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Thread: Pingan’s practice

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    When I feel good a question arise of what do I do now?

    But the opposite of a question is not answers. The opposite of questioning is Knowing.

    If I do not like this questioning feeling, I can tune to knowing instead!

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    I am making a series of calibrations from negative to positive.

    The feeling of lack is not resolved by seeking to obtain. The opposite of lacking is not procuring. The opposite of wanting is not getting.

    The opposite of wanting and lacking and needing Gifting. Offering.

    There is more. Finer grain: when I give and gift and offer, I take from what I already have and know, and I hand it to another. I cannot give unless I already have. I cannot give from a place of lack. When I give, I am already taking for granted my possession. I am fully comfortable with my possession, and I feel no scarcity.

    So to be more precise, the opposite of wanting and lacking is having and possessing. But the thought of giving and gifting helps to locate that sure vibration of having.

    So consider all the things I already have and possess. Feel that subtle, perhaps Undervalued, vibration.

    Possession, having, ownership, receipt.

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    Opposite of missing someone is not reaching out but loving.


    I started looking at some of my possessions and feeling the ownership and having of them.
    I immediately freaked out a little, because I have some resistance around ownership.

    As a kid my possessions were not safe or respected. I thought I would feel better if I had no possessions, because I thought I would have more freedom and security.
    If I owned nothing of value, I could not be manipulated.

    But I know now that I create my own reality. My OWN reality. I own my reality.

    My possessions are wonderful. I can enjoy owning them. I love my phone. I love my computer. I love my coffee machine and grinder. I love my fridge. I love my rice cooker. I love my kitchen scales. I love owning all these things. I love my car. I love my unit. I love the freedom and the pleasure of owning these things.

    Ownership is natural and easy.

    What about relationships? I have relationships too. I do not own the people but I have the relationships. The relationships belong to me. I own the relationships.

    I love having my partner. I love having my kids. I love having my best friend. I love the love I experience with them all. I own these relationships. I own their importance and value and enjoyment to me.

    What about money? Well yeah I have been afraid of owning money too. But I love having money. I love the money that I have and spend. I love owning it. It is MY money.

    My possessions, my relationships, my money.

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    Calibrating now to the best feeling I can have right now.

    I am a new person every moment. How I calibrate May not be the same each time. I am a new person calibrating to the best feelings I can have right now.

    My life is richer. My many possessions are spread out around me. They manifest and reflect my enriched experience.

    They are part of this embodied experience and reality I am living. I came here to be part of an embodied experience. It is meant to be fun.

    I am learning to handstand and it is fun to experience things from a new perspective. Not to learn anything. Just to experience it.

    I am able to focus on vibrations that feel better and calibrate to those higher vibrations. I can feel myself calibrating. I can feel the gap closing. There is nothing that can stop me closing the gap. There is nothing that can stop me calibrating.

    Everything in my reality: whether it is here now or absent - nothing can prevent me from closing the gap.

    Thoughts that feel bad, they do not stop me, they only slow me down a little. And there is nothing behind them. They ARE a slowing down.

    But I am focusing in a way that feels good. I am closing my gap. I am feeling my vibrational harmony increase. My perception is changing and my emotions are becoming more satisfying and enjoyable.

    I am closing my gap. I am calibrating to my higher vibrations. I am feeling better and better on purpose. I am deliberately calibrating because I love how I feel when I do it and I know this is where everything is.

    I am evolving and expanding. I am closing the gap. I am connecting the threads. I am enjoying my closeness to my own real me and the essence of all my desires.

    I am focusing and calibrating and my vibration is shifting. It is easy. I like doing this. Calibrating. Focusing. Feeling all the time. My eyes are half closed. The gap is closer than ever.

    I do not have to close it fully! I can stay here in proximity! This is enough! I do not have to close it completely. This is enough. Close enough to feel good, not so close that I croak lol. I see! I do not need to be there completely! Close is enough. Proximate is enough. Here is enough. I can stay here. I can practice here. I can feel good here.

    I am calibrating to this place. Like living by the sea but not IN the sea!

    I am focusing. I am closing the gap, but it will never fully close and it does not have to. I am closing the gap. I am practicing this perfect proximity between me and Me.

    This is enough! This is good enough! I have been her Many times before but I did not know it was enough to glide along here in this space.

    I can be eternally closing the gap. I can be eternally closing a gap that is eternally expanding. I can master becoming.

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    I went away and did some chores and I am not currently mindful of the gap.

    So I will calibrate again and find the gap and close it to a certain proximity.

    With practice I will be able to return to this proximity with more ease and sureness.

    I want to stay more calibrated throughout my day.

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    I often think of the subject of money as though it were distinct from everyday life.

    But in my everyday experience money represents my ability to control my own life and change where I live and how I live.

    I want to be able to choose a better place to live for me and my family.

    Money represents freedom and power to move versus being stuck and having to adapt to unwanted conditions.

