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Thread: Pingan’s practice

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    I just noticed that this process has an element of pushing against my reality.

    I write as if to immerse myself in soothing energy, away from the conditions of my experience.

    Would it be possible to write better feeling thoughts about my conditions? About my life?

    Can I make my goal to be happiness right now, not happiness apart from conditions and my reality? I think it is a holdover from past conditions, to think that my happiness must be completely detached and separate. Like a ball of light that hovers in space

    Can I look at my reality in the same good feeling way

    Can I find realities resonance with the good feelings I calibrate to here?

    So that I enjoy these good feelings without any hint of lack or gap

    So that I go and have my shower and continue to calibrate in a good feeling direction.

    What kind of lens shall I view my physical experience through, that it feel connected to my happiness?

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    Cleaning up thoughts about my physical experience.

    Because I want to find better feeling thoughts about my physical experience. In the past I had bad feeling thoughts about my physical experience. I thought it was like a prison for me. I believed I could have control and power over it, but I did not know how to access that power. I believed my suffering was like being stuck in a prison until I could find a way to free myself.

    I decided that physical experience itself was unwanted, an illusion, designed to trap and imprison me.

    My body felt so stiff and uncomfortable. I did not know how to remedy anything.

    I feel tension and discomfort on this subject. And I have a goal of finding relief on this existential/metaphysical subject so that I can calibrate to my desires in everyday experience, not just when i am typing on my phone!

    In the past I devalued the content of my physical experience as trivial and a waste of time because I sought freedom from the physical experience itself. Like the matrix movie, i wanted to see through the illusion to the underlying reality that I believed must be there.

    But I have heard from Abe that I desire this physical experience!
    I can liken it to a GUI or graphical user interface. I am creating this GUI and also using it. To see through it would defeat the purpose of creating it.

    And the only reason I want to see through it is because I want to feel better! I blamed my suffering on the GUI, but it actually comes from looking at unwanted and focusing on unwanted. My suffering came entirely from calibrating away from my inner being and my desires, yet I blamed it on being a physical embodied being in a physical reality. I thought that if I could transcend physical reality I could immediately solve all my problems and be free from all suffering forever.

    But I am not here to transcend the GUI. I create the GUI because it makes creating my reality more satisfying and more fun, just like a video game is more fun with its graphical interface than just entering raw data would be.

    I love being in my physical experience, I just lost sight of it as I searched for a way out of misalignment.

    I love being physically focused. I love this physical interface.

    In the past I became cynical and scathing of people and objects because I was in such painful misalignment that I could not appreciate them. But these are the contents of the physical interface I have created. The physical experience I love contains these people and objects in it.

    My physical experience is something I love and create. I love being physically focused. I create this deliberately. I love my physical reality that I create. I can appreciate it like I appreciate the beautiful graphics on an immersive video game reality, only infinitely more.

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    My body is my nexus for creating and translating this physical experience. I am here with the intention to create and enjoy my physical experience.

    How can I allow myself to feel good while being in my physical experience?

    I must be able to look at my physical experience and feel the way I feel when I focus on better feeling thoughts.

    I have a little resistance that says it is all empty....but empty means without substance and without meaning. But the appearances and forms of objects in my experience contribute to the launching of my desires and also reflect and manifest my vibration.

    So physical reality is not empty. It is vibrational, and it is meaningful because it matches my vibrational signal. It is not arbitrary. My physical reality right now perfectly matches my vibrational offering.

    Form is not empty of meaning or significance or reason. It matches my vibration.

    I practiced not feeling good and not appreciating my experience by telling myself that it was all empty. But that just meant telling myself it was not wanted, that it could not satisfy my desires, and that I was foolish for wanting it.

    I told myself I was deluded for liking or disliking physical experience. I used this thought to detach me from painful experiences. I also believed that if I could fully detach I would be free. Free to have whatever I wanted. Free from suffering.

    But true freedom is in exercising my ability to feel good, to focus and calibrate to thoughts that feel good and thereby allow the law of attraction to bring me more good feeling thoughts and manifestations. In other words, true freedom is the freedom to find alignment with my inner being who always feels good.

