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Thread: Vibrational Currency - Feel Free to Join

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    hopefully more freedom from pushing against i feel a push against something 85% of the time

    when i am free from a little more resistance the cashing in of more manifestations from my Vortex will come

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    Quote Originally Posted by WellBeing View Post
    I wonder what you will spend your vibrational currency on?
    I think this was meant for paulmanifestor? But I will take this question in great appreciation and run with it, too...

    Passive income is:
    Alignment with my Vortex with such consistency that the abundance that I seek, is bucking no resistance-current AT ALL.

    So, it's flowing effortlessly, EFFORTLESSLY, into my experience.

    from the clip
    Gaining money without working - Abraham Hicks

    I spend my vibrational currency to feel CARRIED.
    I feel cared for and carried, knowing that all I need, and all I want, is provided.
    I spend it to feel safe and secure, and to relax in heavenly peace- WHILE I expect all things that matter to me, unfold.

    I spend it to feel like a tiny child, a child of god, held in her heavenly mothers arms, safe and warm, I feel known and understood.

    Everything is unfolding. The currency is carrying me. Nothing to do, other than to enjoy life, as it is unfolding, and know, that it's all offered to me in perfect timing, eventually, in perfect place, eventually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WellBeing View Post
    I wonder what you will spend your vibrational currency on?
    and also if i read it right AAIIG sorta says Vibrational Currency is always there but it's just that some of us don't spend it with our Focus

    i think i spend most of the time i pushing against i figured starting out a thread using the language of Vibrational Currency is a productive way to help me Focus

    plus poe's or any other contributor's Streams of thought can help

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulmanifestor View Post
    and also if i read it right AAIIG sorta says Vibrational Currency is always there but it's just that some of us don't spend it with our Focus

    i think i spend most of the time i pushing against i figured starting out a thread using the language of Vibrational Currency is a productive way to help me Focus

    plus poe's or any other contributor's Streams of thought can help
    *I* personally love to share work-threads with like minded people, who really care about focusing. Your idea for this thread was SO inspiring to me! I'm glad when I can give some of the inspiration back... and I am certain also, that two people who are sharing the same desire and care to look at the wanted and for alignment, are even more powerful in this, "than millions who are not". So, thank you for dancing with me!

    Two or more people, co-creating in Alignment...

    When two or more minds come together that are positively focused upon a subject, those two minds are many times more powerful than one-plus-one. And so, the attraction of ideas and solutions goes beyond the sum total of the two individuals. It is truly exhilarating.

    And it is really what co-creating is all about.


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    Esther and the Vibrational Currency

    Abe tell a very touching story of Esther, who had a telephone call with a friend, who felt- and "sounded SO wise", that it took Esthers breath away, while she was sitting on her pool.
    And while Esther fed back to her beloved friend that she was wise... "what?" -"WISE!", a giant owl flew in, circled the pool, sat on a tree just beyond and "stared right into Esthers heart".

    Esther had never felt richer. She never had felt more blessed.

    She NEVER had felt more wonderful, than in THAT moment, with that affirmation, of what she was speaking, you see. And THIS is the way, we want you to feel about abundance! We want you to feel abundance, whether it comes to you in the form of a thought, or an idea, or an encouragement, or a friend, or a hug- or however it comes to you- as you ACKNOWLEDGE the abundance...

    We can't separate the word "abundance" from the word "worthy"!
    We can't separate the word "abundance" from the word "worthy", and "wellbeing"! (...)

    And we think, a pile of money is a paltry, puny evidence of the ABUNDANCE, that is there.

    Oh, it's nice. It's nice!

    But it doesn't buy owls.

    San Diego, Jan. 2013

    I know this moments, that money could not EVERY buy. This moments of absolutely perfect timing. This moments where just the whole world seems to hold it's breath- for me. This moments, that give me chills and goosebumps, enlightening moments, love-moments, closeness-moments, AWESOME moments.

    Yes, moments of awe.
    Or, physical sensations and -joy.
    Moments of deepest understanding.
    Moments, where the world swings around for me, and everything is changed.

    Or, a tiny sunbeam on my eyelid.
    A soft wind, caressing me.
    Breathing deeply, and feeling LIFE rush through my system.
    Or, a healing moment- when I released resistance in a fellswoop, and from one second to the other, I AM FREE.

    Moments of INSPIRATION- when the words just flow from my keys into my story, and I am in awe about what is happening. Moments, where I NEED to sit down and paint, and the colors flow and I feel so invincible, I couldn't set one wrong brush-stroke. Moments of counseling, when the words flow from my mouth and I feel KNOWING and absolutely, thousand percent SURE.

