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Thread: Quotes about work- and career

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    The standard of success in life isn't the things.
    It isn't the money or the stuff.
    It is absolutely the amount of joy that you feel.


    Rather than the word "discipline",
    we do like the words "I care how I feel".

    (...) It´s a selfishness,
    that doesn´t feel like discipline to most people.
    To most people, discipline doesn´t seem like
    "serving myself".

    Phoenix Febr. 2014

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    Your calling
    (in life)
    is to satisfy yourself.

    Chicago, 9/22/12

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    Understanding how economics and SERVICE tie together.

    (Abe expand on us, tying our work, effort or SERVICE for others together
    with being able to "earn money".)

    Your economics and how they flow to you, are about the energy
    that you are flowing outwards, to others!
    Iow, it´s what you´r offering!

    What you are receiving, and what you are offering are the SAME!

    They are vibrationally equivalent.

    And if you can think in terms of the service that you are offering-
    now, we offered the word carefully, because you misunderstand it
    every time someone uses the word.

    But in this conversation that we´r having where we´ve agreed,
    that economics is all about serving one another, iow, it´s what it
    all is- then you acknowledge, that your contribution- what you are
    offering to this mix, IS OF VALUE TO OTHERS-
    once you go there, now your understanding of economics is
    in a whole new place, that can serve you in a whole new way.

    (...) So now, in what ways do you serve?

    (...) You serve others, by getting energy flowing.
    You serve others by tapping into the stream of infinite intelligence!
    You serve others by tuning in, tapping in, to this frequency, this

    You serve others by understanding the path of least resistance!
    You serve others by being wobble-free.
    You serve others by tapping in- not just to infinite intelligence,
    but to infinite prosperity! To infinite abundance of ENERGY,
    infinite IDEAS.

    If you´r serving others, than isn´t it the idea, that is really
    at the basis OF MOST SERVICE, you see?
    Ahhh, when you loosen up this cobwebs, and you decide to
    acknowledge that you could be in the right place and the right time,
    in more conversations, in more opportunities to uplift,
    if you would put the attention on energy, which you are RECEIVING,
    which then you will be flowing-

    -but, here is the most interesting thing about economics:
    (...) You don´t GET it, until you GIVE it.
    Because it is the asking for it, that summons it.

    So when you get into an attitude of service, which is the ASKING for it
    on the behalf of others- NOW you are opening a really big portal!
    A REALLY big Vortex of abundance, you see.
    And THAT´S really the place you wanna start with all of that!.

    "In what ways can I be of value to others?"
    -Now let´s start generally!
    Are you of more value to others, when you are ornery, or happy?
    -Now, that´s not a difficult thing to understand, while it´s usually
    not a question that you ask, in relationship to economics, is it?

    Because you´r thinking in terms of your actions, not in terms
    of your attitude!
    But your ATTITUDE, your mood, your vibration is EVERYTHING,
    in terms of what you receive, and in terms of what you give, you see!

    So if you´r thinking in terms of being the portal, through which all
    of this flows, do you acknowledge, that the world is out there, asking?
    You acknowledge, that their life-experience is what is causing them
    to identify what the next economic booms will be?

    Do you know that there are economic booms in the Vortex right now,
    that haven´t even been discovered by those, that will feel the
    inspiration to provide the response to the boom, that is been asked for?
    So, does it overwhelm you to think being the creative genius, that is
    INSPIRED to that?

    We´r not asking all of you to be the next Bill Gates. BUT WHY NOT?
    We´r not asking you to be the next inovator, of the next big invention-
    but why not??

    But what we ARE asking you, is to acknowledge, that there is
    INFINITE ENERGY flowing, and enough abundance is flowing to serve
    you in the way, that you are wanting to be served-
    once you get into this flow of economics-
    it´s all about ENERGY, you see!

    As much money is coming to you- we´r saying MONEY, -financial
    abundance-, is coming to you as you are ASKING for and ALLOWING.

    But what´s interesting (...) -you are MOTIVATING yourself to the
    asking, rather than INSPIRING yourself to the asking!
    So it´s not a clear, open thing that´s going on.
    Because in the worrying in what you´r gonna do or where it´s gonna
    come from, you block the flow of it.

