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Thread: What is LOVE?

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    Beam the pure Love that you are

    "Live and let live
    and through the clarity of your example,
    teach your personal alignment....

    Knowing this, you can be someone
    who is so specifically focused and
    so tuned in that you are uplifting to everyone who's around you -
    whether they are specifically focused or not.

    Because you are like a satellite dish beaming in pure energy
    with no resistance in your signal.
    And when you feel like that,
    don't you notice that the little ones flock to you,
    the beasts flock to you -

    everyone wants to be around you,
    because you are an example of Source
    moving around, creating on the leading edge

    - just like you planned to do."

    ~Abraham Hicks- Boca Raton, FL, 3/24/12

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    Why would you do anything other than LOVE?

    HS talking about contrast in relationship, not sure they should continue to be together or let go.

    "Are there still things about this girl that you appreciate easily?"


    "And why would you choose anything else to focus upon?"

    SanAntonio, April 2013

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    Focusing in Love is the way to get yourself into alignment!

    "So when you say to someone not just "I LOVE you,"
    you say to them,
    "I LOVE loving you.

    It is MY pleasure.
    I am loving myself as greatly as I could ever love by my love for you.
    I need NOTHING back from you in return.
    It is MY focus upon YOU and the way it FEELS as I focus it.

    It's MY focus upon you, future creation of mine,
    future empire that I am building,
    future job that I'm working on,
    future whatever it is that I'm gathering.

    It's my love and appreciation, that YOU EXIST as an object of attention
    to which I can give my undivided attention,

    my undivided attention, as I PURR myself into ALIGNMENT."

    Portland, OR on 8/11/12

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    Focusing in Love turns all unwanted around!

    When you find things that you appreciate,
    and you use them as your point of focus,
    your world has to get better on all other fronts.

    You could have 99 things going wrong in your life,
    and one thing going right, and if you would beat the drum
    of that one thing going right,

    the other 99 would either have to go away, or improve,
    because Law of Attraction cannot abide in your vibration
    something that does not match.

    ~ Abraham

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    Love and Appreciation are the same vibration...

    "Do you know what appreciation does?

    In appreciation,
    in appreciation you are contributing BACK
    in the full measure, of what you are receiving.

    In other words, it puts the give-and-take into the perfect alignment!
    Because, in your acknowledgement of the well being that surrounds you,

    you give BACK proportionately.

    And the entire Universe who is nonresistant,
    this vortexual Universe in utter non-resistance just floods back.
    In other words, it just keeps mirroring back.
    You appreciate, Vortex appreciates, you appreciate, Vortex appreciates,
    you appreciate, Vortex appreciates...

    ...until you just parley yourself into greater states
    of ecstasy."

    ~Abraham, Panama Canal Cruise, March 2011

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    "For most, it's easier to appreciate others,
    because you've clogged your pipes up about yourself.

    And so we usually don't encourage you to start with yourself,
    because you don't have immediate success with that,
    because you've practiced clogging up your pipes.

    So, appreciation is just - all it is - it's a matter of finding the easiest thing
    in the world for you, to appreciate and appreciating it,
    until you've practiced yourself
    into the vibration of appreciation.

    Because once you've practiced yourself into the momentum of appreciation,
    then you are able to appreciate wherever you go.
    And then utterly, formerly, obviously, unappreciatable beings
    become also easy to appreciate.
    Not because they have changed, but because you have."

    From the Abraham-Hicks workshop in Chicago, IL, 6/15/13

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    Hot Seater:
    We haven’t talked too much about soulmates or that kind of idea.
    I was wondering what you thought about that? What is that?

    Well, very often you’ll meet someone
    and you’ll feel an extra resonance with them.
    And we’ve noticed – and this surprises people
    when they hear it for the first time –
    it’s as likely for your soulmate to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling
    that you’ve come home,

    as it is to find the soulmate that just makes you feel livid and angry....
    because sometimes your soulmate is already in that place of alignment,
    and sometimes not.
    Or sometimes your soulmate is in alignment and you are not.
    So, depending on where you are on this emotional scale,
    makes them feel the way they feel to you.

