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Thread: Vibrational Currency - Feel Free to Join

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    Vibrational Currency - Feel Free to Join

    I like my stamina

    I like being able to go out in the sun

    I like how I'm aware of my body and it's needs

    I like the never ending flow of ideas to me

    I like how every day is a chance to make a Stage Play or a Live Movie while being in this time space reality

    I like the idea that I'm a superhero and i don't have to spend any money for it

    I like the idea that I can influence others through my language

    I like how I'm able to carry myself with confidence

    I like the many resources I have

    I like how my thoughts are unlimited and I can take them in any direction

    I like how I'm able to exercise

    I love my ability to use my genius

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    awww, I like that!!!
    What a wonderful idea, ...I take the invitation!

    I KNOW, that I always have everything in the very moment, that I need.
    Life has taught me that, and I am so certain and absolutely knowing that. I like how secure that feels!

    I always get loving, helpful, divine guidance, from moment to moment.
    I love to absolutely KNOW that. It feels unwaverering. It feels absolute. I feels wonderfully safe and sure and deeply known and loved in that. It feels so warm and good and understood, and safe.

    I am clear about money and abundance.
    I like how deeply I understand money (and all manifestations) just being translations of my own vibration- me being able to translate. I know the EGS. I know that good feels good, and I know that going into guilt or disempowerment is not ever EVER a virtue I love how far I came, in all of that! I love how safe and certain and invincible I feel in this knowing.

    I really LOVE abundance.
    I love that I have no issues at all about abundance per se. I LOVE abundance! I love the system of money. I love having money. I love ho much there is to appreciate in this amazing world, and especially in my amazing life.

    I so deeply appreciate my life!
    I love the abundance of nature, of freedom, of loving relationships, of wonderful assets, of fantastic technology, of wisdom, of knowledge, of skill in my personal life.

    I feel RICH!
    I feel generous. I feel such deep love- for my beloved people, for my environment, for this planet, for this time, for the whole set-up, for source and my angels and guides, for MYSELF. I flow love so easily happily, effortlessly, naturally. I so love how good it feels to do that!

    I feel so eager to dive into all of it, even deeper and expand, and find more to appreciate on purpose, on and on. I love expanding! I love my journey. I so love the topics of abundance and wellbeing of all things, no matter if they can be bought with money. And also, I so love to explore and enjoy and master financial wellbeing deeper and fuller. I love my journey of mastering abundance!

    I am so satisfied where I am!
    And I am so eager and passionate for MORE.


    What is the "vibrational currency"?

    Step 4 means: -Having spent at least 30 days deliberately getting on the HFD, and knowing when you are, and knowing when you are not,

    and being able to control being on there, because you choose to.

    Esther said: "Abraham, I refuse to accept that if I fall off, that I have to wait to tomorrow morning to get back on. Because you have given us enough processes that I know that I can meditate and stop the momentum, or I can do a focus wheel and enhance the momentum that I mean to. I like focusing in this high flying energy. I like it!!" -and then she began to realize, that this is the step 4 basis! Step 4 this is the vibrational basis.

    You have a vibrational currency that you mean to spend.
    It is a vibrational currency, in other words, there are things that money can't buy. There are things that action can't accomplish.

    There are things that vibrational alignment and your focus can accomplish!

    That is a vibrational currency, and the nice thing about beginning to focus this vibrational currency, is that you all have equal access to it.

    So any negative expectations that you might have garnered about yourself don't apply to this vibrational currency.

    Stamford, CT, 9/28/13

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    I love FLOWING. I love ALLOWING the flow.
    I love how effortless this is.
    I love that it doesn't need any doing- my stream FLOWS BY ITSELF.
    It's a huge, mighty, steady stream.
    I trust it. I understand it. I relax into it.

    It brings me towards all I ever desired. It's the stream of my life, it is LIFE ENERGY.
    My currency flows in the path of least resistance, and it always finds it's way, in time.
    All is well. My life energy has the power and the momentum to find it's way, eventually.
    Even if I don't understand, even if I don't "try", even if I don't effort!

    I trust my stream. I trust the currency of my life. I trust that when I allow, it flows, in wonderful, perfect ways.

    And even when I don't allow- eventually, the stream will take me. My life-momentum always will take me, th question is if I enjoy it, If I "get" what it takes me to, if I can perceive where it's carrying me. And I WILL get it all, when I tune to feeling good. Feeling good, or at least relief. is, again "the answer"... and it's enough. It's the key. It's a "terrible price", and I soooo pay that

    I so love my currency! I so love this re-juvenating, re-sourcing, life-giving wonderful beautiful friendly loving currency of goodness and wellbeing and JOY.