    So if you could just concentrate on the fact, that the flow exists.
    And on the path of least resistance that is availabe to you here and
    now, if you could just acknowledge, that you have the ability to get
    on this path, and you have the ability to receive the flow, instead of
    worrying where it´s gonna be, when it´s gonna be, who´s gonna
    bring it, where it´s gonna come from, how long you´ve gotta allow,
    how big it´s gonna be-

    -when you ask those questions that make you wobble, then you
    DON´T do either of those 2 things: You DON´T hook up to the
    energy, and you DON´T flow it to something that is meaningful to you!

    That was a BIG economic discussion. But how does it translate into
    something that you DO something about?
    It DOESN´T translate into how you DO something
    about it, it translates into how you FEEL about money!

    You´ve gotta FEEL like there is plenty of it out there,
    and there is a lot of it, ear-marked for YOU!
    You´ve gotta feel that way- because, it IS that way!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - The path will find you

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    Let it find you, and let it "do you"!

    When you say, “I can do it!” -
    we want you to think about it, doing you. It, finding you.
    I’m preparing the atmosphere for appreciation
    to ensure I’m preparing the atmosphere.”.....

    What if it’s really as we say that it is? And it is.
    What if the Source within you knows right where you are standing,
    vibrationally and manifestationally?
    Knows right where you stand in relationship to everything you want.
    And knows without question the path of least resistance,
    the path of most fun.
    The path of most satisfaction.
    The path that will lead you, not take you,

    -lead you from where you are to where you want to be.
    What if? Don’t you love knowing that?

    What if since the Source within you knows that path,
    what if you stumble on something that makes it clear to you
    that you are on the wrong path? Isn’t that a nice thing to know?
    Don’t you like knowing that
    there is a clear and enjoyable path to everything that you want?

    And don’t you just want to get on that?
    So, sometimes you have something that you’ve tripped on.
    And you think, “Oh, man. I thought I was doing better than this.
    I thought I was way past this.”

    But what if this thing that you tripped over
    is just a piece of something bigger that you didn’t even know was there?
    And now you’ve tripped over it, you are alert.
    What if, whether it feels good or bad,
    you are always being guided to the path of least resistance.
    What about that?

    Are you with us a little bit?
    Because sometimes we think you come here, expecting
    that we expect you to just get on the good feeling path
    and just stay there all the time.
    Like it’s inappropriate for you to experience negative emotion.
    And we don’t feel it is inappropriate for you ever,
    to experience negative emotion.

    Your emotions are your emotions.
    They are all-what-is, helping you to find the way.

    Of course, we want you to feel better and better and better.
    But we want you to stop beating up on yourself
    when you don’t feel good about something.
    Because it’s all part of the discerning of what the path is.
    And sometimes things happen that bring you clarity
    that cause you to think about things,
    that you weren’t thinking about before,
    that are shedding light on greater things,
    that are really, really, really important to you!

    Because, and this is the thing that we want you to understand.
    This is the thing that we want you to hear and know.

    We want you to feel this about you in the way we know it about you.
    Things are always working out for you.
    They’re always working out for you.
    There’s never some sinister plot to prevent you from what you want.
    And even though there are those who absolutely feel at times
    like they are thwarting you and making things harder than they need to be,
    isn’t it nice to know, that so you can step around them next time? Yeah!

    San Francisco, March 2014

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    Employment: Enjoy and ride the existing current!

    Is it an employment "opportunity" or bondage?
    Because what you really want is freedom, many of you equate
    working for other people as bondage.

    But if you would realize that the corporation, as an entity,
    is not so different from the individual, it might be easier
    to understand the employer's decisions.
    Long before the buildings or the workers, the visionary of the corporation
    had an idea for something that began summoning Energy.

    So years later maybe you are hired as a part of that team and,
    without realizing it, you are now the beneficiary of that
    continuing flowing Energy.

    When you step into one of those employment positions,
    Life Force is summoned through you,
    because of the vision of the founder—
    unless you're bucking the current.

    Most get into that fast moving stream and paddle against the current—
    and then complain about it being a hard ride—
    where they could get into their canoe and easily paddle
    with the fast moving current.

