disney will never subside
    I love the fact that fairytales put me so in alignment they make me cry
    I love the beautiful music, the beautiful lyrics and how easy it is to sing along!
    I love how everyone knows how much I love disney
    I love how I can quote a wide range of disney films from the top of my head!
    I love how me and my cousins bond over disney (I am the only one who will sit and watch it with them after all!)
    I love the level of creativity in disney movies
    I always loved happy movies the most, I guess I had a deep knowing that that was the way life was meant to be!
    I love all of my disney dvds
    I love how people think I am a big kid and I prove them right!
    I love how much my heart feels uplifted watching disney movies
    I love how engrossed I am in them and the commitment to keep my eyes on the television!
    I love the promotion of creativity and empowerment that the movies represent to ME
    I love how disney reminds me of the teachings.
    'When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you!
    If your heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme. When you wish upon a star as dreamers do!'
    You will often catch me singing it at the top of my voice, beautiful!

    (3)I love being in the vortex
    I love knowing that all is well
    I love knowing that what I want is done
    I love knowing that everything is always working out for me
    I love knowing that all I have to do is allow
    All I have to do is relax, have fun, enjoy life!
    I love the feeling of flowing downstream, ah I just lie back and enjoy the scenery floating floating floating!
    I love knowing that I am in alignment with source
    I love knowing that I can be, do or have ANYTHING!
    I love having access to the best feelings in the world!
    I love feeling joyous
    I love feeling appreciation
    I love feeling love!
    I love when I catch myself in the moment just basking basking milking milking
    I love that it is the easiest it has ever been for me to get into the vortex!
    I love that now I know for sure that this is what I want above anything else
    The thing I want most of all in the entire universe it to just be in the vortex
    I want to feel good as much as I can, infact I want to feel FANTASTIC as much as I can!
    And I love knowing that I am the one who gets to choose
    I create my own reality!
    I love knowing that on lower days all I have to do is reach for a feeling of relief and ahhhh
    I'm back up there in no time!
    I love how easy this all is
    I love how I really do understand the importance of feeling good
    I love how I will always put feeling good above all else

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    DAY 5
    (1)Thank you for technology
    Thank you for access to such technology
    Thank you for my wonderful computer
    Thank you for my laptop
    Thank you for my mobile
    Thank you for my iPod
    Thank you for my printer
    I love how my printer, mouse and keyboard are wireless
    Thank you for social networking
    Thank you for the abe forum
    Thank you for Youtube
    Thank you for all the amazing programmes on the computer
    Thank you for the abundance of information available on the internet
    Thank you for the internet
    Thank you for my internet connection
    I use the internet in some way or another every single day!
    Thank you for my ability to communicate and interact with people all over the world so easily
    Thank you for the wonders of technology, from microwaves to cars!
    Absolutely fantastic, I love technology!

    (2)Thank you for my amazing body
    Thank you for every single cell in my body
    I appreciate every cell and everything they do for me!
    Thank you for my health
    I am a really healthy person!
    Thank you for my flexibility, vitality and good feeling body
    Thank you for my healthy bones, healthy organs
    Thank you for the beauty of my body
    I have so much love for my body
    I love you cells!
    Thank you for my wonderfully clear and soft skin
    Thank you for my long beautiful healthy hair
    Thank you for all of my senses
    I love being able to taste, see, smell, touch and hear!
    Thank you for my ability to run, jump, dance!
    Thank you for the way my body just flows so beautifully
    Thank you for my wellbeing
    Ah, I really do appreciate my health so much
    I love dancing around and feeling my body just take me to a beautiful peaceful state

    (3)Thank you for all the great knowledge I have
    Thank you for the access to great knowledge
    Thank you for my abundance of books that have and still continue to teach me so much
    Thank you for Abraham and source energy
    Thank you for Esther and Jerry and everybody else who is a part of this co-creative dance!
    Thank you for the great clarity and resonance I have received thanks to these teachings!
    Thank you for the plethora of information that just flows continuously!
    Thank you to my wonderful inner being for allowing me to know where I am!
    Thank you for my passion for learning more
    Thank you for my commitment to the vortex and to the teachings
    Thank you for the ease of this experience and how natural it comes to me
    Thank you for all the wonderful teachers on the forum
    Thank you for all the wonderful information I have learned just from reading here!
    Thank you for allowing such a beautiful message to be shared with me

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    DAY 6
    (1)Thank you for sweet treats!
    Thank you for food
    I adore food
    I appreciate food
    I only ever eat foods that I want to eat
    I only ever eat foods that taste yummy to me!
    Thank you for my sensitive taste buds
    Oh, I just love scrummy food!
    Food, glorious food!
    I love the wide variety of food
    I love that I have so much access to food
    I love that my house is always full of yummy treats!
    I love chocolate and I love cake and I love chocolate cake!
    I love how I also love fruit and vegetables just as much!
    I love the taste explosions in my mouth and I love just closing my eyes and mmmmming at the deliciousness of food!
    I love how often people buy me food and buy me things that I love!
    Lucky me! Every time I visit my gran she gives me food!
    Yum! How delicious, I think I have a huge love affair with food that I never want to end!!