    It's a CURRENCY. It must FLOW, towards what you WANT!

    When you are not on the HFD
    (high-flying-disc, aka ITV) and you feel this shortage- consciousness, -which is understandable- then you are doing things not because you are INSPIRED to- but because you SHOULD. And then you can get depleted. And then it feels like "When do I get mine?". What we'r really saying is,

    you (...) have to get on the HFD, before you can even BEGIN to get yours!

    And once you've tapped into that vibrational currency, you'll never have this question, again. It will NEVER feel to you like you are being diminished, or taken advantage of, or depleted, by anyone. Because you realize that it's flowing in AS FAST as it's flowing out- because the reason that it's flowing in, is BECAUSE it's flowing out! That's the whole reason of the prosperity-game!

    Iow, if you have objects of attention, to which you are flowing it- it keeps coming!

    (...) It's not about what anybody is doing to you, or demanding from you. If YOU are not tapped into the resources, it's like... the financial world that most people are living in, is a world of... they've got a clump of money, and it's coming in, at a certain rate. Maybe they inherited it, maybe they are earning it by the year, maybe they are earning it by the hour, but they have what feels to them, as this FINITE CLUMP of resources, that then, they are spending toward that, and spending toward that, and spending towards that.

    But when you are looking at it like that, than everything that you spend feels like a diminishment, because it's going AWAY! Maybe it's going out faster, than it's coming in. And then, you get that shortage-consciousness. You get that sort of feeling, that you'r wanting to be more stingy, or wanting to be more consciously aware of where you'r spending your money, you are wanting to be more frugal or more prudent about what you are doing. And sometimes, these little kids don't feel that frugal!


    Because that's the trajectory, they'r on! They just WANT. They'r not realizing that you took a tributary a while ago- and you'r NOT FLOWING like they are flowing- and so they don't understand why you have an issue with spending money that you don't have. Because, they don't have an issue with you, spending money that you don't have!

    Most people are living not at the end of their pile of money. But they are living at the end of their credit limit! And so, we understand why that causes you to feel the way it causes you to feel. BUT you can get around this!

    You can get ABOVE this-

    -By recognizing, that there is the VIBRATIONAL CURRENCY you are tapping into, that will translate into clarity. It will translate into good ideas, it will translate into tangibles. It translates into money. It translates into ALL of that.

    But you've GOTTA tap into that, before this conversation even makes any sense.

    26 October 2013, Atlanta, GA from the clip Abraham Hicks - He wants to know what is his Want

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    I like the feeling of tranquility

    I like the ability to tap into the Source of Well Being

    I like knowing that I have control of my thoughts

    I like knowing I can think unlimited thoughts

    I like knowing that I can get many ideas

    I like feeling good

    I like the feeling of tranquility

    I like the feeling of allowing

    I like the magic of mystery

    I like the suspenseful mystery of pleasing manifestations coming to me like a thrilling film

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    I LOVE feeling the power of this incredible currency.
    I love realizing deeper each day, that this is "the power that creates worlds".
    Its FLOWING. It is flowing because this is the flow of life, of life-energy, that draws me- all by itself!- towards my Vortex, and I just need to relax.
    I just need to give up my resistances and allow the flow to carry me.

    I Allow the flow to connect me with everything that matters to me.
    I Allow the flow to align my sensors to receive what I want.
    I allow the flow to carry me, and I allow myself to drop the hustle and worry and effort.
    I allow this to be absolutely easy and normal.
    I allow this!

    I allow things and circumstances and people and MYSELF to line up in this flow, to heal in this flow, to move in beautiful loving wonderful passionate delightful concert- with my Vortex, with WHO I REALLY AM.

    The vibrational Currency shifts all things that are meaningful to you!

    We like to remind you, that everything we have been talking about here today

    is about the vibrational currency.
    There is a vibrational currency that "buys" things, wrong word, but that buys things that money can't. By far far far far far far far more things, than money can buy!!

    So as you begin consciously trading in this vibrational currency, watching the timing that it affords, and the expansion of time, and the clarity, and the rendezvousing with components that are important- as you begin trading in this vibrational currency and you do your best to

    leave money out of the equation,
    what happens is, that the vibrational currency will transform itself into any means that is important to you.

    -It will transform itself into more time.
    (story about Jerry & Esther and Monsterbus about time transforming itself to accommodate Jerry & Esther; people ran in front of bus and the bus had to stop in time.)

