You've gotta do the Work! REACH FOR RELIEF.

You've got to do the work. -This is the thing that we are saying on a pretty regular basis to everyone. You can't keep thinking the same things, and speaking the same things, and doing the same things, and have any vibrational improvement. You've got to insist on vibrational improvement, and the only way you can make any steady vibrational improvement, is to disregard everything that everybody else is saying,

and only pay attention to what feels better to you.

And if it feels better to you to be mad, then be mad.
If it feels better to you to offer blame, then offer blame.
If it feels better to you to find something to be frustrated about, then be frustrated about it.

But always reaching for something that gives you a little feeling of relief.

And it is our promise, that by reaching for relief you will release resistance, and when you release, you will be back in the vibrational alignment with who you are.

We know that sometimes this [work] feels like slow going, as we are sort of grinding our way up this emotional scale, but you are teachers of teachers and you will be encountering those who cannot make those jumps into those vibrations where you are.

Just be easy about this and let your mantra be, "I'm gonna make the best of this, I'm gonna make the best of this!" -and feel the difference.

Sometimes you don't make the best of it, you make the worst of it.
You'll be here in frustration, and you talk yourself right into anger. And then you take yourself right into a feeling of true disempowerment!

You can tell when you're making the best of it, and you can tell when you're making the worst of it. And it's time to stop making the worst of it, because you don't have to explain anything to anybody. The reason that you make the worst of it is, because you know with every fibre of your being that things should be going well for you, and when they're not going well for you, you want to explain it in some way.

But don't explain it by pointing at yourself, in some negative way!

Point at somebody else, it will feel better for a while.

And then, eventually, you will not need to point at all- because you'll be in that clear place of connection that is natural to who you are.

-Abe 2/7/04