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Thread: Pingan’s practice

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    Quote Originally Posted by vortexyvortices View Post
    Howdy pingan! Newbie here, and I just wanted to say that's a beautifully clarifying thought! To leave out the specifics of what abundance or happiness or success is according to physical standards (money, house, cars, career, etc.) and going as general as "improvement" feels like such a relief. Definitely a "let the oars go" thought I'm going to enjoy basking in.
    Thanks vortexyvortices, I appreciate you leaving a reply.

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    I am not forgetting my general practice of feeling better regardless of the terrain I am flowing over. No matter how rough it is, I can smooth it a little. I can make it more comfortable.

    The dissociation topic on my other thread will come to an end eventually. But my practice of feeling better no matter what will only increase and grow.

    I know I can feel better no matter what, and I know my life improves when I do feel better.

    In fact the dissociation theme has come to light precisely because I have been feeling consistently better.

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    I ate too much...

    But I can feel good. I can feel better. I can feel relief. I can feel easier. I can feel relaxed.

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    Okay new form:

    My goal is to feel satisfaction.
    Satisfaction comes from having desires and moving in the direction of them.
    Moving in the direction of my desires is as easy as feeling better.
    Feeling better and feeling better, Just feeling better and feeling better. In each segment and movement I can feel better.
    Momentum of feeling better is like a natural spring welling up in me. Pure spring water flowing all around and through me. Just by feeling better.

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    I hoped my best friend would come today but I have not heard from her and I am feeling the lack.

    But I just read a great Abe quote and I know that I can look for satisfying thoughts about my best friend and that will easily shift my vibration.

    I love my best friend. She is amazing and special and clever and she really knows and understands what is going on in life. We really understand each other and see each other clearly. I love seeing her and chatting and just chilling together; and we catch up so much more often these days.

    I feel good thinking of her, and all the wonderful and satisfying and surprising ways we have rendezvoused when I relax and let my vibration rise.

    The resistance I feel is not about is something else that I will explore on my other thread or elsewhere.

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    There is a balance between feeling better directly and then cleaning up dissociative stuff, but also remembering to feel better again and not expect cleaning up to be the end point.

    Clean, then get back into feeling better directly.

    I like feeling better. Cleaning is sometimes helpful but mostly I just like to feel better.

    I can easily feel satisfied in a few short minutes. There is no need to clean right now. I can easily feel better and even more easily now that I have cleaned.

    I am happy. I am feeling satisfaction at my ability to align and feel good. Well done to me!

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    I can feel better right away. I can focus into better feelings. I can reach for better feeling vibrations. I love feeling better. The relief I feel is immediate.
    I feel better.
    I do not need to dig anymore. Just feel better.

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    Each time I release a dissociated resistance I feel increased openness and relief in my feeling better.

    I feel greater flow of the energy within me. It feels beautiful.

    I love this.

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    Today is a beautiful cool day.
    My goal is to feel better smoothly today.

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    It is time to focus on feeling better and let go of anything else.
    I can easily feel better. I have become so good at it. There is no rush to clean up dissociated resistance. My practice of feeling good serves me the most because feeling good leads to more feeling good.
    The better I feel the better I am at feeling better and that feels better.

    I can feel better no matter what.
    Cleaning will come in its own time.

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