    All of this can't be bought by money! It can't be banged into place, dragged by the hair into my cave. We must ALLOW it... and those are the true moments of magic, of joy, of fulfillment, the orgasms of life. We can't make them, but we can pre-pave them... in paying the "terrible price" of happiness, in paying the TRAINING of focusing on joy and beauty and goodness, on and on and on, and become connoisseures of love and light and fun.

    And in THIS currency, more and more and more comes back to us.

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    Appreciation IS the vibrational currency!

    Do you know what appreciation does?

    In appreciation, in appreciation, you are contributing BACK in the full measure of what you are receiving.

    In other words, it puts the give-and-take into the perfect alignment! Because, in your acknowledgement of the well being that surrounds you,

    you give BACK proportionately.

    And the entire Universe who is nonresistant, this vortexual Universe in utter non-resistance, just floods back. In other words, it just keeps mirroring back: You appreciate, Vortex appreciates, you appreciate, Vortex appreciates, you appreciate, Vortex appreciates... until you just parlay yourself

    into greater states of ecstasy.

    ~Abraham, Panama Canal Cruise, March 2011

    I understand this deeper!
    Well I "understood" it before, and now I UNDERSTAND!!
    I SO LOVE understanding all of this deeper and deeper.
    THANK YOU paulmanifestor for this blessed "excuse" to dig deeper! I feel soooo good!

    The currency IS our connectedness with source-God-the TRUE POWER.

    When the toaster is plugged in, it can make toast. When the vacuum is plugged in, it can do more than make marks on the floor. I GET IT!!! And when I am plugged in to my vibrational currency, I can be or do or have EVERYTHING I desire, aka, everything that I have put into my Vortex! I GET it, then. I am in the receptive-mode, then.

    I love going in circles and getting this not new info SO DEEEEP, and I guess, I'm not ready and will never be. Ahhhh, it feels SO GOOD!!! What a triumph. I GET IT! I GET IT!!!

    And to go with the plugged-in-ness, I have to keep a focus of tunedness to what I want- WHICH WILL ALWAYS FEEL GOOD!!!!

    SO SIMPLE!! And so NOT NEW!!!!

    I get to tell the wanted story.
    I get to build grids and atmoshpheres that praise what I want.
    I get to APPRECIATE from my heart and my soul, find WHATEVER I can authentically fullheartedly appreciate- and there is soooooooo much. Ohh, and I get to DO this! Not just "know"!

    HELL YES, I'm doing that!!!

    Practice a Wealth-Grid to get access to your Vibrational Currency!

    ​We think that it would be really helpful for you to focus upon another currency that is easily accessible to you, that you cash in on all day, every day and that's this vibrational currency.
    Because on the wings of this vibrational currency will come all the money that you want to.

    You just have to stop doing that thing you do, about money!
    ​It would be a sort of remarkable thing, if suddenly you could begin offering a plethora of wonderful allowing words about money, so we're not gonna put you on that impossible spot, because you can't change your vibration all of a sudden.
    You can't suddenly start thinking differently than you have been,

    but you can focus upon lots of things that put you in the step three allowing place.

    Did you follow that? -
    Knowing what he doesn't want, a lot of you are doing it, too, has caused him to put all kinds of financial abundance in his vortex, but he doesn't have access to it because whenever he thinks about money, he conjures a vibrational grid that won't let it flow in: It is so confounding, isn't it?

    "I want it so much, why won't it come?" -That's why.
    ​It's also not even necessarily focused on the money, it's the things that it will bring, as well.
    ​Say, you want a trip or a holiday or things like that, then it comes back to - how am I going to get the money? Even though I don't really have a huge issue with money, I could always find it. It's just that there's not that whole sense of wellbeing. Do you hear the grid that you are still practicing?

    You're arguing for your limitation.
    You're explaining how it is, and of course you're right.

    Everything that you are saying is exactly right!
    It's just vibrationally off. -You can't get there from there. So what do you do, when you're offering a vibration that won't let you have it? It would be like...
    You've been working, you've been gathering up resources and you've been depositing them in your bank account, and then you go to the automatic teller, and you say - "oh look at my bank balance, it's really big because I worked last year, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before. It's all in there, so give some of it to me!" and it says:
    Access denied.

    "You got to be kidding me!! Do you know how hard I worked to put that in there? Other people are getting money out of theirs, what's wrong with you? Give it to me. Give it to me now!!!"

    Access denied.

    "Why would I not be able to get it out? Why can't I get it out? I know that I deserve it. Somebody needs to call somebody!!!"

    We know how frustrating it feels, because when you want something that is not coming, it feels like someone else is preventing it, or something that you don't understand is preventing it, or something that's gone wrong- and it is so simple.