    You can soar and thrive in any environment,
    as long as you are not seeing things that you are using as your reason
    to paddle against the current.
    And so, it doesn't really matter what others are deciding.
    The questions is: "As I am choosing to stand here, it's a way for dollars
    to flow through me in exchange for the effort I am offering.

    Am I predominantly letting the Energy flow through me,
    or not? Am I letting it in?

    Excerpted from: Albuquerque, NM on August 01, 2000

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    About being Productive

    HS was beating himself up for not being productive, but being out in nature,
    contemplating and feeling so good.

    What could be more productive than alignment?(...)
    Alignment trumps EVERYTHING!
    One who is in alignment with that broader perspective,
    is more powerful than millions who are not!

    That´s where ALL of your leverage is!
    (...) That´s where your divine ideas are received by you!
    They are always being revealed to you, but you are not always
    in the receptive mode!

    So, when you take the time to let yourself have a walk in freedom,
    and when you give yourself the opportunity to bask in the beauty
    of nature, when you get outside and breathe the air, that longer
    than we have even time to explain to you, source has been
    focusing into the perfection that you now get to taste in your mouth!

    When the perfection of every moment in time is KNOWN by
    the source within you, and you allow yourself to take a peek of that-
    THAT is the most productive thing you could EVER DO.

    2015-09-26 Chicago

    Your action has nothing to do with your abundance!
    Your abundance is a response to your vibration.
    Of course, your belief is part of your vibration.
    So if you believe that action is part of what brings your abundance,
    then you've got to unravel that.


    Excerpted from: Chicago, IL on April 24, 1999

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    Making applications

    (sending tons of resumes, applying yourself, trying to get job-interviews...)
    There are those who say, if you throw enough mud at the wall,
    some of it will stick.

    And we say: Yes. But it always makes a big mess.

    What WE want from you is that you think about: WHY DO YOU WANT THIS?
    -Why do you want this.
    Why do you want this job of your dreams?
    What is it about it, that turns you on?

    2015-07-26 San Francisco

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    What´s your "work"?

    “Pamper yourself more.
    Spoil yourselves rotten.
    Refuse to do the things that aren’t fun.
    But whatever you’re doing, make it fun.”

    - Abraham-Hicks

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    Path of least resistance about your calling in work

    Only you can feel what´s calling you!
    Here´s a sort of scanty example.
    It would be like a man, being very exhilarated about his job,
    and working on a project that is really calling him in a wonderful way.

    But his family is not invested in this intention of him,
    and so they are constantly clamoring at him,
    "all you do is work! You never want to go play!"

    -What we are getting at, in the harmonics of the world,
    he would say- "well, I want to find some balance.
    I want to give some of my life to my family!"
    But in the world of really satisfying his own intentionality,
    what he wants to do, is follow the path of inspiration,
    when it´s coming to him.

    Ad NO ONE ELSE can read that for you, you see.

    This is an important conversation to have, as we´r trying
    to talk to all, of your path of least resistance!
    You have to factor out what everybody else thinks.
    or even everything else that YOU have ever thought,
    before this moment in time!

    Because right now, is where ALL OF YOUR POWER IS.
    Right now is where all of your power is. RIGHT NOW.
    And with all of your power, we mean:

    Your power to align, your power to hook up with all who you really are,
    your power of clarity, your power of worthiness, your power of everything.
    Your power is HERE AND NOW.
    And what we mean with your power, or your empowerment,
    is your ability to hook in with the wholeness of who you are-
    so, that in that absence of resistance, ALL OF YOU is focused
    in THIS powerful moment, you see.

    And when you are in those moments, you feel the perfection of them.
    So is that everything that you´ll ever do? No.
    It means, THAT´s what the path of least resistance is-
    right here and now- FOR YOU.

    Abraham, Long Beach CA 2015-02-14

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    Accolades and medals aren´t enough!

    Effort without alignment doesn’t yield you happiness.
    It just yields you medals and accolades from other people.
    It doesn’t yield you alignment.
    And alignment is what happiness is.

    Westchester, Oct. 2014

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