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Thread: Great manifestation

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    Great manifestation

    I am sooo happy, I have a beautiful story to share.

    Last week on Tuesday I finished the receipts for my accountant, bank statements with receipts and cash receipts. Put everything in an envelope and dropped it in her mailbox. In the evening I received an email from her, she wrote that the bank statements from January and February and the cash receipts from those months were missing. I found the bank statements , I had accidentally stapled them back into the folder after arranging them, but the cash receipts from January/February were not there. Searched through everything, found nothing! I was frustrated and felt unworthy. I then wrote to her, she said there was no hurry, I should look for the things in the next days. I then decided to let go of the whole thing for now. Did several Focus Wheels which helped me calm down and feel better. I also kept imagining and feeling the beautiful feeling in case everything came back. The whole weekend I didn't deal with it and distracted myself with nice things. I felt mostly good. Today I wrote to her that I could not find anything and that if the receipts were not between the bank statements, I would have no idea where they were and she should now finish everything so. Five minutes later she called me that she had found all receipts in the very back of the pile!!!!

    I am so happy and proud, LoA is just so great

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    Easy does it!

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