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Thread: Vibrational Currency - Feel Free to Join

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    it feels like appreciating
    it feels like respect
    it feels like fun
    it feels like spontaneity
    it feels like humor
    it feels sensual
    it feels like being alive
    it feels just right
    it feels like home
    it feels like Well Being
    it feels like fun
    it feels like stability
    it feels like appreciation
    it feels like appreciating
    it feels like spontaneity
    it feels like being on vacation
    it feels like comfort
    it feels like comfort
    it feels like honoring
    it feels like honesty
    it feels like Who I Am
    it feels like Source
    it feels like Clarity
    it feels Full

    no wonder you want it, doesn't it feel like all of that? and can you not get on a rampage like that without generating some of those feelings within yourself unconditionally? what we're saying is do that for a little while and someone who matches that --- will --- we don't wanna say show up on your path, we wanna say they're already on your path but you will realize it because you're already in the frequency that will allow you to zig and zag and rendezvous

    what difference does it make if there's pleasure on the Path? your path is never ending your path is continually unfolding?

    Abraham Hicks from the talk - How I Attract Love not just Sex?

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    The way you CASH IN your vibrational currency,
    is by finding a way to LINE UP with it.

    from the clip It's so Simple to Calibrate Yourself for Receiving Money - Abraham Hicks 2021

    I soooooo enjoy my journey of becoming more and more and more RICH! I LOVE the sweet-spot! I love the JOURNEY, where I get more and more and more good feelings about it. I SO LOVE HAVING MY HANDS IN MY CLAY. I love the molding of me, being abundant. I love the REALIZATIONS (pun intended) of becoming more and more financially abundant!

    The wisest words, ever...

    (You all wonder) "Abraham, how long do I have to do this crap??"
    (meaning scripting and setting a wonderfully feeling emotional Atmosphere)

    And we say: REALLY? THIS, that feels soo good, you'r putting a time-limit on it??

    Because, if you'r putting a time-limit on how long you'r gonna do this
    (pointing), before you'r getting to this (pointing),

    then you'r not really doing this,
    the way we'r encouraging you to do this!

    Philadelphia 2015

    I SO ENJOY the manifestING. I love the creative process of understanding abundance, and allowing more and more money to flow in, and of dropping the fear and the doubt and the unworthiness. I love the triumphs of FEELING rich! I love the triumph when I feel high on life, absolutely free, AND having money in my pocket.
    But I love also that I can pull it off unconditionally. I LOVE understanding the game! I feel so proud about how much crap I have dropped already!!
    Ohhh, SO MUCH CRAP!!! And it's sooooo ok. I feel so... organically grown. I feel authentic. It's life-experience, that taught me, and I embrace all of it from all of my heart. I LOVE BECOMING a multimillionaire. I will love BEING a multimillionaire as well- actually, vibrationally I am one already. I KNOW THAT, I FEEL THAT! AND I LOVE IT!!!

    And I love embracing it and going through the door again and again, not even needing to pullthe handle. I CAN GO THROUGH THE PHYSICAL DOOR just to my liking anytime... in my mind. All the time. And I so love doing that. I love, this is my true power- doing it, whenever I want to. I am free. I am THERE. IT IS DONE. And I so love playing with that.

    (thank you Paul for the quote!!)

    Speeding to the manifestation,
    rather than enjoying the manifesting.

    You said you wanted to talk about creating and you wanted to talk about creation, and you wanted to talk about manifesting and you wanted to talk about manifestation, but what you're doing (and a lot of people do it) is: you have decided what you want to be manifested, and then your logical mind tries to find a fast path to that manifestation. And since the money isn't already there, then that gets in your way.
    So the reason it's in your way is, because

    you're too heavy on the manifestation and not focused enough on the deliciousness of the manifesting!

    You can tell - when you start feeling impatience of time, you can tell that

    you're trying to speed to the manifestation,
    rather than enjoy the manifesting.

    ...The day by day, minute by minute joy of creating.