    It's the simplest thing in the world. You are denying your own access because you keep feeling the way you feel, about it.

    -You got to practice a different grid!

    ​You were explaining to us, "Abraham, I don't feel bad, just because I don't have the money, because who wants pinky old smelly old piles of money. It's what I can do with the money."
    Then you began to present to us the discomfort that you feel when you look out into this magnificent world and you see something that you would like to have, or experience, and you can't do it.

    Then you feel that emptiness.

    How are we going to get around that if you're standing in a place without something that you want, and you can't get to it feeling the absence of -whatever it is-? How are you gonna get to it? What's the answer? How are you gonna get there?

    You got to think about something else, or you've got to find a way of thinking about it that isn't so blatantly, so starkly, pushing against.

    Tell us about the things in your world that are working well this year?
    "​I started a new job that I've really enjoyed. I've got a great relationship with my partner, yeah we live so close by - even today it was just fantastic, it was just a five minute walk to get here this morning, so I know that there's things that are going well. Exercise is something that I find easy to do. I enjoy getting out and running, and I make friends easily, and yeah, I've got a great network of friends, and I know that I could rely on. If I ever needed to rely on anybody they would instantly be there." (...)

    So, if we can convince you that everything that happens is your grid filling in, and then we can convince you that you can count on your grid, then can you see how you can control what fills in, because you're controlling what your point of attraction is!? -That was the best logic that we have ever expressed. (...)

    This is what we know about your Vortex, but you're not ready to know it, and it really is not that helpful when someone else knows it, and that's the reason that we were pointing out to you that so many of our physical friends have looked to others for the fullfillers of their destiny.
    The reason you do that - this is the missing piece for you - the reason that you keep waiting for someone else to deliver it, someone else to be the key, or the path. The "how is it going to get there". The reason that you look to others for that, is because you've had a grid that has been filling in and you have been oblivious to the fact that you have a grid that has been filling in, so since you haven't known that your grid was filling in, when it fills in, it feels like it is someone else's doing. Are you following? But,

    when you start deliberately conjuring some images and holding them until you feel better.
    When you start deliberately doing the things that feel good.
    When you're doing them,
    when you have taken some time like this, and then you watch what happens immediately following in the hours and the days following a raising of your vibration, you will never again find the mystery of the grid filling in.

    It won't feel to you like it's someone else fulfilling your destiny, someone else deciding what's happening to you. (...)

    (say) "-Contrast will inspire me,
    -and it will feel good to come up with a new idea,
    -I'm gonna like the freshness of a new desire,
    -and I'm not going to be unhappy about it not manifesting instantly,
    because it is the object of attention to which I'm flowing my energy,
    -it's what's giving me the reason for life.

    -I'm gonna have a joyous unfolding."

    You see, everyone who is living with appreciative awareness of current prosperity had a dry spell. Everyone, and it's the dry spells, we love you so much, it's the dry spells that are filling your Vortex full of what you want.
    You said,

    "I'll go and I'll sift and I'll sort and I'll define and then I'll do my best to line up with what I've defined, and I would feel the resonance of it.

    I will feel the ease of it.
    I will feel the alignment of it.
    I will feel the joy of it.
    I will feel the alignment of it.
    I will feel the connection of it.
    I will feel the empowerment of it.
    I will feel the vitality of it.
    I will feel the invincibility of my alignment.

    That's the life that you're feeling, and then after all of that, I'll get a manifestation. It'll be great never-ending manifestations to punctuate my alignment.

    Your manifestations are meant to punctuate your alignment, not to be the reason for it.


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    If you have a subject that makes you uncomfortable when you think about it, it means

    there is strong desire related to it.

    Which means it really, really, really matters!
    So, finding a way to think about it and feel good is your work!

    But it is equally effective to think about anything else and feel good, and let it in. You don’t have to think about money in order to let in money. You just can’t think about lack of money, to let in money.

    Excerpted from North Los Angeles, CA on 8/13/01

    I LOVE thinking about money!
    I LOVE thinking about how far I came, how incredibly well I have done this, so far.
    I LOVE being rich!!
    I love that life experiences has shown me how it FEELS to feel rich.
    I love to have ths experience under my belt, and I want to deeply deeply appreciate everybody who helped me with achieving that- from physical or nonphysical stance!

    I love this ease of being rich.
    I love the "YES" that is in every desire, when I am rich.
    I love the elatedness, when I am rich.
    I love the laughter that my heart is feeling, when I am focusing on financial abundance!
    It literally feels as if my heart is laughing. And flying!
    I feel like having wings, when I focus on me, having money.

