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Thread: Pingan’s practice

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    Just calibrate to feeling good. No need for ideas. No need to get specific. First thing in the morning, or near enough. Just close the gap. Get it to that perfect proximity

    I do not want or need to micromanage every detail and specific. Just close the gap and everything is taken care of.

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    This morning I am calibrating on the subject of income, and noticing that I desire income that feels like worthiness.
    Income that reflects my inner feeling of worth.
    Income that comes in because I feel worthy.
    Worthiness feels really special and good. I feel relieved. I feel like I am supported and looked after, not because of any action or effort or benefit I bring to others, but purely because of how wonderful I am.
    I am wonderful. I am lovely. I am precious. I am beautiful. I am elegant. I am luxurious.
    I want income that reflects how wonderful I am and how good I feel.

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    This morning my money story is becoming clearer. I am remembering my fathers highly emotive and judgemental attitudes about money. Indignation and contempt at the cost of things and value for money propositions, the sense that people were insane or stupid or immoral for spending money on things voluntarily.

    And his attitude to home ownership and mortgages: terrible burdens and obligations and resentment! Because he bought a house that needed a lot of repair and he was not skilled or happy about doing it.

    I am suddenly remembering all these aspects.

    I have been afraid of having a mortgage because I associate it with being powerless and indebted to others. I did not want to be obligated to anyone. I hated the thought of owing and depending and being answerable to others.

    But that is just because my father was an awful person to depend on, and HE hated depending on people and owing people and being answerable to others.

    My vibration on money and home ownership and employment and borrowing money are all coloured by my experience with him. That is what I calibrated to in the past. But I can calibrate to my inner being on these subjects!

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    Now I am able to start each day calibrating and closing my gap. I have found a satisfying degree of calibration and closure to practice.

    I am beginning to wonder what comes next, and to that end I think my manifestations are showing me resistance that i have been acclimatised to emotionally.

    In other words I am still ignoring my guidance on some aspects of life.

    But how does that relate to my calibration?

    It means I am not calibrating as wholly as I might. My calibration is very good, but it is not yet a predominant part of my vibrational mix.

    It is a vibration I am offering along with others. With practice it will grow until it is the primary vibration I am offering.

    I am loathe to even look at resistance now because where I focus determines my vibration going forward.

    So instead this reflection can soothe my concern that I am not as calibrated as I good be. I am doing it well. The frequency I am calibrating to will become my primary vibrational offering.

    And in addition I can be drawn into higher frequencies spontaneously.

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    The resistance is a vibration of: Poor Me
    That is what has come up this morning.

    Poor Me because I will be home looking after kids all day without a break.

    But really it is an emotional flashback to being stuck at home with chores or nothing to do for years as I was growing up.

    Poor Me is self-pity. I can see that it feels better than some other feelings. But I would rather feel better than self-pity.

    It is self-pity about lack of freedom. But if wanted things were flowing to me, and the kids were easy, and I was distracted, I would not have anything to pity myself for.

    My calibration is working, and I am outgrowing self-pity.

    How do I want to feel? What do I want to calibrate to?

    I want to feel movement and flow towards the things I desire. I want to feel freedom and the clear movement towards my goals. I want to own my own space and establish spaces for my enjoyment. I want a fun yoga space and a martial arts space. I want a computer space and a making space. I want a big cooking space and a friendly relaxed eating space. I want a beautiful sleeping space.

    I want to create these spaces. I want to manifest these spaces. Oh, I want to calibrate to the essence of these spaces!

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    Quick calibration

    Feeling resistance at home with kids.
    Do not calibrate to it.
    It is a bad memory of being completely micromanaged and dominated all day.
    Yes that was bad. But I am not there anymore. I am not with those dominating people. I can be myself and do what I want. I am actually free to do what I like and feel good and calibrate to what feels good.

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    I got a bit turned around but now I am aware and I am knowing that calibration is active. The things I want to focus on and feel good about are active. It is up to me to actively focus and actively calibrate.

    If I get turned around there is no use trying to stop moving and relax. Instead, I can recall the directions that feel good to me. And I can move toward them with focus.

    I can actively calibrate.

    I have been closing the gap and focusing in the direction of alignment. I have been focusing in the direction of wanted.

    If contrast comes up I do not need to stop and clean it or clear it. I want to close my gap. That is the whole point. I am always calibrating either towards or away from my alignment.

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    So money is a non-issue. It is just another manifestation of my vibrational alignment. And my desire for money is just another part of who I am and who I have become. So the only question is whether I am aligning with who I really am.

    And my practice of closing the vibrational gap is all I need to do.

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    I notice now that part of me is wanting a mission or endeavour or effort, to stave off things that frighten me.

    When I conclude that closing the gap is all I need to do, a part of me reacted in fear because it thinks that being me was not enough to prevent abuse and bullying and harassment and neglect. I have been trying to become someone else in hopes of receiving better responses from people and reality.

    I have been trying to create my reality by changing who I am and how I present myself and by striving for self-transformation.

    And that is a pretty logical response to the environment I grew up in. But I did not know about vibration or about LoA back then. I did not know that I have always been the creator of my reality. I do not need to change who I am. I only need to change my focus and thereby close the vibrational gap between me and my inner being and desires.

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    Moving forward is good. My desire is to close my vibrational gap. I do that by focusing and feeling my guidance.

    I like the word proximity because it is about coming close to closing the gap but not trying to completely close it.

    By closing my gap I am closer to my inner being perspective. I am not looking for anything magic or transformative. It is a certain kind of pleasure in maintaining my proximity to the source. I do not need to be right at the centre. The centre is my inner being already. My focus does not need to be exactly at that centre point. But I feel good in proximity to it.

    I used to face this in contemplation. Back when I believed Union with god was the solution to my problems. But I am not here to dissolve my consciousness back into the source. I am here for now to maintain these two points of focus. Just don?t widen the gap too far.

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