    It's not just moving toward that magnificent home site, it's moving toward so many things that are pleasing to you! Not just that - that, too, but not just that.

    This is the reason that when we talk to you all about creating, we want you to realize that you never get it done and you never get it wrong, and you can't get it wrong because it's never done. But the never done part hangs you up, because you want it to be done. Because you want to get there, to enjoy it. And we want to say to you:

    we want you to be on an ever-unfolding path of becoming.

    We want that house on the Kaanapali Shore of Maui to never be finished, because in its becoming, it is still life-giving, where in its having become, then it needs remodeling.

    So it's creating a life-style.

    You have to move the furniture around- for no reason!

    So, is it more about creating a lifestyle and a feeling of sitting there, meditating?

    "Life-style" feels like me in my body, living a style. Let's just call it creating a life flow, creating a life feeling. Let's call it satisfaction.

    "I loved being there, I loved seeing it, I loved taking it all in, I loved feeling the energy of it, I loved the influence that that island had on my being, I love the wellbeing that is there and our ability to focus, and the influence that that place had on me. I have been influenced, I've become infected with the vibration of Maui! It is now part of me and I will never be able to be separate from it. I and that island are now one; we are a vibrational match to one another."

    There's such satisfaction in knowing that - satisfaction in the memory of it, satisfaction in the becoming of it.

    When you find a moment in time where you feel that satisfaction, and you sit in it and contemplate it and enjoy it and acknowledge it, and let its influence really influence you - let yourself become one with it - it's yours forever; it will never go away, and so other things will lead you to it.

    But it's not just that one thing that gives you that - let all of the things in your world give you that.

    Let your film making give you that, let your baby give you that, let your mate give you that, let your neighbors give you that - let so many things lead you to that place, because it's the vibrational frequency that we're talking about; it's not the subject, it's the frequency. Lots of things will lead you to that frequency, and once you own that frequency, once that frequency is home - not Maui! -

    once that frequency is home, then those vibrations must turn to those things. It just has to be.

    ~Abraham speaking in San Rafael, CA on February 17, 2018 "A Mansion In Hawaii"

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    The way you CASH IN your vibrational currency,
    is by finding a way to LINE UP with it.

    from the clip It's so Simple to Calibrate Yourself for Receiving Money - Abraham Hicks 2021

    I AM who I have myself dreamed to be! That's who I REALLY am.
    Who I REALLY am is this wonderful, balanced person who is absolutely sure of HERSELF- in the divine way.
    Who I AM is eager to explore more, more more... and doesn't second guess.
    Who I really am, is totally sure of my worthiness.
    Who I really am, is ALLOWED to dabble in whatever interests me.
    Who I really am, trusts my inspirations and my inner guidance. When I look at something and it feels other than realllly joyfully calling, it's no "yes", and I don't want to act on it.

    I love this knowing that I have this guidance, always! That makes it really easy. I will never ever be without this guidance. I was used to having the "guidance" of what my budget would allow me. But that is the old way of going about it. The new way is, that I am limitless. I dabble and sift and sort, I ask others and watch clips or read books, and what comes up is FEELABLE.

    What feels as a "hell yes" is an easy answer, and I do it joyfully, in deepest appreciation, celebrating the next step, this perfect, wonderful easy next step.

    And everything less is (still) a "no"! So easy, so light, so certain, so clear. No pushing against, just the effortless FLOW in the path of least resistance.

    I have this enormous abundance, and no financial limitations hold me back... but I still have boundaries- those that FEEL like "I want to look somewhere else for what CALLS ME in this joyful way.

    Ohhhh I love that!
    Who I really am is absolutely aware. Aware of the guidance of JOY and ease and clarity. The next step is always feeling good, it is CARRYING me, it feels "choiceless" in it's "ohhhhh YES!!". It is effortless, as I have no other agenda than to FEEL GOOD.

    Be honest about who you really are!

    (to a HS who wants to present himself accurately)
    We would like you to present yourself accurately from *our* point of view!