    -So, if we say if you trade in vibrational currency,
    time will transform itself to accommodate you.
    cells will transform themselves to accommodate you.
    Traffic will transform itself to accommodate you.
    weather will transform itself to accommodate you. In other words, we are not kidding about this at all,
    dollars will transform themselves,
    opportunities will transform themselves. You will get into that frequency and

    things that you have considered the way they are stable, even physically law based BECOME DIFFERENT, as you trade your currency in, for this things that are necessary under certain experiences.

    Jerry & Esther will never understand how they did not run over this kids, time literally stood still, and afforded them more opportunities to do the things they needed to do in order to accommodate them.

    You have no idea how many things like that that are happening on your behalf in every day but you are zigging and zagging and missing a lot of it, because you are not on the HFD where you are spending the vibrational currency that you have amassed.

    Take money out of the equation.
    Take time out of the equation.
    Take politics out of the equation.
    Take religion out of the equation.
    Take confrontation out of the equation.
    Take opposition out of the equation.
    Take competition out of the equation.

    Take everything that has ever been hindering in nature out of your equation, because you practice it not- and then watch what happens. You can?t be denied anything that matters to you.

    If this time space reality has the wherewithal of it all to inspire an idea within you, it has the wherewithal to deliver the goods, you see.

    Sometimes you think that what we are saying to you is,
    "oh, just get on your HFD, you feel so good you don't care that you are not on that cruise". That is NOT what we are saying at all!!! We are saying:

    Get on your HFD and the universe will yield all means to accommodate you
    about anything that matters to you, you see.

    Abraham Hicks, Philadelphia, October 19, 2013

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    I so love to ponder the term "currency".
    Something that flows downwards. Pulled by gravity, no effort, no hard work. It just happens "all by itself".
    Something that, eventually, will overcome all resistance.
    Something that can stagnate for some time, but as soon something changes, it's flowing again.

    I LIKE this. It feels so sure, so certain, so invincible.
    I like this emotions!
    I like that we call our money currency. That feels so good.
    I like that there is so much more in currency, than money. It cares for EVERYTHING. Vibrational currency takes care of everything we desire, want and ARE.

    Ahh, this is SO EASY!
    This is so beautiful.
    This is so sure and certain and light.

    This currency is ours. It's the powers that create worlds, that we all have at our fingertips. It is who we really are. Limitless.

    The Vibrational Currency is the same as the analogy
    of plugging your toaster in, before you can toast bread.

    So, you go to your kitchen to make some toast.
    You get out your toaster, you get out your bread, you take it out of the wrapper, you put the slices in, you push down the lever,

    -but you didn't bother to plug the toaster in.

    So you've gone through most of the motions that are accurate, but you did NOT connect to the electricity, FIRST. And that's what happens so often- you jump into action,

    when you'r not clearly connected to the current!

    Abraham Hicks 2017 ~ When You Must Take Action Immediately PRACTICAL NEW

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    ENERGY is so much more important (than money)
    and you have it at your fingertips ...and you SQUANDER it!

    from the clip Abraham Says To Make Money, Take Money Out of The Equation!!
    Sacramento Febr. 2013

    I LOVE the idea of UNDERSTANDING energy. I LOVE looking at it as an energy-stream that I can guide, where focus is my steering wheel. It feels so real. It feels right. It feels absolutely logical. It feels powerful. Wonderful! EMPOWERED. Logical, real, realistic, nothing else makes sense


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    I like knowing the Stream of Well Being is available to me at all times

    I like knowing i can spend my Vibrational Currency through my own Focus and i like knowing i can feel good through choosing better feeling thoughts

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    I wonder what you will spend your vibrational currency on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WellBeing View Post
    I wonder what you will spend your vibrational currency on?
    I think this was meant for paulmanifestor? But I will take this question in great appreciation and run with it, too...

    Passive income is:
    Alignment with my Vortex with such consistency that the abundance that I seek, is bucking no resistance-current AT ALL.

    So, it's flowing effortlessly, EFFORTLESSLY, into my experience.

    from the clip
    Gaining money without working - Abraham Hicks

    I spend my vibrational currency to feel CARRIED.
    I feel cared for and carried, knowing that all I need, and all I want, is provided.
    I spend it to feel safe and secure, and to relax in heavenly peace- WHILE I expect all things that matter to me, unfold.

    I spend it to feel like a tiny child, a child of god, held in her heavenly mothers arms, safe and warm, I feel known and understood.

    Everything is unfolding. The currency is carrying me. Nothing to do, other than to enjoy life, as it is unfolding, and know, that it's all offered to me in perfect timing, eventually, in perfect place, eventually.

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