    My freedom to feel better is true freedom. There is no other mechanism or path to freedom. All others I have studied were just attempts to release resistance and feel better. The point of ?emptiness? is just like vibration: to release resistance.

    Reality is not independent of my vibration and my feeling. It follows my feeling always. I have the ability to feel good in and about my reality no matter how it looks. Feel better. I can feel better. No matter how it looks.

    I can calibrate to better feelings as I go about my physical experience because there are always desired aspects within it. Foremost is my very being here, my having this physically focused experience. The beauty of it, the sensations of it, the colour and sound and smell and taste and touch of it. The Realness of it. The lightness of it. The effortlessness of it. The purity of it. The resonance of it. The harmony of it.

    I will continue to clean up my vibration about my physical experience. I will do it naturally and easily. I am going to find ways to feel better using my physical experience as a reason, because I would rather feel better and I would like to feel better in every segment not just when I sit and write and calibrate.

    So I will calibrate to aspects of physical experience that feel better to me. Thoughts about physical experience that feel better. Including the thought that I am nonphysical being peering into this physical experience I have created and asked for t help me sift and sort. My physical user interface!

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    My goal is happiness
    Happiness is moving towards my desires
    I am moving towards them when I feel better
    I can feel better by focusing on thoughts, vibrations, or conditions that feel better.

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    I AM happiness.
    When I feel better, I am being the happiness that is me. I am being myself. I am being the real me.

    I am happiness.

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    Yesterday I realised I have been trying to control and change myself since I was young, because I was afraid I was not enough as I was.

    Today I am feeling much more intense negative emotions. I am able to feel better. But it occurred to me that I must be no longer trying so hard to control and change, and therefore I am feeling the underlying feelings.

    So the bad news is that I feel a lot worse than I knew. The good news is that it is a lot easier to shift my mood than I thought. It is a lot more malleable and responsive to my focus.

    It used to feel like digging out tree roots, but now it feels like moulding putty.

    The ups and downs are a bit more dramatic and tempestuous but I am really working with the right material now.

    Dynamic and responsive. Genuine. Direct.

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    Until now my practice has been hampered by my underlying intention to try to control and change myself using spiritual practices; this acted to diffuse and obscure my guidance.

    Now my guidance is much more obvious and so much more responsive to feeling better.

    My energy is unsplit!
    It is as though I have been constipated for most of my life

    Now the relationship between focus and feelings is very clear, and so is the choice to feel better rather than try to use action, and to focus on feeling better rather than giving attention and airplay to bad feeling focus.

    I am clearly able to soften and soothe everything and feel meaningful relief now that I have given up that underlying project.

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    I create my new path and reality. I can leave behind everything i choose not to include. I can include everything and only everything I want and enjoy.

    The road ahead is made from whatever I give my attention to, it can be all better, all relief, as I go forward. And whatever I do not bring forward is left behind.

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    My goal is feeling better.
    I can feel better easily in every moment.
    It is easy to feel better, I do not need to focus on worse feeling thoughts.

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    I want to feel better, but I feel some guidance on a specific subject. The guidance is my inner being inviting me to align my vibration/thoughts on this subject.

    I want my best friend to be with us forever.
    But I have some practiced thoughts of obstacles to that happening.

    Thinking about obstacles feels bad. That means my inner being does not see obstacles. My inner being already vibrationally enjoys the culmination of my desire. So part of me is already enjoying the culmination of my desire, and I only feel bad when I think in opposition to it.

    It helps to know that my IB already lives the culmination of my desire. It is a done deal vibrationally, and the path from here to there is certain.

    And my IB does not look at obstacles because it already lives the culmination of my desire. Why would it look for obstacles? There are no obstacles, only the circumstances in which my desire is fulfilled.

    My IB already lives the answer, the fulfilment, the culmination. All that remains is the easy downstream path from here to there. I am on the path from here to there. My IB lives my future.

    My future is guaranteed. My best friend will be with us forever. My IB already lives the fulfilment of that desire. So I can let go of resistance and feel the relief of knowing my desire is complete, and I am just flowing to it in ease.

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