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Thread: Pingan’s practice

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    Happiness is my purpose and goal.
    Whatever thoughts and vibrations feel best right now...I focus on them and let myself release resistance.
    All material pleasures and happinesses are mine. All positive experiences and possessions are mine. All desired relationships and interactions are mine. Everything I want and love and enjoy is fitted together perfectly and I am the last remaining component coming into position.

    All material and worldly happinesses are mine.

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    This morning I want to feel better. What thoughts or vibrations are accessible to me right now?

    Imagine if those were my practiced, default vibrations. I feel harmonious.

    All worldly happiness is meant to be mine. That means glorying in my wealth and riches. But it does not mean I will forget my spiritual happiness. It does not mean I will be like a tv caricature of wealthy corruption and indolence.

    No, I am meant to have all of the wanted. And who cares how others tune to perceive me in my worldly happiness?

    All worldly happiness is meant to be mine. My inner being is already the vibrational reality of all worldly happinesses.

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    What does worldly happiness mean to me?

    Happiness means: getting what I want. Having a desire and receiving my desire.

    That is so simple.

    Having a desire and receiving my desire. Becoming one with the energy of my desire.

    And Abe is just reminding us that my desire is not just the physical manifestation, receiving my desire can start immediately, on the emotional/vibrational level.

    Receiving my emotion. Receiving my emotional manifestation of my desires.

    Right now I have desires and preferences I have launched. I can generally call them: all worldly happiness because they are everything the world has caused me to ask for.

    All worldly happiness means receiving all the desires I have launched in my time here.

    Receiving all my worldly desires, all the desires I have ever launched. I can start receiving them already in emotional vibrational form - in fact the only reason I have not been receiving them is because I have been resisting and opposing my emotional receipt of them.

    I have been holding myself back from all worldly happiness.

    All my desires still exist, they still call me, and I can still receive them in emotional vibrational form right now.

    Worldly happiness means I can receive right now all the emotional manifestations of my many desires. I can receive feelings of love, relief, joy, and above all the feeling of being looked after and taken care of. The knowing that I can forever and always create and allow and receive without end. Without scarcity or confinement.

    I can receive all worldly happiness, all my desires, all good feelings. And the relief of knowing that I am my own source of all this. I can never be separated or removed from myself as source of all I desire. All happiness. All relief.

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    All my worldly desires already exist and I am receiving them. I am receiving them and they feel good.
    The complete fulfilment of my life and my asking up to this very moment is all available for my immediate relief.

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    I also have a desire to be the superabundant source of my happiness, my desires, and the fulfilment of my desires; to Know myself as the source. To feel my undying connection.
    To feel and know and experience all good feelings and good things coming to me effortlessly and easily through me.

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    To me, happiness means I have desires and those desires are being fulfilled.

    The contrast I lived has caused me to want to be assured of the fulfilment of my desires: to feel safe and secure and free and guaranteed of everything I desire.

    But the way to do that is for me to FEEL like I would feel if I were safe and secure and free and guaranteed of everything I desire.

    I feel my heart in my chest at this focus.

    How would I feel if I were safe and secure and free and guaranteed of everything I desire? Safe secure. Free. Guaranteed everything I desire.

    I do not have words for the feelings I feel.

    All my desires, my worldly happiness, wanting a happy loving family, wanting to be loved, wanting to be safe and cared for; these desires never went away. Feeling loved and looked after, no fear, no lack.

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    My inner being already and always feels the fulfilment of my desires.

    What I love more than any manifestation is the experience of my creation unfolding in response to my desire.

    My being the nexus of creation.

    There is no resistance in the entire universe. Nothing opposes my creation. Every particle of existence responds impeccably to my desires.

    I am the nexus of creation.

    And calibrating to my inner being opens me up to the full flow of Source energy.

    My inner being lives the fulfilment of my desires. It embodies all happiness.

    My goal is to tune into the happiness of my inner being, and enjoy seeing creation unfold around me in effortless manifestation of my desires.

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    I am getting some momentum here.

    I want all the happiness my life has caused me to desire.

    My inner being already lives my complete happiness.

    For me to share that happiness, I only need to focus in the same direction.

    I can have the happiness even before the conditions come into play.

    I can have a foretaste of the happiness.

    It is real. Happiness is real. Happiness is significant. Happiness is important.

    Happiness will last as long as I focus on things that feel good.

    It is not about controlling my emotions, it is about allowing myself to come into alignment and feel these good feelings.

    I allow happiness by focusing where I am not resistant. Choosing to focus on thoughts that feel good. Choosing vibrations that align with my inner being and desires.

    Happiness is allowed, not forced or coerced or controlled.
    Allow it by focusing on better feelings...that is why it feels like relief. Happiness is a relief. A letting go. It is allowed to be, not controlled or forced or made to happen.

    I can feel happiness. I can feel in tune with worldly happiness. I can feel in tune with my inner being and the fulfilment of all my desires. My inner being is the fulfilment of all my desires. My inner being lives the happiness of all my desires fulfilled right now.

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    Feeling good is allowing good feelings to manifest!

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    Morning calibration:

    My goal is happiness.
    Happiness means having desires, and moving in the direction of them, allowing them to come to me.

    When I focus on things that make me feel better, I am aligning vibrationally with my inner being, who is already a perfect vibrational match to all of my desires.

    As I become more of a vibrational match to my desires, LoA brings me into proximity with matching manifestations.

    So all I do is follow the trail of feeling better. The more consistently I feel better, the closer I am and the better I feel.

    When I write out calibrating passages like these I feel increasingly good. If I keep focusing on these thoughts and words and looking for ones that resonate, I can stay in a more aligned place.

    When I go and look at conditions and other thoughts that feel flatter and emptier, I am experiencing resistance and going upstream.

    When I sit down and write, it is more effort but it is less resistance. It is only an effort because it does not have as much momentum yet but the momentum is growing. If I spent most of my day writing down and calibrating to these good feeling thoughts, then my day will be mostly good feeling, predominantly good feeling, overwhelmingly good feeling.

    I like how I feel when I calibrate to good feeling words and thoughts. It is a good process for me. It is something that feels good.

    I can keep doing this. When I stop to have a shower, perhaps I can keep my focus on these thoughts.

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