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Thread: 100 Days of Happiness!

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    Sep 2014
    DAY 8
    (1)I love how far I have come!
    I love how strong my belief is!
    Infact I love how strong my KNOWING is!
    I love being a deliberate creator!
    I love being in control of my feelings
    I love being able to reach for better feeling thoughts!
    I love when I catch myself in the vortex and milk it!
    I love when I am out of the vortex so that I can get back in!
    I love knowing how easy it is to get in!
    I love knowing that it's all alright
    I love knowing that source is on my side
    I am so happy that because I took the effort to apply focus I am now at this place of knowing!
    I love listening to the seminars and being able to answer other people's questions in my mind!
    Yet, I love knowing that I never get it done!
    I love knowing that I never stop learning and expanding!
    I love it when I read the same quote or hear the same line for the 10th time and it resonates me on a different level than before!
    I love knowing what I know and I love how wild horses couldn't keep me from believing!

    (2)I love sleeping
    I love that feeling of tiredness
    I love that moment when I snuggle up into the warmth and feel myself slipping off
    I love to bask in my sleepy time!
    I love to appreciate the sheets on my legs, the pillow under my head
    I love to appreciate the soft colours of my room and the space in my bed!
    I love napping!
    I love a mid-day nap!
    I love grabbing a hot water bottle and rubbing my feet against it
    I love that moment just before I drop off when I am at such peace
    What I love about sleep, is it's always in the NOW moment you can't help but focus there!
    I love waking up and seeing there is still time to go back to sleep!
    I love that sleepy feeling of being able to get back into a warm bed and sleep some more!
    I love how when it's time for me to wake up I always feel fully refreshed and ready to go
    I take the comfort of sleep everywhere I go and that's how comfortable I love to feel in all places!
    I love how sleep is the reset button for me, I love how I will ALWAYS take a nap if I am feeling some momentum building in the opposite direction
    I love how as soon as I wake up I reach for good feeling thoughts
    I love how quickly the momentum builds when I wake and I love how easy it is to get there!

    (3)I love love
    I love loving
    I love being loved
    I love being in love
    I love seeing other people in love
    I love seeing the joy of love etched on people's faces
    I love loving me
    I love loving things
    I love being able to take the time to truly appreciate and have love for things that in the past I wouldn't have given a second thought about!
    I love the people in my past, the people in my present and the people in my future because they are all here NOW.
    I love how it is always about now
    I love how the timing is always now!
    I love how much relief that gives me!
    I love how much that thought uplifts me
    I love the joy in feeling that things are always happing now now now!
    I love being able to truly enjoy NOW
    I love asking myself, "what are my favourite things about this moment NOW?!"
    I love that whenever worry begins to creep in, when I just focus on the NOW moment it falls away!
    I love my knowing that it is now
    I love the power in my now moment
    I love knowing that the universe has done its work and it is a matter of me being aligned now!
    I love NOW!

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    DAY 9
    (1)I love family
    I love that some of my family are my best friends!
    I love spending time with family
    I love laughing with family
    I love seeing my family expand and grow
    I love the wide range of people and characters in my family!
    I love how mad my family is
    I love that my family includes friends
    I love that family to me is more than just blood it's bonding
    I love bonding with people
    I love true friendship
    I cherish great relationships
    I love talking to people about all different topics
    I love to talk full stop!
    I love people who listen and also jabber on like me also!
    I love grabbing a cuppa and a nice chat with a friend
    I love and cherish friendship!

    (2)I love spending time alone
    I love how much I enjoy my own company
    I love how comfortable I am in my own company
    I love that I am my own best friend
    I love how much I love me!
    I love sitting round on my own with a cuppa reading a good book!
    I love how I enjoy my own company so much I talk to myself regularly
    I love how much I've grown as a person to get this point
    I love how people respect my alone time
    I love how rejuvenated I feel after some time alone
    I love to reconnect with myself
    I love pampering myself
    I love loving myself
    I love taking care of myself
    I cherish myself
    I adore meeeee!

    (3)I love how powerful these feelings are, the past few days my feelings have shifted and I am spending the majority of my time feeling joyous and loved! I love the way these feelings are evolving, I love feeling amazing it is my favourite manifestation of them all! I love how if I ask a question, I receive the clarity I seek almost instantaneously! I love how good it feels to feel good, I love how making feeling good my priority has made it so much easier to just let things go! "Nothing more important than that I feel good" has become my mantra for wobbly moments and then I laugh it off! I love how much faster I am finding relief, I am working my way back up all the time! I love basking myself to sleep and then waking up high in the sky in the vortex! I love the feeling of elation! Ah, I am excited to see what will come as a result of my good feelings but I am loving these feelings regardless!

