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Thread: Pingan’s practice

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    Being willing to rest in the feeling place. Being trusting enough to enjoy how good it feels. To embrace my IB as it enjoys the fulfilment of my desire, rest in that place, savour that place. My desire is reality.

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    First thing in the morning I have a bad feeling that does not seem connected to anything.

    What do I do?

    I want to feel better. I can try focusing on things that feelbetter but the bad feeling is still with me.

    I do not have words for this bad feeling, so I cannot shift it verbally, but I can soothe it vibrationally.

    I can feel it, and feel relief for this feeling.
    Wordless vibrational shift.

    The feeling hurts and feels more because I am not ignoring it. It is a kind of burning sensation. Oh, i have a belief that I cannot let myself feel it. Because it is too big and inappropriate.

    I had to stop myself breaking down in tears as a kid with this feeling. I had to cauterise the wound. I thought I had to. But I do not have to. I do not have to cauterise or tourniquet my feelings.

    I can let go and feel whatever I feel. Nothing is too dangerous or out of bounds or inappropriate.

    I do not have to cut off my feelings. I can feel sadness and other bad feelings.

    So this feeling is hopelessness, but I tried to stop feeling it because I was further attacked and harassed and punished for expressing negative emotions. He would treat my negative emotion as a criticism of him.

    So I have been carrying around hopelessness, as well as refusal to feel it.

    But things are not so hopeless after all. Like my best friend visiting us last night briefly and spending some beautiful time with us. And my improving grasp of how LoA works and how my emotions respond, and becoming more and more responsive and clear.

    There might be some pain I have hidden away, but feeling my feelings is vastly better than trying to shut them down.

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    So it is morning again and calibration time.

    My goal is happiness.
    Happiness is having desires and moving in the direction of them.
    When I feel better, I am moving in the direction of my desires.
    I can feel better just by focusing on anything that feels like relief or ease or comfort or appreciation.

    I want to let go of the bleakness of life that I used to feel. Now I know that by feeling good, all my desires are coming to me effortlessly. They are moving towards me even though it looks like I am just sitting still feeling better.

    Just by feeling better I am swiftly moving toward my desires. People and objects and timing and ideas are arranging themselves all around me all the time. And I am just feeling relief.

    Life is the opposite of bleak. Life is abundant and surprising with beautiful timing and perfect coming together of people and situations and objects, like my best friend coming last night and being there for my daughters bday and having balloons to add to the celebration.

    I can just feel better each moment and each segment, and let that be my path forward. Feeling better, feeling relief, feeling ease, feeling appreciation, and gradually coming to satisfaction, eager for more, and love and joy beyond that.

    My goal is happiness, and I am on the way. As I feel better through deliberate focus, I move towards my desires and they towards me.

    And as I feel better I am coming into sync with my inner being who feels SO good. And as I am more and more vibrationally matching my inner being, LoA is placing me in matching conditions and manifestations.

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    My goal is to feel better.
    Today some resistance has come up and I am letting it go gently.

    I have become aware that I expect to be blamed by others, because of past experiences of being continuously blamed.

    I want to shift this. The pain of blame is something I do not want to endure anymore.

    But rather than trying to become immune to the pain or block it out, I know now that I create my reality. It is up to me whether or not I attract more experiences of blame.

    I do not have to stop feeling hurt by blame. But I do have the power to deliberately attract different experiences and take comfort and confidence from my knowledge of LoA.

    I can definitively attract better experiences than blame.

    And as I attract better, i no longer have to fear, and blamers and their blame will bounce out of my reality.

    I can prepave a life free from blame!

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    My goal is happiness.
    Happiness is moving in the direction of my desires.
    I move in the direction of my desires when I feel better.
    I feel better by choosing to focus on things that feel better.

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    I think I am putting pressure on myself in the same way as I was pressured as a child.
    I feel like it is too much to bear.
    I put this pressure on myself but I can stop it.
    I do not need to pressure myself.

    Abe material exacerbates the pressure sometimes because I feel like my happiness hinges on following instructions correctly. I feel like saying it is wrong or too hard or not possible for me. Because I am not getting the results I want. I blame myself for not getting the results I want.

    It is supposed to be simple and straightforward, and my past experiences are not credited as complications or extenuating circumstances. So I am blaming myself for not succeeding at this simple and straightforward process of becoming happy.

    Meanwhile I feel like I have been on fire for most of my life. No one credited it or helped me. I couldn?t even talk to anyone about it for twenty or so years.

    So I feel like Abe has the recipe for happiness and success, and I am sitting here after years of effort and progress and still have neither.

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    When i wake up in the morning I do my calibration: my goal is happiness...happiness is having a desire and moving toward it...i move toward it when I am feeling better...I feel better by deliberately choosing to feel better.

    Sometimes like this morning a resistance comes up and calibrating does not help. So then I let it slowly come into focus and then it yields a shift of resistance.

    But after a while the fruitfulness of focusing on that resistance is finished. And then it is best to let the subject go, do not push it too far.

    At that time I come back to normalcy but I am more sensitive to resistance - and can have a spike of negative emotion like the post above. At this time it is important to have no expectations and just take it easy and focus on feeling just a tiny bit better in the lightest possible way.

    Then after a while I can reconnect to my calibration: my goal is happiness! Happiness is having desires and moving toward them! I am moving toward them when I feel better about anything. I can feel better with ease as I just focus with that intention and find better feeling vibrations and thoughts.

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    My goal is happiness.
    Happiness is having desires and moving towards them.
    I have desires, and when I feel better I am moving toward them.
    I can feel better by focusing with an intention to feel better.
    When I focus with an intention to feel better, I am moving towards my desires.
    Moving towards my desires is what Abe calls satisfaction.

    Happiness is a general word that stands for positive emotion.

    When I focus with an intention to feel better, I am not aware of resistant thoughts.
    When I focus on a good feeling thought, my resistance is deactivated.

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    This morning it occurred to me that instead of focusing on money or a new home, a more general and softer subject is just moving forward in life.

    Just moving forward and feeling ready to move forward, whatever that looks like. I think I can feel good about that.

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    Howdy pingan! Newbie here, and I just wanted to say that's a beautifully clarifying thought! To leave out the specifics of what abundance or happiness or success is according to physical standards (money, house, cars, career, etc.) and going as general as "improvement" feels like such a relief. Definitely a "let the oars go" thought I'm going to enjoy basking in.

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