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Thread: Money / Vibrational Currency

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    thank you, paulmanifestor!

    Wanting to be rich & famous?
    -It's the desire to be known, understood and validated.

    Just to finish off, say there's somebody who just wants to be famous (that's not me, but...) and they just can't be happy unless they're famous or they're rich - I mean it just seems like there's so much suffering in going after something...

    At the basis of your judgmental proclamation about them (Fun) -it's alright, because you can't help but notice something and notice it from your vantage point, so it's alright for you to have an opinion about that; that your Inner Being may or may not share, and in this case doesn't share-,

    -underneath every stated desire is another desire, and beneath that is another and beneath that is another and beneath that is another and so forth, so at the basis of someone wanting fame is the desire to be understood, the desire to be recognized, the desire to be known, the desire to be validated.

    And the reason for that is, all of you came from Nonphysical Energy where you felt that constant validation, that constant respect and acknowledgment of your value and power, and then a part of you, a part of that Consciousness, was born into this body where it's a little more dicey out here in the human realm.

    Because your parents have already forgotten their connection and a lot of people have forgotten their connection.

    And yet humans keep looking to each other for validation - they want to get approval from each other -

    and what they really want, is alignment with Source.

    Which Source is giving them all day every day, but humans have come to this place where they have to justify.

    Esther discovered this about herself not that long ago, and it really surprised her: When she was having a conversation with someone she cares so much about, and they were on different ends of the subject, and Esther wanted so much to explain she was being misunderstood - this person had a complete misunderstanding of Esther, and her reasoning and her motives.

    And Esther so much wanted this person to understand her so that this person could resonate with her! Esther so wanted resonating with this person, but it was an impossible thing because this person had momentum coming from another place. Esther was not ever going to achieve this resonating with this person, and she wanted it, she felt desperate for it. This conversation went on and on and on, off and on and off and on, for days and days and days and days and days. She never got there.
    And then we began talking about, you're looking for it in the wrong places:

    she's craving resonance with her Inner Being,
    and wanting so much to be understood by others.

    You have to not give a rip about what anybody thinks about you, because first of all, they're not all that interested in you, and next of all, they haven't paid that much attention, and next of all, they may or may not be in vibrational alignment with who they are. But so many people are seeking that natural desire to be understood and loved, which Source will give them all day every day.

    But this connection, especially in the beginning, is really subtle. Esther's relationship with (croaked) Jerry is really subtle - she has to really tune to have a conversation with him now. She used to just be able to walk into the room, and it didn't matter what mood either one of them were in, they were together and they were having a conversation. Now it's subtle, because she has to tune.

    And most humans have not learned to tune with that subtlety for the connection that they are craving, so then they lazily or in a flawed premise misunderstanding kind of way, they look for it in others. And that's why so many people seek that kind of fame - it feels like validation to them.

    But haven't you noticed that a lot of them are miserable? And a lot of them don't get what they are wanting, and there's a high rate of suicide among them, and, and, and, and, and, and.
    And this is because even though they're sometimes getting it, they're not always getting it.

    It never comes steadily from anyplace other than your Source - that's the only place that you can really depend on.

    If you're looking for it from any other person, maybe they're tuned-in, tapped-in, turned-on, and maybe that's the state of being they're in when they're holding you as their object of attention, and maybe because of their alignment they are flooding it all over you, and under those conditions you would feel really good, but if you're dependent upon their connection and their gaze on you in order for you to feel good, you're in deep doo-doo, because they're not always going to look at you, and they're not always going to be connected, when they do.

    So it's a misunderstanding - what they're craving is real, it's just not where they're looking for it. They're looking for love in all the wrong places.

    Asheville, NC on November 5, 2017 from the clip Does Desire Cause Suffering? pt. 2

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    Tell the new wanted story, to speed things up!

    You have established these emotional set points where you have been observing what-is, and what-is changes SO slowly.

    To really get what's over here in your Vibrational Escrow, to get the abundance that is there, millions and millions of dollars, already gathered for you...
    To get the things you want, the clarity, the life experiences, the fulfillment, the sense of who you are... is such a short vibrational distance from where you are!

    But you've got to start telling the story of your life in new terms. You cannot continue to explain what is, and move to a whole new place. As you explain what is, you hold yourself apart from what has become on all of those subjects.

    -Abe 7/12/08

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    Stop FACING reality, and instead CREATE reality!

    Thought by thought, by thought by thought by thought- you clean it up, clean it up, clean it up, clean it up! -And what do we mean by "clean it up"? You tell it the way you WANT it to be, and tell it Less the way you DON'T want it to be.

    You stop FACING reality, and you start CREATING reality!

