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Thread: It's not her inability to be that, it's my inability to see her like my IB does

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    It's not her inability to be that, it's my inability to see her like my IB does

    Thread title is one of my favorite Abe quotes from 2011 (ok, maybe not a quote exactly, sure I paraphrased it...)... If I recall well, they said it in Atlanta, to a woman who had an issue with her daughter...

    So, to cut long story short - I managed to exhaust myself regarding my mother's small, tiny eczema on her finger. It's so small, perhaps one cm diameter, and I'm fussing over it and resisting to let go of my need to use that tiny shit to hold myself in the resistance and out of receiving mode.

    Ointments, cremes, bentonite clay, manuka honey, wheatgrass juice, there is nothing I have not tried, and I feel so ridiculous to myself as I'm writing this, I want to burst and LOL!!!! It's so funny, I remembered that sweet lady who had everything but her body weight under control, she tried pills, workouts and nothing helped!!!

    So, here and now, I proclaim to the Universe and to Myself: I give up! I give up, she can live with that, I can live with that, it is what it is and that's it! Eczema, or whatever you are - don't have to name you, btw, you win! I am freeing you, just be!

    That's the first thing I can do... Just to let it go.

    And when I feel like it, I'll let myself see my mom's skin as my IB does!

    I feel so proud because this amazing, simple, powerful quote just popped up few days ago and I said to myself: Dear one, do not try to fix here health, skin, there is no such thing as fixing anything, it's not her job to be what you expect her to is, it's YOUR thing to find a way to let your IB "do the seeing her"!

    That's enough for today! I'll come back when I feel it's time, and I'll bring my IBs eyes, and we'll together see my mother for who she REALLY is: relaxed, happy, eager, vital, joyful, loving Being!!!

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    So, here we are, wonderful IB and wonderful ME!

    Maria is powerful creator.
    She has such a strong desires and she knows, most of the time, how to align with them.
    She is loving, wonderful being. She is frisky, vital, buoyant, joyful, she loves easily, she laughs easily, she is easygoing, carefree, relaxed and resilient!
    She is independent being, seeking new opportunities to expand and align with her expansion.
    She's predominantly in the receptive mode. She knows how to bring her back into receiving mode. And she does it just for the good feeling she gets in the receiving mode.

    She is such a wonderful human being! She appreciates, she praises, she knows the value of every single being on this planet.
    She is kind and tender.
    She is capable and solid, she is powerful, strong person, she is in tune with her IB!
    She is special and unique, authentic being, she appreciates others authenticities.

    She is confident and capable, she is open, fun loving person.
    She is good!
    She is God!

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