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Thread: Pingan’s practice

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    When negative thoughts about my desires come up, remind myself they are already done and taken care of automatically. There is nothing I could do to advance them no matter what I tried.

    When other negative thoughts come up, remind myself that I do not want to keep negativity alive in my experience.

    Maybe for desires too: I do not want to keep negativity alive in my experience.

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    I just dont need negativity in my life anymore. And now I know that my desires do not require anything negative from me...
    So any negativity is just unnecessary and it is up to me to notice it and unsubscribe.

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    Do I remember where I am?

    I remember that all my desires are completely taken care of and they do not need any help or encouragement from me.

    For a better life that reveals my desires, all I need is to stop adding unwanted negative elements to my experience. If I pay attention I can observe when I do this. I notice the negative thought/idea and with all this background calibration I have done, no longer sustain those negative elements.

    I have done so much work at feeling better and observing what is going on within me, that I really get what is going on now.

    My desires dont need boosting, and my negative moves are easy to spot and allow to dissipate. It is as though my negative thoughts are coming from a different person and I just realised how negative they are and I no longer want to add fuel to their negative talking points.

    So altogether I am doing very well now. I am mindful of my desires but do not need to help or encourage them. I am observing my negative moves and they are naturally dropping off because of my wiser perspective.

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    The negative elements are small and spaced apart like spiderwebs. But together they form a network that shapes my reality.

    As I observe these elements and stop sustaining them, the spiderweb slowly disintegrates and cannot take shape.

    And meanwhile all of my desires need no support or encouragement from me. They need no help to take shape. I cannot stop them from taking shape! They are already there, already active in my reality under the surface.

    I dont have to do anything, just stop adding negativity to my experience. I have been doing this and it is just nice and refreshing how a lighter experience unfolds for me.

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    My desires need no help. Just stop sustaining unwanted and negative elements.
    Underneath the appearance of unwanted, my desires are just latent in physical form.

    My desires are latent in physical reality, hidden behind the negative elements I have been adding. They are operant in the sense of being actively at work.

    Op?rant but latent, because the negative elements I have added include the latence of my desires.

    For example, lack is not really lacking or empty or absent. Lack is the projection onto reality of a negative element.

    To sustain lack, my desires have to remain hidden. To sustain various negative elements, my desires have to be hidden.

    To unhide my desires and let them emerge clearly, they will do that naturally if I just stop sustaining negative elements.

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    Or to look at it another way:

    All it takes for me to feel good is to stop sustaining negative elements. Good feelings are already active albeit sometimes hidden in me. To feel good, I only need to not sustain or activate negative elements. And to not do that, I can just observe my own mind and see them as they arise and my natural discrimination will take care of the rest.

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    All my desires are already active in my reality and on track to complete fulfilment. I dont see them only because i have old negative elements that conflict with them. But as I stop sustaining these negative elements my desires are uncovered and revealed to me.

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    All the things I desire are already taken care of and no action or thought can help them along.
    The only thing getting in the way is the negativity I have practiced. As I notice this negativity, I cease practicing it, and my life is unburdened of it.
    I have the power to let go of negativity on any and every subject, trusting that my desires need no help from me and all is going well with my desires.
    I cannot derail or miss out on my desires. They are already taken care of brilliantly by my inner being. Everything I want is taken care of, because I have asked for it, and Source has answered.

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    For example, I have a feeling and a thought right now, and the thought is that I should find a way to accelerate my manifestation of my desires...I should do Something to make my desires come so that I can feel relief.

    Yet this thought is predicated on negativity. It is founded on a negative feeling and a negative perspective of life. So I am better off doing nothing, than acting on this thought.

    Of course it feels bad to not act, because that means I am not doing anything to distract from the negative perspective of life.

    I feel bad because of negative thoughts, and then I have the idea to try to transform my life. But I will not. That is a waste of time.
    The only thing worth doing is noticing the negativity that I am creating in the first place.

    The bleakness. I am creating the bleakness myself. And my fears are metastasisations of it, and my efforts to transform my life just treat the symptoms. I am the one striking the knell of bleak and desolate all the way along.

    No one else is making life bleak and desolate for me. It is so inefficient to make it bleak and desolate and then struggle to improve it. Why not stop making it bleak and desolate?

    Okay, first observe how I am doing that.

    1. Negative thoughts catastrophising about my desires.
    2. Trying to deny my desires and other sources of good feeling.
    3. Asserting that my baseline trajectory is hopeless unless something changes.
    4. Not letting myself forget about these problems.
    5. A general attitude of lacking what is needed to change.

    So there is a sense of lack because I think I dont have what I need in order to change. If I found it, that would be obvious. But I have not found it yet. Like I am searching for a missing gemstone. I will know it when I find it.

    False. I am creating the belief in a bleak world that I need to change. I am creating that. I am creating the pretext for the search for change.

    But if I stop searching... what will I do? If I stop searching, as in: no more pretext for the searching, what will I do and who will I be?

    It seems like my identity is tied to searching and the pretext for searching. But if the pretext for the search is created by me...then what is the point?

    What do I do if I stop creating a pretext for searching where life is bleak and I must find the answer to transforming it?

    I can sense that I am unsure what to do. If I let go of my pretext for searching, then I have no reason to search. The search helped orient me, so my bearings will change.

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    It would seem plausible that my relationship with reality is different now because I am not disparaging it and seeking for power to change it.

    I dont want to project into my reality like that anymore.

    But I also feel like my identity is open now.

    That is not true. I have the same desires and I am called to them.

    But I have less resistance.

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