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Thread: Welcome to a New Level of Appreciating Yourself

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    Welcome to a New Level of Appreciating Yourself

    "Welcome to a New Level of Appreciating Yourself"
    An excerpt from the Opening of the 2017 French Riviera cruise.
    A reminder of Who-You-Really-Are, as only Abraham can do.

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    Appreciation is the key isn’t it
    What happens vibrationally when you appreciate?
    Would you say when you appreciate, you merge with source and you are on the same frequency level- hence why things flow easier into your experience?

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    Abraham tells us that love and appreciation are the same frequency, so yes, when we appreciate we are in alignment with Source Energy/ our Inner Being.

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    ooh i love this i needed to hear this lol
    is there more
    all about beliefs and desires, just what i'm trying to figure out
    thank you WellBeing ❤️xxx

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