    Being free to leave home and find a better place to live...

    Imagine being free to leave your home- a place of necessity - and choose a new place with new people, and have control over who comes and shares it with you.

    Imagine being able to walk away from a hostile and unpleasant place and people and freely choose a new place and create a new life.

    My resistance of not knowing where to go and not having resources to find my own place...

    I want to have the freedom to walk away from my family of origin and unwanted conditions. Walk into a better place where I only invite better people.

    I want the freedom and resources to walk away. Walk away and build something better.

    Walk into something better. Walk into somewhere better. Walk into a better life and feel the ease and security of my resources.

    I want to move into a better place. I want to feel that freedom.

    Now that I have this freedom, why would I endure unwanted conditions? I used to be proud of my ability to endure suffering. But I do not want to endure anything anymore.

    Enduring suffering keeps me focused on unwanted. But now I am reaching for my freedom and losing my endurance!

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    So it is not a matter of getting money, it is a matter of no longer activating vibrations of being stuck and enduring unwanted due to a belief in lack of resources.

    Calibrate instead to wanted.

    Calibrate to the immense resources that give me such ease and confidence to simply walk away from unwanted, take the bounce and follow my desires.

    Not even walking away from unwanted but walking directly towards wanted.

    I have this great bridge I use with difficult people. I ask if I just met this person, would I want to spend more time with them?

    It is a great way to clarify relationships and know what I want.

    Would I seek to spend more time with this person? Hell no. I would not give it a moment of thought, I would be on my way.

    So freedom means having the resources to be on my way. And that means not activating the doubt about whether I can afford to go somewhere better.

    Do I have the universes support and encouragement to go with my desires? Of course. I am meant to have what I desire and I desire a better place with better people, and the resources are part of that desire.

    I want to calibrate to the freedom and support and resourcefulness of my desires. Calibrate to the Knowing that I deserve that freedom.

    And I can see immediately there is some resistance in wanting to have money to own and secure a new home, as if I need to procure a fortress and defend it against opposition.

    What I really want is the feeling of freedom and the confidence in focusing on my desires. What I really want is to calibrate to my desires without doubt or fear.

    And that is all I need to do: just calibrate to my desire for freedom to follow my desires with ease.

    My desire for my desires to unfold in freedom and ease.

    My desire to go where I feel best

    My desire to follow my heart.

    My desire to align with my desires.

    My desire to be free and easy and confident and eager because of my knowing.

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    I want to feel good, I want to feel free, I want to be free to move in the direction of my desires.

    I thought I could not move in the direction of my desires because I did not have the resources. So I squashed my desires and calibrated to disappointment and suffering.

    But that was a misunderstanding and a lie.

    I want to move in the direction of my desires, and that does not require any resources, because I create my reality including resources. I do not need to accrue resources before moving. That is the action pathway.

    All I need is to stop denying my desires and start calibrating to them and focus towards them and follow my guidance. I can align with my desires, and that is all I need to do. I always had the necessary resources, because my thoughts are the only resource required. My focus is the only resource required. Therefore I can move, i can go to a better place, just by focusing on the feeling of a better place!

    What does it feel like?
    It feels like the ability to fly. It feels like a new dimension of freedom. It feels like an unprecedented capability. It feels like a hidden power I had all along. It feels like standing up tall and feeling the thrill through my whole body.

    It feels like destiny. It feels like power. It feels like magic. It feels like I am the chosen one. It feels like discovering a magical hidden world that I can enter at will.

    What do I call these feelings? Enchantment. Soaring. Wholeness. Completeness. True freedom. True power. True happiness.

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    I am recognising that my usual daily experience is focused around enduring conditions.

    Most of my life I have spent at home, combatting negative emotions, or enduring them or hiding from them. But right now I can see I have been focused on the unwanted by default. I have been living under the shadow of feeling Stuck.

    I have lived with that stuck feeling for so long that I thought it was normal even though I sought to overcome it. Like having a rock in my shoe and not realising there is a rock in my shoe, just enduring discomfort.

    I have been living a cramped and misaligned experience because I calibrated to lack of freedom. I don?t want to calibrate to that. I want to calibrate to...the freedom of my dreams. The freedom of a magical world. The freedom of pure relief. The freedom to align with my desires. The freedom to know there are no obstacles in my way because I create my reality.

    I can attract freedom. I can practice being a match to freedom. Freedom feels like I am floating, like my body is opening up, like I am releasing all tension and fatigue, like my spirit is growing stronger. Like I am entering the flow of energy and releasing all old resistance and emotions.

    Freedom feels like... I can calibrate to freedom. Just calibrate to this freedom.

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    Calibrate to freedom, calibrate to desires, calibrate to satisfying feelings. Calibrate to a free life. Calibrate to complete freedom. Calibrate to lightness. Calibrate to buoyancy. Calibrate to flying. Calibrate to freedom. Calibrate to freedom. Calibrate to love.

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