    So your friends say -"what are you up to?"
    And you say -"All good things!"
    And they say: -"Where you able to buy that thing, or did you get that job you wanted to get?"
    and you say: -"I'm right on track with it!"
    And they say: -"No, you didn't understand my question. Did you GET it?"
    And you say: -"You didn't understand my answer! I'm on track for it."
    And they say -"Well, if you don't have it, you don't have it."

    And you say: -"Ahh, NOT TRUE at all!! I have it vibrationally! And now that I got it vibrationally, IT MUST COME to me. IT IS LAW. I got it vibrationally."
    -"Well, how do you know it's coming?"
    -"Because I feel so good!"
    -"Well, you feel got before you've got it- what's wrong with you?"

    -"I know the process. I've achieved vibrational alignment with my desire- and so, it MUST COME!"

    It is law.
    -"How do you know you've achieved vibrational alignment?" your negative friend says. -"How do you know you've achieved vibrational alignment with what you want?"

    -"I feel good, every time I think about it! I FEEL GOOD when I think about it! I FEEL GOOD, when I think about my fortune! I don't think about it sarcastic. And I don't feel discouraged. I FEEL OPTIMISTIC. Because, I KNOW it's coming! IN fact, I'm so optimistic, look at my list, what I will do with it!

    This is my list, what I will do with it!"

    (...) When you create a vibrational outlet, it draws you and EVERYTHING FOR THE ACCOMPLISHMENT of it, through you.

    That's what eagerness is. That's what passion is. That's what that feeling of enthusiasm is! -When you present in this time-space-reality the vibrational pre-paving of a desire, it sets things into motion that WHEN you let yourself go with them you feel wonderful, and when you don't let yourself go with them, you feel awful. Did you hear that?

    That means, that if you feel really bad about something, it means you have asked for something and the larger part of you has become something that you'r not letting the rest of you keep up with.

    from the clipAbraham Hicks 2020 - This is the most effective Money exercise | Law of Attraction

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    It's a CURRENCY. It must FLOW, towards what you WANT!

    When you are not on the HFD
    (high-flying-disc, aka ITV) and you feel this shortage- consciousness, -which is understandable- then you are doing things not because you are INSPIRED to- but because you SHOULD. And then you can get depleted. And then it feels like "When do I get mine?". What we'r really saying is,

    you (...) have to get on the HFD, before you can even BEGIN to get yours!

    And once you've tapped into that vibrational currency, you'll never have this question, again. It will NEVER feel to you like you are being diminished, or taken advantage of, or depleted, by anyone. Because you realize that it's flowing in AS FAST as it's flowing out- because the reason that it's flowing in, is BECAUSE it's flowing out! That's the whole reason of the prosperity-game!

    Iow, if you have objects of attention, to which you are flowing it- it keeps coming!

    (...) It's not about what anybody is doing to you, or demanding from you. If YOU are not tapped into the resources, it's like... the financial world that most people are living in, is a world of... they've got a clump of money, and it's coming in, at a certain rate. Maybe they inherited it, maybe they are earning it by the year, maybe they are earning it by the hour, but they have what feels to them, as this FINITE CLUMP of resources, that then, they are spending toward that, and spending toward that, and spending towards that.

    But when you are looking at it like that, than everything that you spend feels like a diminishment, because it's going AWAY! Maybe it's going out faster, than it's coming in. And then, you get that shortage-consciousness. You get that sort of feeling, that you'r wanting to be more stingy, or wanting to be more consciously aware of where you'r spending your money, you are wanting to be more frugal or more prudent about what you are doing. And sometimes, these little kids don't feel that frugal!


    Because that's the trajectory, they'r on! They just WANT. They'r not realizing that you took a tributary a while ago- and you'r NOT FLOWING like they are flowing- and so they don't understand why you have an issue with spending money that you don't have. Because, they don't have an issue with you, spending money that you don't have!

    Most people are living not at the end of their pile of money. But they are living at the end of their credit limit! And so, we understand why that causes you to feel the way it causes you to feel. BUT you can get around this!

    You can get ABOVE this-

    -By recognizing, that there is the VIBRATIONAL CURRENCY you are tapping into, that will translate into clarity. It will translate into good ideas, it will translate into tangibles. It translates into money. It translates into ALL of that.

    But you've GOTTA tap into that, before this conversation even makes any sense.

    26 October 2013, Atlanta, GA from the clip Abraham Hicks - He wants to know what is his Want

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    What the vibrational Currency (=Alignment) can accomplish...

    When the whole of you is present,
    not only do you have clarity- which is delicious, not only do you have vitality, which is delicious- not only do you feel love and worthiness, which is delicious-

    but you are allowing the WHOLE of who you are to be present-
    which is POWERFUL.
    It is intoxicating.
    It is WHO YOU ARE.