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    DAY 10
    (1) I actually had a realization yesterday. I know what I want is done. I know what I want is here. I know that all the components are assembled and that I am now a match to them. I know my desires are fulfilled and I know this all by the strong shift I feel. I feel like these things have become so familiar to me and their manifestation IS the next logical step. I know that it's done and I'm no longer at the point of trying to convince myself it's done - I just know. I know it as surely as I know my own name. I know it's all done and it's all here because I feel it in my heart and just thinking about it makes me want to tear up because yeah it's been a 'long' journey but worth every minute to feel this beautiful blissful shift in emotion. I feel the best I have ever felt, because I am finally keeping up with my expansion and going along with source! I realised that I had been almost sabotaging myself slightly, because of how close I knew I was. In knowing that it's done there's a sense of moving on almost, like the day before moving house that's the feeling I've been getting! At first I was apprehensive, because of how real the changes really are and how much is really gonna change but now I love it! I love the idea! I love the knowing! I love the fact that this is where I am going and it has made me even more determine to appreciate all these moments now that I will no doubt miss somewhat as I follow my expansion! (Of course the essence will continue to follow me!) and most of all I know the universe will only and always give me things that I am vibrationally ready for so bring it on!

    (2)I love living with my parents
    I love waking up in a house with them
    I love that they take care of all the financial side of things
    I love how easy it is for me to be here
    I love the privacy I have
    I love the fun I have here
    I love the luxury of living with such wonderful people
    I love the laughter that flows through the house
    I love being a part of this wonderful family
    I love waking up to the smell of breakfast
    I love helping around the house
    I love expressing my appreciation to them
    I love helping my mother with the cooking and I love how much she genuinely appreciates it!
    I love the beautiful garden which is continuously tended to by mother
    I love to sit in the sun and watch my mother fuss over her plants like they are her offspring
    I love us all sitting together in the living room on a late night watching television!
    I love the constant contact
    I love that everybody gets there quiet time and still plenty of time to bond
    I love living with my parents and I love how lucky I am
    I love that I get to spend all of my money on myself
    I love that everything is funded for me not just by my parents but by the universe!
    I love how I don't have one care in the world!
    I love how supportive my parents are
    I love how much they embrace my differences and approach to life
    I love how my priority is fun and joy and I experience it so much living in such a beautiful home with such beautiful people!

    (3)I love driving
    I love the freedom driving gives
    I love the independence of driving
    I love driving others around
    I love how relaxed I am when I drive
    I love how driving is an automatic thing for me
    I love how I get to admire the scenery and people all around me as I drive
    I love how I get to drive to beautiful marvellous places and see amazing things!
    I love the fact that I am a confident and capable driver
    I love that I always feel safe and secure on the road
    I love the other drivers I co-create with in such harmony
    I love the smoothness of driving
    I love the exhilaration of going fast!
    I love how easy it is for me to do manoeuvres - it always has been
    I appreciate my driving instructors - all of them!
    I especially appreciate my latest one that used LOA to support me even more!
    I love how much my driving has improved!
    I love how everyone feels safe and at ease with me!
    Driving is so easy to me
    Driving is so fun!
    It's a piece of cake!
    Plus it means I can drive and buy cake! Cause everyone knows I'm a cake kinda gal!

  4. #14 long it has been since..i have know the teachings of abraham..

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    I mean 'u have known the teachings of abraham' sorry

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    Welcome to the Forum, Karnikadungrakoti!

    Have fun!

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    Greetings, Karninkadungrakoti!

    I have been aware of the teachings for about a year now, gradually working my way up to understanding, believing and then knowing. It has only been more recently that I have started to actively apply and practice them on consistent basis

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    Oh..that's great sweetheartx..and by the way i luuv reading uR rampages..

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    Thanxx..well being...

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    DAY 11 (Couldn't get online yesterday!)
    (1)I love fun
    I love funny films
    I love funny programmes
    I love funny people
    I love funny songs
    I love funny books
    I love to have fun!
    I love fun parks
    I love fun things
    I love having fun
    I love seeing other people have fun
    I especially love to see children having fun
    I love to see the people I love having fun and I love EVERYONE!
    I love fun and fun loves me
    I expect fun things to happen all day long!
    Me and fun are a perfect vibrational match!
    Fun is the order of the day!

    (2)I expect things to go well for me
    I expect good things to happen to me
    I expect to be the receiver of good things
    I expect to observe the good things in life
    I expect to be appreciative of all things
    I expect to be given more things to appreciative of
    I expect to feel joy and passion!
    I expect to revel in lovely conversations with lovely people
    I expect for everything to just be easy and flow
    I expect to maintain my alignment for the majority of each day!
    I expect to have fun and make the most out of this experience
    I expect to be a lover of life and a lover of people
    I expect to have high expectations of a wonderful life!

    (3)I love my best friend
    I love how funny he is
    I love how we have the same sense of humour
    I love how I can call him and know he will always answer!
    I love how reliable he is
    I love how understanding he is
    I love how he is becoming an aber (woohoo!)
    I love how much he makes me laugh
    I love that he's also kind enough to laugh at my jokes!
    I love spending time with him
    I also love that he appreciates that I like my own space
    I love how he is constantly buying me things, especially chocolate!
    I love how the majority of chocolate I've consumed the past year has been thanks to him!
    I love sitting and watching funny films with him
    I love laughing til my stomach hurts with him
    I love reciting hilarious films with him and giggling til there are tears in my eyes
    I really appreciate my best friend

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