    My chest is opening up, and I feel like a bird, flying high.
    I feel elated and carried and able and safe and understood. I feel LIGHT. I feel free!

    And that feels SO GOOD.
    I so appreciate this topic of abundance, that MATTERED SO MUCH TO ME all my life, for so many different reasons. THANK YOU, money, thank you contrast around money. You realllly educated me. You really made me clear. You really made me think and feel, and become DELIBERATE!

    I so appreciate this incredible journey, that you gave me the "excuse" for. It was an awesome, awesome awesome travel. I've seen so much, enjoyed so much, understood so much- and have put SO MUCH into my Vortex, that now is calling me, which I feel SO CLEARLY. I feel SUCH APPRECIATION!!! I feel SUCH appreciation for you- money, and topics of abundance and freedom and light, and ALIGNMENT. THANK YOU, THANK YOU LIFE.

    The way you CASH IN your vibrational currency,
    is by finding a way to LINE UP with it.

    from the clip It's so Simple to Calibrate Yourself for Receiving Money - Abraham Hicks 2021

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    The way you CASH IN your vibrational currency,
    is by finding a way to LINE UP with it.

    from the clip It's so Simple to Calibrate Yourself for Receiving Money - Abraham Hicks 2021

    I feel such deep appreciation for money. I understood it's innocence early, and I really appreciate that, too: In a world that hated rich entrepreneurs, I grew up in the house of a selfmade-man, who became a multimillionaire due to his genius in physics, while he had started out on a tiny village with no proper school, as the 9.child of a very poor farmers family.

    I UNDERSTOOD that he was not "bad". I UNDERSTOOD he was a hero- to overcome all the resistances that where around him, and to make his way! I UNDERSTOOD that he still didn't make full peace, or he wouldn't have lost it all. I UNDERSTOOD the stupidity of bashing those that make it and calling it unfairness- just because they dared more, focused better, and where more passionate about their dreams.

    And I UNDERSTAND that pushing against anything holds me away from what I want.
    I so appreciate the contrast that life has put me through, to see and decipher and UNDERSTAND and become so clear. I so appreciate all of this! I love and appreciate my past! I love where I have been. I appreciate my own "mistakes". I appreciate that I can go about it in such a friendly way. I appreciate it, deeply. It made me clear and sturdy and I learned to focus, on myself, and to think on my own, and to FEEL MY OWN GUIDANCE.

    I UNDERSTAND, and I resonate so deeply with the teachings of Abe about abundance and allowing our dreams in all ways that are meaningful and beautiful and joyfully calling to us. YES YES YES!!!!

    I feel so blessed with all of this! As Abe said about the masters, who "wouldn't give up one single moment of misery, because it brought them where they are!" I UNDERSTAND, and I soooo agree.

    I lived all of this, and it made my appreciation and love for abundance, for having tons of money, and for owning wonderful stable highflying vibrational currency strong and bold, it gave me sooo much momentum.
    This momentum feels RICH all on it's own! It feels, literally, invincible. It feels so certain. So secure. It feels... inevitable! It feels SURE.

    Ahhhh, I love that! I glow in this joy, in this knowing, this clarity OF LOVING ABUNDANCE!
    I love, love love the stance of ABUNDANCE and POWER and FREEDOM and CLARITY. Ohhhh yes, oh yes!! THIS IS WHO I AM. It's full of life. It's full of light, full of joy, full of LOVE!!

    Appreciation IS the Alignment to our Currency

    If all you did was just look for things to appreciate, you would live a joyous, spectacular life.

    If there was nothing else that you ever came to understand other than just look for things to appreciate, it's the only tool you would ever need to predominantly hook you up with who you really are. That's all you'd need.

    Excerpted from San Antonio, TX - January 26th, 2002

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    wobble free zone transcription

    You said you wanted to talk about creating and you wanted to talk about creation, and you wanted to talk about manifesting and you wanted to talk about manifestation, but what you're doing (and a lot of people do it) is you have decided what you want to be manifested, and then your logical mind tries to find a fast path to that manifestation. And since the money isn't already there, then that gets in your way.

    So the reason it's in your way is because you're too heavy on the manifestation and not focused enough on the deliciousness of the manifesting. You can tell - when you start feeling impatience of time, you can tell that you're trying to speed to the manifestation rather than enjoy the manifesting.

    Q: The day by day, minute by minute joy of creating.