    And once you begin experiencing that sort of alignment, where you'r streaming that inspiration on a regular basis- you will never again be willing to step back into negative commentary, or negative thought, that deprive you of all of these resources.

    The leverage of alignment is unfathomable, through your physical terms, in the sense of comparison. You all have 24 hrs a day- but the effort-factor is SO LIMITED. When you are counting on your effort to compensate for alignment that you'r not doing- you just can't make it up with hard work! There's just not enough action in the world to compensate for that misalignment of energies.

    (...) You can feed the hungry.
    You can help the world find it's balance.
    You can be or do or have anything you choose-

    but you CAN NOT DO IT from your disconnected, cut-off-from-source-energy perspective!

    Denver, Aug. 2014

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    What you are REALLY creating is not money, but vibrational Currency

    In the early stages of creating, that’s often what people think they are creating:
    They think they’re creating money, and access, and things that represent prosperity, and of course ease of life. And that is all wonderful and lovely to create.

    But then you reach this place where you’ve got that down, and that no longer is the main event for you.

    The main event is watching the power of the Universe to orchestrate on your behalf.

    Watching the sequence of events line up in your favor. Watching the number of things happen, as if somebody’s got your number, and everybody’s working on your behalf. Feeling the clarity coming in your mind. Watching the timing of your own being. Beginning to feel your own improvement, in all of your physical ways.

    In other words, there is so much MORE to that what you’re wanting to call comfort.

    You begin to realize that all things are possible. You begin to recognize your power of influence. You begin to see what some words, carefully placed, and perfectly timed, can mean to someone else.

    You begin to get a sense of your movement in the world, and your value in the world, and what you mean to others in the world— those who will never even know your name. You begin to feel this INTEREST in life that you were born with— surging to levels that you have not ever felt or expressed before, happening on a moment to moment, day by day, week after week basis.

    You begin to feel invincible.

    You begin to know the power and goodness of your being. It’s like watching the seas part everywhere you go, while everything that is important to you acquiesces to you. Not for the amazement that others feel as they watch your improvement but by the RIGHTNESS of the way it feels to you,

    as you come into your true power.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, San Diego, August 15, 2015

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    Co-Creating Vibrational Currency?
    Two or more people, co-creating in Alignment...

    When two or more minds come together that are positively focused upon a subject, those two minds are many times more powerful than one-plus-one. And so, the attraction of ideas and solutions goes beyond the sum total of the two individuals. It is truly exhilarating.

    And it is really what co-creating is all about.


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    Appreciation IS the vibrational currency!

    Do you know what appreciation does?

    In appreciation, in appreciation, you are contributing BACK in the full measure of what you are receiving.

    In other words, it puts the give-and-take into the perfect alignment! Because, in your acknowledgement of the well being that surrounds you,

    you give BACK proportionately.

    And the entire Universe who is nonresistant, this vortexual Universe in utter non-resistance, just floods back. In other words, it just keeps mirroring back.
    You appreciate, Vortex appreciates, you appreciate, Vortex appreciates,
    you appreciate, Vortex appreciates... until you just parlay yourself

    into greater states of ecstasy.

    ~Abraham, Panama Canal Cruise, March 2011

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    Practice a Wealth-Grid to get access to your Vibrational Currency!

    ​We think that it would be really helpful for you to focus upon another currency that is easily accessible to you, that you cash in on all day, every day and that's this vibrational currency.
    Because on the wings of this vibrational currency will come all the money that you want to.

    You just have to stop doing that thing you do, about money!
    ​It would be a sort of remarkable thing, if suddenly you could begin offering a plethora of wonderful allowing words about money, so we're not gonna put you on that impossible spot, because you can't change your vibration all of a sudden.
    You can't suddenly start thinking differently than you have been,

    but you can focus upon lots of things that put you in the step three allowing place.

    Did you follow that? -
    Knowing what he doesn't want, a lot of you are doing it, too, has caused him to put all kinds of financial abundance in his vortex, but he doesn't have access to it because whenever he thinks about money, he conjures a vibrational grid that won't let it flow in: It is so confounding, isn't it?

    "I want it so much, why won't it come?" -That's why.
    ​It's also not even necessarily focused on the money, it's the things that it will bring, as well.
    ​Say, you want a trip or a holiday or things like that, then it comes back to - how am I going to get the money? Even though I don't really have a huge issue with money, I could always find it. It's just that there's not that whole sense of wellbeing. Do you hear the grid that you are still practicing?

    You're arguing for your limitation.
    You're explaining how it is, and of course you're right.