    Because we want you to catch a glimpse of who we see you as. We know who you are, as you came in. And we've seen what life has caused you to become.

    And we give our undivided attention to your vibrational escrow. And so do all of the resources of the Universe.


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    The way you CASH IN your vibrational currency,
    is by finding a way to LINE UP with it.

    from the clip It's so Simple to Calibrate Yourself for Receiving Money - Abraham Hicks 2021

    I so enjoy focusing on the NOW! I totally manifest right NOW what I have active. And boy, that's quite good
    NOW is so easy to love. Now is so light, and so doable. Now is easy. Now is not overwhelming! And from this gentle friendly benevolent light stance of NOW, it's so sweet to maybe go more specific. And if not, then not.

    I care about feeling good. I drop everything less. It's so easy, and so sweet, and so light and so GOOD.
    I so like to be in this stream of ease... now now now now. My stream of vibrational currency. My stream of life energy. My stream of joy. My STREAM.


    Until you really, really, really mean it,
    that you want to feel good,
    until you really, really, really mean it,
    that you care about how you feel,
    until you really, really, really mean it,
    that you know you're a vibrational being,
    and that Law of Attraction is responding to your vibration,

    until you really, really, really mean it,
    that you are broadcasting,
    until you catch yourself in the middle of a broadcast
    and continue it on purpose
    because it feels good, but
    slow it down on purpose
    because it doesn't feel good, once you do that,

    you're a deliberate creator,
    and unless you do that,
    you are a creator by default.


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    The way you CASH IN your vibrational currency,
    is by finding a way to LINE UP with it.

    from the clip It's so Simple to Calibrate Yourself for Receiving Money - Abraham Hicks 2021

    I like so much that even the most enormous journey consist out of tiny small steps. Myriads of little moments. Tiny, happy, logical next decisions. And in all this micro moments, they add up to huge momentum.

    I SO LIKE THAT. It is so manageable. It is so easy. Every moment is doable, and I can ENJOY it! Because, it's always just about NOW.

    I can listen in THIS moment to the birds, singing.
    I can enjoy in THIS moment the sun on my skin, and the wind in my hair, and the love in my heart, for this or that lovable thing.

    And in this joy and easy, I invite more inspiration for more of that. I am connected to beauty and thankfulness and love and ease and happiness.

    It is so easy, and so delicious and so in charge. All this tiny moments end up and tether me to the highflying disc. And from here, it's normal and sure and certain to keep that up! It's the ne "thing that I do". My momentum then carries me. And sometimes, source throws new contrast onto my path, because I want to clear even more up, integrate even more. My Vortex keeps growing, and I keep growing in catching up more and more and more... what is my path, my journey, my joy, my meaning of life.

    Getting bigger and wiser and clearer and more expectant of really good things!
    I SO LOVE TO DO THIS, each day every day. I so love my life.

    Avenues to prosperity

    As much money is coming to you -we're saying money!-, financial abundance is coming to you as you are asking for, and are allowing. But what's interesting, as in our earlier conversation, you're motivating yourself to the asking rather than inspiring yourself to the asking.

    So it's not a clear, open thing that's going on! Because in the worrying about what you're gonna do with it, or where it's going to come from, you block the flow of it.

    So, if you could just concentrate on the fact, that the flow exists!
    And on the fact, that there IS a path of least resistance that is available to you,

    right here and now, if you could just acknowledge that you have the ability to get on this path and you have the ability to receive the flow!

    Instead of worrying about where it's gonna be, when it's gonna be, who's gonna bring it, where it's gonna come from, how long it's going to last, how big it's gonna be. When you ask those questions that make you wobble, then you don't do either one of those two things:

    -you don't hook up to the energy,
    -and you don't flow it towards something that is meaningful to you.

    That was a big economic discussion, but how does it translate into something that you do something about? -It doesn't translate into how you do something about, it translates into how you feel about money.