    And the reason we want you to hear that is,
    when you really, really, really want something,
    when you’re not a vibrational match to it, it feels worse.
    IOW, when a car’s going 100 miles to an hour and hits a tree
    it´s a bigger problem than a car going five miles an hour and hits a tree.

    So, your soulmate could feel fabulous to you, or awful to you,
    depending on where either one of you are in relationship to who you really are.
    Does that make sense to you?

    Now, it’s interesting that you’re new,
    because we’re not going to give you the answer we might have given you
    if you were here last year, or the year before.
    We’re going to give you the answer that is appropriate
    given the leading edge discussion we’re having here in relationship to this stream.’re really going to like this.
    So you come forth in source energy,
    and you bang around in this body,
    and you have experiences that cause you to put things in your vibrational escrow.
    So when you’re very, very young,
    even the first day of your experience,
    you begin to have interpersonal relationships
    and throwing your preferences over there into vibrational escrow.

    So, for example with Jerry and Esther,
    they came together late in their lives, so to speak.
    They’ve been together since 1976 is when they met.
    But both of them had lived a lot of life before that.
    And as they were living life apart from each other,
    each of them were having experiences with others
    and experiences with life that was causing them to identify who they really are.

    A vibrational escrow for each of them was forming.
    So unbeknownst to them, life was causing Esther
    to create a vibrational escrow that was the identical – or nearly so –
    vibration to the vibration that Jerry was in the process of creating.

    Now, what that means is, both of them were source energy coming in.
    And same vibration coming in.
    And as they each individually lived life
    and had exposure to experiences who took them away
    from who they really are, their desire to be who they really are
    kept getting thrown over there into their vibrational escrow.

    So here they are, bipping along in life,
    you all are doing this, individually,
    while who they really are – who they had each become –
    was being over there being tended by source energy
    calling them each to it.

    And thru different chains of events, each of them
    begin individually to listen and following their bliss...
    they ended up in the same place.

    And when they saw each other, they said, “hello, do I know you?
    You feel very familiar. I never want to be away from you again.”

    So, think about a soulmate really is.
    It’s about you coming into alignment with that which you are calling soul.
    It’s you coming into alignment with who you really are.

    In a religious sense, it is certainly spiritual: soulmate.
    But in the secular sense, in terms of relationships,
    isn’t is logical that the person, the lover,
    that you are seeing as your soulmate
    is someone who must be vibrationally compatible with that which is the heart of you –
    with that which you have become.

    So what we want you to understand –
    the only thing that is necessary for any of you
    to find your soulmate is for you to first to mate with your own soul.

    IOW, you have to close that gap.
    It’s an interesting thing, it’s a very frequent thing,
    that someone has been banging around,
    and they will go to Alcoholics Anonymous, or something,
    and they will come into vibrational alignment with who they are,
    and they will feel so much better as they come into alignment with who they are,

    and they temporarily don’t really have access to their soulmate
    because their soulmate is still over there making amends to the people
    they’ve wronged
    [previous hotseat question was about alcoholics anonymous] [audience laughter]

    IOW, you can’t come into vibrational alignment with someone
    who’s on a different vibrational frequency than you.
    So that’s why we say sometimes,
    your soulmates feel like the best thing that’s ever happened to you
    and sometimes they feel like the worst thing that’s ever happened to you-
    depending on where each of you are in relation to where you really are.

    Abraham, The LOA in Action, Episode V; March 2007, Los Angeles, California

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    True soulmates.
    Being one- beyond "death". ("Nobody ever goes anywhere!"- Abe)

    Can there be any downside to being Source Energy Love?
    Is there any downside?
    Is there any true downside to being Eternal beings?
    Is there any downside to being still here,
    focused in your physical body while so many
    that you are interacting with, are Non-Physically focused?

