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Thread: Pingan’s practice

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    It’s morning. Last night I set the intention to focus on the subject of Source within me. I like the idea of reality as my workshop to explore and create and observe.

    The subject of Source itself feels better than other subjects because it has no resistance. Source already is within me. Source already is what it is. I just enjoy focusing on thoughts about Source, what it is and how I am connected to it.

    I like being able to look at this reality in the light of Source. It looks different when I appreciate it all as a vibrational expression of Source.

    Last night I went walking with a friend and instead of feeling a bit weighed down by the conversation, I focused on Source and raised my vibration and felt secure and light.

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    I like knowing that as I focus on Source and feel it flowing through me, my vibration rises on all subjects. I become a vibrationally higher being relatively to all subjects.

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    I like knowing that as I focus on Source and feel it flowing through me, my vibration rises on all subjects. I become a vibrationally higher being relatively to all subjects.

    Wow pingan you've really got the Grid filling in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulmanifestor View Post

    Wow pingan you've really got the Grid filling in!

    Thanks. I feel different at the moment. And this intention to raise my vibration using the best-feeling subject has shifted my perspective on a bunch of things.

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    I shifted something big yesterday, a yearning for spiritual freedom, enlightenment, framed in a way that didn’t serve me.

    Now I’m feeling more acutely a negative feeling that was there underneath the yearning.

    It was temporarily forestalled by the yearning and the searching. Now it’s just there and I am reacquainting myself with it.

    It seems like my whole spiritual search for transformation and enlightenment was largely a response to this feeling.

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    How do we tell the difference between real emotion and HFS?
    If I write the words “life is supposed to feel good” I feel a flash of positive emotion.
    But if I try to remain in that feeling of positive emotion it starts to seem less and less substantial.

    I could tell myself “you’re doing really well and making progress” and that does feel better. So that’s my answer, right?
    But I’m a bit disappointed with my progress so far.

    I was going to start a new topic but I decided to post it here instead. In between cutting and pasting, I feel like a different person from then til now. Is that good? Let’s say that it means I’m quite neutral at the moment. My momentum isn’t so negative anymore. That feels good.

    I’m afraid that nobody loves me, and I keep ignoring this fear. But it crops up and I know I’ll feel better if I fix it. What does it mean? It’s me thinking no one loves, specific people don’t love me, because I’m not loveable enough. It’s a belief about my value and who I am. It feels bad because my inner being doesn’t agree.

    My inner being thinks I am more than loveable. My inner being thinks I am beautiful and adorable. If I think I am adorable then I will feel good because I’ll be agreeing with Source.

    Thinking I am very beautiful and loveable and adorable...actively seeing myself as adorable...this will feel good.

    I can see how to do it. It’s a kind of faith, a kind of trust or belief or expectation that translates into how I hold myself and carry myself. A loving self-regard. I want to practice this new opinion of my loveable existence. I want to resonate with loving self-regard. I want to carry myself as a beautiful handsome adorable human being who attracts those that like who I am.

    I want to practice this air of knowing I am beautiful and loveable. Especially to beautiful aligned people. Those are the ones who admire and love me.

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    When I focus on one of my tools I can feel better. But when I stop focusing on that tool or subject, I quickly go back to a negative feeling.

    I think this is because I have resistant thoughts about myself that are active across a variety of subjects - tellingly they are not active when I am focused exclusively on the goodness and appreciation of other people.

    These self-regarding resistant thoughts need to go, if I’m to maintain the good feelings I enjoy during periods of focus.

    My current approach is to find thoughts about my value that feel good. I very quickly zeroed in using pivoting to find the thought “I am special” and then used a focus wheel to get closer to that thought. I was able to temporarily see myself as the most special person, at the centre of this universe (my reality), and therefore uniquely, uniquely, singularly unique, in my privileged position in my reality.

    I am the one for whom all things unfold. I am the one for whom the sun rises and sets. I am the one for whom the wind blows.

    As I hold this perspective of my specialness I am coming into alignment with my Source energy perspective of me, and therefore I feel good. I receive from this the flow of energy and the good feelings I have sought in vain from others. This is looking for love in the right place: my alignment with Source via agreement in thought.

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    I am feeling so good right now.

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    Need to remember that feeling good is my practice. Increase my appetite for feeling good. I can meditate right now, why be reluctant? Enjoy the good feelings that flow when I focus.

    There’s no practical limit to how good I can feel. But there’s a practice limit. Chill now and enjoy the relief of focusing on nothing. Letting my thoughts rest.

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    Other people are entirely my creation, a reflection of my point of attraction. I don’t have to work with them as independent agents to convince or placate. Other people do not create my reality. All I need to focus on is my own feelings and alignment. Other people will obey LoA as much as objects do.

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