    You gotta feel like there's plenty of it out there, and there's a lot of it earmarked for you. You gotta feel that way- because it IS that way, and then you gotta figure out how to figure out? gotta figure out, how you gotta figure out? gotta feel your way to it.

    And it's on the path of least resistance.
    It?s not on the path of hardship,
    it?s not on the path of struggle,
    it's not on the path of determination or effort!
    It's not on the path of motivation.

    It?s on the path of inspiration. -You gotta tune into the path, you see.
    To the path of inspiration.

    So, we have some questions for you, we asked you some earlier, you were quiet about it, we want you to be more bold in your response now.

    -Do you believe in infinite intelligence?
    Audience: Yes.

    Abraham: And do you believe in infinite abundance?
    Audience: Yes.

    Abraham: And do you believe that you?ve carved out a path of abundance for yourself?
    Audience: Yes.

    Abraham: Do you understand that your Vortex holds that path?
    Audience: Yes.

    Abraham: Do you believe that the path will be inspired to you?
    Audience: Yes.

    Abraham: Do you think you'll get there, with worry?
    Audience: No.

    Abraham: How are you gonna get there? How are you gonna find the trail? How are you gonna find that path? You?re gonna worry your way to it? You?re gonna struggle your way to it? You?re gonna take courses on how to find, on what does the world want?

    (mocking) "Yeah, this graduating class needs to be really good at this, because someone has prophesied that there's gonna be a lot of that wanted later? you want to do that? No? do you want to do that? No? well, you better want to do that, because that's where all the money's going to be later, so you better figure out how to get good at doing something that you don't want to do, because that's where the economy is going..." ...ahhhhh?..ahhhh?..!!!

    What do you wanna do? What you wanna do?

    You've lived long enough, none of you were born yesterday. What do you wanna do?
    What do you like to do?

    Do you believe that you can serve doing something that?s fun to do?
    Audience: Yes.

    Abraham: Do you believe that you can find satisfaction in what you do?
    Audience: Yes.

    Do you believe that you know what some of those things are? Do you believe that they're cued up in your vortex already? Do believe that there's a path already laid out for you, that you're just reaching for the inspiration to? Yeah ?yeah?

    So how do you find that path? This is the question of all questions. How you find the path? Think about it ?
    (Singing dudududu dudududu dududu dudududu (like the timer song on jeapordy.. audience laughs) -How do you find the path? (Singing) dudududu dudududu dudududu...

    -You don't find the path, the path finds you.
    It?s an inspired path, it?s not a motivated path.

    Asheville, NC, 2014.05.03

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    The way you CASH IN your vibrational currency,
    is by finding a way to LINE UP with it.

    from the clip It's so Simple to Calibrate Yourself for Receiving Money - Abraham Hicks 2021

    I am amazed about how easy that is.
    When I want to have something, or continue something- I've gotta be alike it. Because same attracts same.
    This is SO EASY.
    I must be the joy, that I wanna feel. I love how joyful money feels to me!
    It feels like pure freedom to do or be or have whatever I want. And I want even more than money can buy!
    I must be the freedom, that I wanna get. I am the unlimitedness. I am inspired by unlimited love, joy and wisdom. I am inspired by divine abundance.
    I must be the same, that ATTRACTS same. I TRUST.

    I am ABUNDANT. I love the big, bright and beautiful. I AM THAT. I adore the big spending in joy, love and clarity. I am in alignment with infinite love, joy and clarity. And I attract it in all forms.
    I am loyal. I love the fair, true and reliable. I AM THAT. I rely on that, without doubt. I shed the doubts.
    I am relaxed and in deep trust of Goodness. I love the huge beauty and goodness and thorough authenticity in Alignment. I AM THAT.

    Do you care for the joyful longevity of your relationship with money?

    It requires continual deliberate focusing upon the positive aspects of any relationship,
    to maintain the good-feeling productivity of it, over time.

    You cannot allow your "now"- thoughts to drift toward unwanted,
    without having both current and future negative impact upon the object of your attention.