    Is there any downside to any of this other than the conditions
    that you place that you can’t control that make you feel powerless?
    Are you beginning to get a sense of what we’re talking about?
    It’s only the way you twist it in your mind
    that makes you feel unpleasant about it, you see?

    Esther first noticed it because Jerry and Esther were together all the time,
    all the time, all the time, all the time.

    Anyone looking at their relationship from the outside
    would have to call it dysfunctional […laughter…]
    because they were together all the time.

    They were like the left hand and the right hand… literally…
    he was left-handed, she was right-handed.
    They ate off the same plate a lot of the time. […laughter…]
    They were together all the time.

    So, when Esther began doing some of the editing,
    and the planning of the schedule, doing some of the things
    that she and Jerry had done together,
    or even things that only Jerry had been doing…
    when Esther began doing those…

    in the very early stages of that, she felt such absence of him
    because she so trusted his ability and he was so actively involved.
    And so now that he was not there with his hands
    and his beingness being actively involved…

    for a little while, Esther really felt the absence of him
    and it was not fun for her.
    But after a little while… because of her understanding
    of her relationship with Abraham… and because of things
    that began happening as she would get into a very strong place
    of asking and then something would happen that she knew
    could not be explained in any other way
    than that Jerry was involved in her moment, in this moment,
    and was answering her in that way.

    Once Esther began to remember what she already knew…
    and began to accept the always presence of Jerry,
    she began to notice that it was really satisfying
    to edit a recording with Jerry in her. Being and editing with her.

    In other words, talk about streamlined,
    talk about communication that is seamless,
    talk about understanding things that formerly he would have had to explain to her.

    She remembered the day that she had the pool re-plastered,
    and she knew what to ask about the process that she shouldn’t know
    what to ask about the process.
    She knew how many gallons of water the pool held,
    and she is certain that she had never known that.

    She knew what kind of plaster she wanted.
    She knew how much water was in the big tank
    that the windmill draws up. She knew how to drain the pool.
    She knew that there must be a valve
    that took the water out into the pastures,
    so that it wasn’t going to flood the driveway of the property.

    She knew things that she has not discussed with Jerry.
    She knew things that Jerry knew. Real time, in this moment.

    So, we say this to you not just about Jerry, you have access to him…
    not just about Abraham, you have access to Abraham…
    not just about your grandmother or your grandfather
    or your parent or your child or your friend.

    You have Infinite Intelligence flowing to you and through you
    on any subject that is important to you.
    Every bit of information that you would want to know about everything…
    offered to you to the degree that you are able to receive it in this moment.

    JUNE 28, 2014 PORTLAND

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    Make love your decision- UNCONDITIONALLY

    How did Esther not give a rip about what he (Jerry)
    was doing? Because...


    Because, she decided to love him.
    She was not about to let herself NOT LOVE HIM.
    There was never anything that he could be or do,
    that was big enough to cause her to not love him!

    2015 11 14 Atlanta

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    Can we be satisfied with only one life-partner?

    When Esther ran across the idea of dragging Jerry off with her,
    she had no idea the depth of satisfaction,
    that was waiting for her in vibrational escrow.
    Iow, when she first made the decision that she wanted to go with him,
    -took her some time to talk him into it-

    when she first made the decision that she wanted to go with him,
    she was looking very peripherally at who they would be, together!
    But their life continues to expand- iow, their relationship
    becomes more, not less, as time goes by, as each of them
    expands into something more, as each is out living life,
    and each is contributing to vibrational escrow, and each of them
    are closing the gaps on their vibrational escrow,
    it feels BETTER TO BE TOGETHER than anything else.
    And so they stay together, you see!

    Not out of commitment, out of desire!
    Out of calling. Out of inspiration.

    from the clip
    Abraham-Hicks: What kind of relationship do you want

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