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Thread: Pingan’s practice

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    Something wanted manifests thanks to my calibration and focus.

    Do not calibrate to the manifestation, because that becomes conditional again.

    Remember that nothing in the universe can change how you feel. Your focus determines how you feel.

    If your manifestations change to match your higher vibration, and you then focus on the manifestation, conditionality will creep in.

    I feel good because I can focus and choose my vibration. Not because wanted conditions manifest. Maybe when I am disciplined enough I can focus on wanted conditions without being conditional, but for now...

    Oh, if I look at manifestations and feel wobbly, that just means I do not yet have enough momentum! That is all it means.

    So keep calibrating to good feeling vibrations. That is all I need to do to feel good as much as i Allow.

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    It is a new day and I am ready to calibrate and my calibration will be new because I am expanded from yesterday.

    What will I focus on and calibrate to?

    My feeling of not enough is greatly diminished. Now it is a more simple yearning to feel good in ways that match my desires.

    I want to feel very good. And I have already agreed that only I control how I feel by focusing.

    What I want feels like being alive. Like going somewhere with friends. Like being in love. Being in love feels good. I can calibrate to being in love.

    My loved ones are wonderful. Just the thought of them fills me with love.
    This love has always been here, and I can always calibrate to it.

    Ahh because this love is guidance, telling me that when I focus on my loved ones I am in alignment with my inner being and my desires. I am feeling good by focusing deliberately on the people I love the most and calibrating to that vibration.

    I am aligning myself with my desire for them and in this moment I am aligned with who I really am.

    Practicing this calibration to being in love brings me into proximity with all my desires and matching thoughts and good feelings. I am calibrating to the treasures of my heart. I am practicing these treasures and with practice they become greater and greater in my reality.

    As the momentum of my desires becomes the predominant vibration in me, it becomes a virtuous circle as this vibrational tone fills in with all the details of my desires.

    It is up to me to practice focusing and calibrating to my desires. No one else can calibrate for me. I can focus on being in love until being in love is the centre of my every experience, with matching thoughts and desires joining me continuously.

    I can remain in love with practice.

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    I no longer have to be reacting to what is! I no longer have to let what is call the shots and determine my focus and my feeling!
    I can sit here and focus on what feels good, calibrate to being in love, the beautiful feelings love brings to me, and I can let this be my dominant focus.

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    When I wobble because I look for conditions, I am focusing on past manifestations instead of tending to my vibration directly.

    This brings me down, because my right now manifestations are a response to my short term past vibrations. When I focus on manifestations, I am calibrating to past vibrations.

    But when I focus on good feeling vibrations right now, I am calibrating to my vortex. When I focus deliberately, nothing in the universe can change how I feel. I can feel good and nothing can stop me feeling good.

    And if I wobble and get distracted, I can calibrate again.

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    I have been doing extremely well, but right now I feel some dissonance.

    Specifically, a loved one has not responded to something positive that I sent. So this is a great opportunity to calibrate further and refine my focusing.

    I had hoped my friend would immediately respond positively to my positive communication; but as I looked for that response I became conditional in my alignment.

    The dissonance comes because I am thinking that she will respond in a way I appreciate because I am feeling good. Like telling a story I am sure others will enjoy and having no response from them.

    So now I feel bad. But I feel bad because I am thinking something my inner being does not agree with.

    With more precision I can say that I felt bad once a response was not immediately forthcoming. Feeling bad is my guidance that I am thinking something resistant, and that thought arose when I observed the condition of no response.

    What did I think? It was: I thought she would reply to that message positively. Was it not as good as I thought? Does she not feel the same way as me? Have I misjudged myself or her? Was my offering not good enough? What could have gone wrong?

    So on account of how another person has or has not responded, I am doubting my judgement and my perspective of reality.

    This is a point of resistance for me because of my experience with gaslighting in the past. Doubting my perspective of reality and my judgement, is painful and has some momentum.

    This is an opportunity for me to release my doubt and restore my faith in my own guidance and my own perspective.

    The message I sent felt good. I know it felt good and I know it was good and I felt good about sharing it. I do not need to question my perspective. I do not know where my friend is right now or what she is doing. But I do know that she loves me and shares my passion and my desire to create a beautiful and loving and joyful reality.

    I know my message was an authentic and excellent expression of who I am, and I also know that this minor contrast is allowing me to release resistance from my past experiences and I will feel so much relief going forward with more clarity and self-assuredness.

    In summary, I have the freedom to be completely self-assured in my feelings. I have the ability to ignore what is, as old news, and focus and calibrate to what feels good. I can choose to affirm what feels good and I can refuse to doubt what feels good!

    I can fully trust what feels good. I no longer want to doubt my good feelings. I no longer want to let temporary manifestations deter my judgement and my guidance.

    This conditionality can go. All that matters is how I feel and I have complete control of that with my focus.

    This dissonance has been just an old shadow from past experiences. Now I can say with confidence that my good feelings are absolute. There is no more room for doubting my good feelings, and I don?t need to check in on the way others respond.

    If my message feels good, then it Has To have a good effect. Only my doubt would possibly interfere with that.

    I was expecting a really positive response, but I also had this to clean up. And now I can see that I was actually awaiting a really positive response, waiting for it to come. I was being conditional. I was waiting for it, and hesitating in my calibration to good feelings.
    More broadly I am also waiting for manifestations to improve. Keeping score. Holding back from further calibration into my alignment.

    So this has been a very fruitful taste of contrast!

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    Waiting for good feeling results to come from good feeling actions is a kind of hesitation and validation-seeking that belies an unwillingness to calibrate and simply keep feeling better right now.

    It is akin to keeping score.

    Even the good results I am checking for and waiting for cannot cause me to feel good or feel any better than I can feel by focusing.

    This is not about feeling good so that good things can happen and make me really feel good. This is about reordering my life so that I deliberately feel good first and last and in-between. It is about becoming someone who chooses to deliberately feel good, and does not rely on conditions to prop me up or boost my morale.

    The son of man has nowhere to lay his head.

    This is a complete reordering. No longer depending on conditions. Otherwise I am using conditions as a crutch. And they are not even an adequate crutch!

    So long as I am hesitating and waiting on conditions to validate my guidance, I am not fully trusting my guidance. And that doubt is exactly the cause of painful dissonance and unwanted manifestations anyway!

    All in. Go all into feeling good and calibrating and trusting my guidance. If my guidance and manifestations seem not to agree, trust my guidance. But in any case, there is no longer a need to check the manifestations. When I am clear, they are clear. Anything else is just a distraction.

    Why hold back from feeling good? Why hold back from calibrating? Having one eye on manifestations and one eye on calibration is splitting my energy.

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    Are my actions also manifestations? And am I being conditional when I focus on my own actions with their web of expected effects and consequences?

    Focusing on my own actions is indeed conditional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pingan View Post
    Are my actions also manifestations? And am I being conditional when I focus on my own actions with their web of expected effects and consequences?

    Focusing on my own actions is indeed conditional.
    I have been putting too much emphasis on my own actions, out of fear and anxiety and the mistaken belief that my actions really matter.

    Only my vibration matters, and my actions stem from my vibration. Anxiety about actions just muddies the vibration when I act. But as it becomes clear I can stop worrying about my actions and continue to calibrate.

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    Much of my resistance has been about my actions and reactions and the right or wrong way to respond. But I am reordering to focus on feeling good without splitting my energy. How I act or react or do not react is immaterial. Only my vibration matters.

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    My words and actions do not really matter. But I prefer them to be vibrationally accurate/authentic.

    Reordering my life so that calibration is the forefront of everything.

    Trusting my good feeling without needing validation of it.

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