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    The way you CASH IN your vibrational currency,
    is by finding a way to LINE UP with it.

    from the clip It's so Simple to Calibrate Yourself for Receiving Money - Abraham Hicks 2021

    I love allowing the FLOW of the currency!
    I love allowing my stream, my momentum. I love allowing outlets, that draw my focus and attention, and that allow me to specifically joyfully eagerly passionately be in my flow.
    I so love this specific fascinated figuring out- never in effort, but in JOY! I love digging my dreams. I love sensing my fun. I love seeing the joy in my beloveds eyes, in my minds eye. I love hearing the enegines, and sensing the awe and smelling the ocean, and imagining the thrill. I love to be "there"! I love to dig my desires in googling and watching pictures and clips and talking and reading, reading, reading. I LOVE getting the awesome joyful impulses and signs and manifestations, that are taking the fun further.

    I so love the JOURNEY of the sweet spot! I so love to go there and have fun and eagerness and thrill and fascination! I SO LOVE TO MINE MY DREAMS long before they have manifested! I feel sooo thankful for my dreams- as they give me life-journeys, life-streams, and it is such joy to ride them, on and on, and new and always new, again.

    Stop FACING reality, and instead CREATE reality!

    Thought by thought by thought by thought by thought- you clean it up, clean it up, clean it up, clean it up! -And what do we mean by "clean it up"? You tell it the way you WANT it to be, and tell it less the way you DON'T want it to be.

    You stop FACING reality, and you start CREATING reality!

    So your friends say -"what are you up to?"
    And you say -"All good things!"
    And they say: -"Where you able to buy that thing, or did you get that job you wanted to get?"
    and you say: -"I'm right on track with it!"
    And they say: -"No, you didn't understand my question. Did you GET it?"
    And you say: -"You didn't understand my answer! I'm on track for it."
    And they say -"Well, if you don't have it, you don't have it."

    And you say: -"Ahh, NOT TRUE at all!! I have it vibrationally! And now that I got it vibrationally, IT MUST COME to me. IT IS LAW. I got it vibrationally."
    -"Well, how do you know it's coming?"
    -"Because I feel so good!"

    -"Well, you feel good before you've got it- what's wrong with you?"

    -"I know the process. I've achieved vibrational alignment with my desire- and so, it MUST COME! It is Law."

    -"How do you know you've achieved vibrational alignment?" your negative friend says. -"How do you know you've achieved vibrational alignment with what you want?"

    -"I feel good, every time I think about it! I FEEL GOOD when I think about it! I FEEL GOOD, when I think about my fortune! I don't think about it sarcastic. And I don't feel discouraged. I FEEL OPTIMISTIC. Because, I KNOW it's coming! IN fact, I'm so optimistic, look at my list, what I will do with it!

    This is my list, what I will do with it!"

    (...) When you create a vibrational outlet, it draws you and EVERYTHING FOR THE ACCOMPLISHMENT of it, through you.

    That's what eagerness is. That's what passion is. That's what that feeling of enthusiasm is! -When you present in this time-space-reality the vibrational pre-paving of a desire, it sets things into motion that WHEN you let yourself go with them you feel wonderful, and when you don't let yourself go with them, you feel awful. Did you hear that?

    That means, that if you feel really bad about something, it means you have asked for something and the larger part of you has become something,

    that you'r not letting the rest of you keep up with.

    from the clipAbraham Hicks 2020 - This is the most effective Money exercise | Law of Attraction

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    The way you CASH IN your vibrational currency,
    is by finding a way to LINE UP with it.

    from the clip It's so Simple to Calibrate Yourself for Receiving Money - Abraham Hicks 2021

    40 years of hoping, 6 years of meditating for the money:
    "Where is my stuff? Why can't I get there?"

    I have been listening to the Financial Wellbeing CD for 6 years. I've been hearing "The stream of abundance flows generously and it is time for you, to receive your share."