    (2)Thank you for my amazing weightloss
    Thank you for the love I have for my body
    I appreciate myself and my body so much now!!
    I love to look in the mirror at myself
    I love wearing beautiful clothes!
    I love wearing no clothes! (ha!)
    I love prancing about in my towel admiring myself
    Things that used to bother me, no more! I love everything about myself!
    Everything! I have such a great respect for myself and who I am!
    Thank you for the wonderful compliments I receive from others too!
    Thank you for the indicator of where my vibration is!
    I love it!
    I love shopping for clothes and choosing a smaller size!
    I love trying on my old clothes and they are too big!
    I'm looking forward to selling and giving away my clothes to make room for my new ones!!

    (3)Thank you for my clothes, I have so many!
    I love all of my clothes and enjoy mix and matching them!
    I love how I have clothes for all occasions
    I love how that doesn't stop me from wearing other peoples clothes!
    I love the abundance of clothes and shoes I have!
    I love all my wonderful dressing gowns that keep me so warm and cosy
    I love how I have different style and colour dressing gowns (I like to co-ordinate with my pjs y'know!)
    I love my beautiful underwear as well as my cute cosy underwear
    I love how I have SO many socks, even though I rarely wear them!
    I love all the storage I have to hold my beautiful clothes and shoes
    I love the different kinds of shoes I have, sandals, flats, kitten heels, high heels, boots, wedges, trainers!
    So many to choose from!
    I love how now I am going to go and buy more!
    My wardrobe is an analogy of life, it never ceases or stops - just continues to expand!

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    DAY 7 (couldn't get online yesterday, so here is yesterdays ROAs!)
    (1)I love having fun
    I love laughing til my face hurts
    I love watching funny films
    I love making funny jokes
    I love hearing funny jokes!
    I love laughter!
    I love to see anyone laughing!
    I love seeing little babies giggling and laughing
    I love that my closest friends make me laugh til my tummy hurts!
    I love reading funny stories
    I love how fun life is
    I love how much I make myself laugh!
    I love how I literally laugh to myself for most of the day!
    I love laughing til the tears are streaming down my face
    I love how much my family make me laugh, ah they are like comedians in a comedy sketch!
    I love love love laughing and the way it feeels
    I love fun

    (2)I love photographs
    I love printed photographs and digital photographs
    I love taking photographs of the people I love
    I love looking at photographs of amazing memories
    I love how many photographs I have, gosh I have so many!
    I love how easy it is to store photographs, whether it's on a hard drive or in an album!
    I love how the more pictures you wanna print, the cheaper it gets!
    The better it gets, the better it gets aye!
    I love natural photographs that catch wonderful moments as they appear to the eye!
    I love how you can take a photograph on practically anything nowadays!
    I love how wherever I go I have constant access to a camera to take wonderful pictures at anytime!
    I love to sit back and look through all the pictures I've taken and choose my favourites
    I love how people share their photos all around the world
    I love photos of beautiful places and beautiful people!

    (3)I LOVE shops!
    I love corner shops, supermarkets, outdoor markets, online shops you name it!
    I love clothes shops, jewellery shops, furniture shops, antique shops, crystal shops, food shops, book shops, shoe shops!
    I love small shops, big shops, charity shops, luxury shops!
    I love alllllll the wonderful things you can buy!
    I love shopping, it is so FUN! And I love to do FUN things all the time!
    I have so much appreciation for the owners of these shops
    I have so much appreciation for the people who work within the retail industry (especially as I used to be on! haha)
    I love the drivers, the delivery men/women, the customer service teams, the till workers, the shelf-stackers, the palette-pullers, the multi-billionaires! The product makers, the product testers, the product reviewers, the product purchasers! The cleaners, the merchandisers, the door staff, the sellers, the buyers, the negotiators! Oh, I love them all! What a wonderful cooperative dance they create!
    I am so appreciative that there are so many shops I have easy access to, because as I said I loooooove to shop!

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