    Everything that you are saying is exactly right!
    It's just vibrationally off. -You can't get there from there. So what do you do, when you're offering a vibration that won't let you have it? It would be like...
    You've been working, you've been gathering up resources and you've been depositing them in your bank account, and then you go to the automatic teller, and you say - "oh look at my bank balance, it's really big because I worked last year, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before. It's all in there, so give some of it to me!" and it says:
    Access denied.

    "You got to be kidding me!! Do you know how hard I worked to put that in there? Other people are getting money out of theirs, what's wrong with you? Give it to me. Give it to me now!!!"

    Access denied.

    "Why would I not be able to get it out? Why can't I get it out? I know that I deserve it. Somebody needs to call somebody!!!"

    We know how frustrating it feels, because when you want something that is not coming, it feels like someone else is preventing it, or something that you don't understand is preventing it, or something that's gone wrong- and it is so simple.

    It's the simplest thing in the world. You are denying your own access because you keep feeling the way you feel, about it.

    -You got to practice a different grid!

    ​You were explaining to us, "Abraham, I don't feel bad, just because I don't have the money, because who wants pinky old smelly old piles of money. It's what I can do with the money."
    Then you began to present to us the discomfort that you feel when you look out into this magnificent world and you see something that you would like to have, or experience, and you can't do it.

    Then you feel that emptiness.

    How are we going to get around that if you're standing in a place without something that you want, and you can't get to it feeling the absence of -whatever it is-? How are you gonna get to it? What's the answer? How are you gonna get there?

    You got to think about something else, or you've got to find a way of thinking about it that isn't so blatantly, so starkly, pushing against.

    Tell us about the things in your world that are working well this year?
    "​I started a new job that I've really enjoyed. I've got a great relationship with my partner, yeah we live so close by - even today it was just fantastic, it was just a five minute walk to get here this morning, so I know that there's things that are going well. Exercise is something that I find easy to do. I enjoy getting out and running, and I make friends easily, and yeah, I've got a great network of friends, and I know that I could rely on. If I ever needed to rely on anybody they would instantly be there." (...)

    So, if we can convince you that everything that happens is your grid filling in, and then we can convince you that you can count on your grid, then can you see how you can control what fills in, because you're controlling what your point of attraction is!? -That was the best logic that we have ever expressed. (...)

    This is what we know about your Vortex, but you're not ready to know it, and it really is not that helpful when someone else knows it, and that's the reason that we were pointing out to you that so many of our physical friends have looked to others for the fullfillers of their destiny.
    The reason you do that - this is the missing piece for you - the reason that you keep waiting for someone else to deliver it, someone else to be the key, or the path. The "how is it going to get there". The reason that you look to others for that, is because you've had a grid that has been filling in and you have been oblivious to the fact that you have a grid that has been filling in, so since you haven't known that your grid was filling in, when it fills in, it feels like it is someone else's doing. Are you following? But,

    when you start deliberately conjuring some images and holding them until you feel better.
    When you start deliberately doing the things that feel good.
    When you're doing them,
    when you have taken some time like this, and then you watch what happens immediately following in the hours and the days following a raising of your vibration, you will never again find the mystery of the grid filling in.

    It won't feel to you like it's someone else fulfilling your destiny, someone else deciding what's happening to you. (...)

    (say) "-Contrast will inspire me,
    -and it will feel good to come up with a new idea,
    -I'm gonna like the freshness of a new desire,
    -and I'm not going to be unhappy about it not manifesting instantly,
    because it is the object of attention to which I'm flowing my energy,
    -it's what's giving me the reason for life.

    -I'm gonna have a joyous unfolding."

    You see, everyone who is living with appreciative awareness of current prosperity had a dry spell. Everyone, and it's the dry spells, we love you so much, it's the dry spells that are filling your Vortex full of what you want.
    You said,

    "I'll go and I'll sift and I'll sort and I'll define and then I'll do my best to line up with what I've defined, and I would feel the resonance of it.

    I will feel the ease of it.
    I will feel the alignment of it.
    I will feel the joy of it.
    I will feel the alignment of it.
    I will feel the connection of it.
    I will feel the empowerment of it.
    I will feel the vitality of it.
    I will feel the invincibility of my alignment.

    That's the life that you're feeling, and then after all of that, I'll get a manifestation. It'll be great never-ending manifestations to punctuate my alignment.

    Your manifestations are meant to punctuate your alignment, not to be the reason for it.


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    The way you CASH IN your vibrational currency,
    is by finding a way to LINE UP with it.

    from the clip It's so Simple to Calibrate Yourself for Receiving Money - Abraham Hicks 2021

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