    A: It's not just moving toward that magnificent home site, it's moving toward so many things that are pleasing to you. Not just that - that, too, but not just that. This is the reason that when we talk to you all about creating, we want you to realize that you never get it done and you never get it wrong, and you can't get it wrong because it's never done. But the never done part hangs you up because you want it to be done because you want to get there to enjoy it. And we want to say to you we want you to be on an ever-unfolding path of becoming. We want that house on the Kaanapali Shore of Maui to never be finished because in its becoming, it is still life-giving, where in its having become, then it needs remodeling. (Fun)

    Q: So it's creating a life-style.

    A: You have to move the furniture around for no reason.

    Q: So, is it more about creating a lifestyle and a feeling of sitting there meditating?

    A: Life-style feels like me in my body living a style. Let's just call it creating a life flow, creating a life feeling. Let's call it satisfaction. "I loved being there, I loved seeing it, I loved taking it all in, I loved feeling the energy of it, I loved the influence that that island had on my being, I love the wellbeing that is there and our ability to focus, and the influence that that place had on me. I have been influenced, I've become infected with the vibration of Maui - it is now part of me and I will never be able to be separate from it. I and that island are now one; we are a vibrational match to one another.? There's such satisfaction in knowing that - satisfaction in the memory of it, satisfaction in the becoming of it.

    When you find a moment in time where you feel that satisfaction, and you sit in it and contemplate it and enjoy it and acknowledge it, and let its influence really influence you - let yourself become one with it - it's yours forever; it will never go away, and so other things will lead you to it.

    But it's not just that one thing that gives you that - let all of the things in your world give you that; let your film making give you that, let your baby give you that, let your mate give you that, let your neighbors give you that - let so many things lead you to that place, because it's the vibrational frequency that we're talking about; it's not the subject, it's the frequency. Lots of things will lead you to that frequency, and once you own that frequency, once that frequency is home - not Maui - once that frequency is home, then those vibrations must turn to those things. It just has to be.

    ~Abraham speaking in San Rafael, CA on February 17, 2018

    A Mansion In Hawaii

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    Awesome quote, Paul! .

    The way you CASH IN your vibrational currency,
    is by finding a way to LINE UP with it.

    from the clip It's so Simple to Calibrate Yourself for Receiving Money - Abraham Hicks 2021

    I love the idea of excitement!! I love the thought of adventurous journeys! I love, love LOVE FUN!!!
    I love to remember how Abe joked about "getting the money out of our Vortex, and into the bank"! I sooo love to ponder that I really can have it sooo easy. When I am easy, when I am not splitting my energy, the storms must calm when I say so, and the sea must part, and the money must show up in my account.

    "MONEY! Get over here!"

    from the clip Abraham Hicks - Finding Love of This Life

    I sooo love to appreciate. I love flowing my love, towards something that doesn't feel resistant at all. It's who I naturally am, without resistance. It feels as flowing ME.
    It feels as flowing all this massive momentum of being me, towards everything and everyone and everywhere I focus.

    It really feels god-like. SO, God must feel! Flowing this golden warm benevolent heart-energy all around, easily, without any effort, while it smells as roses and tastes s sweet. No, REALLY!! It feeeels soooo good to appreciate! I appreciate the cold air, that flows into my room through my beloved windows. I so appreciate the sun and it's liht. I so appreciate earth, and it's wonderful home that it gives to all of us! Each of my brilliant cells is taken from earth! I so love the birds singing, in the blessed time of spring. I so love to hear the cars, that transport Gods in physical form over wonderful smooth roads. I so love my life. I so love that DH has such a good work. I so appreciate the riches he's bringing home! I so appreciate how he appreciates his work!

    I so appreciate my family. I so appreciate my dreams for all of us. I so appreciate to "give up" when I have no clue about the next step. I so appreciate Abe's teaching- that told me all of the really good stuff! I so appreciate the contrast that made me foggy and irritated- so much that I could realllllly appreciate the clarity! Ohh, I so appreciate it all, all all. I appreciate my blessed fantastic car. I so appreciate the gasoline supply! I so appreciate there is peace in my land. I so appreciate LIFE. I so, so so appreciate this adventurous time. I so love to be here, NOW. I am so curious and eager for more!!!

    I SO LOVE TO LIVE. Thank you, Thank you life!!!

    When you are in the vibration of appreciation,
    you are in the vibration of allowing.

    Whatever it is you are appreciating, you are allowing with that much more emphasis in the now. In other words, it speeds the process! If we were wanting to reach for joyful experience, or the experience of connection, we would superimpose the word "appreciation". Because it is a purer vibration for most. When you say, "I want that, or I have to have that," sometimes it can get messy. But,

    when you say, "I surely do appreciate that," there is very little contradictory vibration within you.

    And you are much more likely to then use that as your excuse to allow what you've been telling the Universe, all along, with your yippees and yahoos, that you are wanting.


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