    -Every day, year after year, I hear that. And nothing has appeared for me!!
    (*angry*) There must be trillions of dollars in my vortex by now!!!! Because of the contrast/hell on earth!

    ...this are telling words, aren't they?
    So, you see what's going on? You're listening to this meditation CD on abundance, because you want that -that's really good. But the bubbles didn't absorb you and you didn't wake up on the right side of the bed, and you may very well be listening to this,

    trying to "fix something", that feels broken to you!

    So you're feeling going in to this... the split energy you have is something like this:
    "I'm trying really hard and it's not getting better."

    The wall, or the mountain that you've built, you called contrast, "Hell". Because you're trying so hard to get through that WALL, that you want to evaporate! Because you built it, with your thoughts. We know that doesn't seem quite right, but you did, and it is because of your thought that it will disappear. It will cease to be!

    I understand the Vortex!

    What you think the vortex is, is a clump of good stuff that you deserve, but you aren't getting, and that is teasing you. You understand the vortex as being something, that "teases" you and and doesn't yield to you. But that's not the vortex!!

    The vortex is a vibrational gathering that is available to you. But you have to meet it, you have to go there,
    feeling like the vortex feels.

    This conversation may be making you madder on your way to feeling better. And we understand that.

    I understand the vortex, and there's a buffering of time. But 40 years!!?? Come on already!!! When I see these young millionaires in their 20's. I feel jealous not because they're rich! I'm happy for them!


    I am happy they have money! I'm jealous because they didn't have to wait 40 years to get it!!!

    What's the emotion at the heart here?
    You see how, as this person so wisely kept talking about what was bothering her, and kept talking and kept talking, can you feel how the momentum built that and there's a strong mood that really is beneath it?

    So what is it? Can you hear it? "I'm jealous because others didn't have to wait 40 years and I'm stuck wishing and hoping." -What is that emotion? What is that emotion?

    "I'm doing something wrong, I'm not worthy, I've tried everything that you've said.

    Abraham, I've listened to this damn meditation CD for 6 years! And intellectually, if what you tell me is right, my vortex has trillions of dollars in it!!! Why can't *I* get there?

    Why am *I* singled out [to not get my stuff]??"

    -It doesnt matter what conversations happened, it doesn't matter how you've been touched by your life before this, it feels like it matters, but it doesn't. We just want you to know, that

    *YOU* have singled yourself out!

    And you're doing it for the same reason that so many people do it, by comparing the millionaires to what you don't have, rather than comparing the EMOTION. Now, this part might make you mad, but here it is:

    -They expect it. And you don't.
    -They feel ease- and you feel the struggle.

    We know you want a way to battle about that, too, but we want you to know, you CAN get there from here! But it has to be an emotional journey, not a comparative one. We want you to know that, vibrationally speaking, it is an even playing field, but it doesn't feel even because they found the vibration and you haven't!! It doesn't feel like an even playing field because maybe their life was easier, and it was easier for them to find the vibration. But remember, that's not usually true. Usually, those who found it, found something very hard first... not so different from you. So here's the statement that could break loose the blockage; it's the best one we have:

    "It's possible that those that are now standing where I want to stand financially, at one time stood emotionally right where I'm standing.

    And they found a way around it, and I can, too."

    -And then spend NO TIME fighting to prove otherwise. We know where you stand is where you stand and you want to say "It's where I am and therefore it's right and let me explain why I have the right to be defensive". And you do! Of course you have the right to be defensive!!

    We don't blame you for any of this. But we just want you to know, we have never felt stronger wanting from another physical being than we feel from you, therefore we know for sure you can get to where you want to be.

    You just have to ease up, on yourself.

    It's an unworthiness- or incapability-issue, but even more than that, it's a comparative issue- which is, why you feel so bad. So many of you compare yourselves to each other, determined to make yourself right and them wrong. That's why you want to leave everyone else outside of the picture, because they don't get you and they don't GET to get you and they don't get to control you- THEY ARE NOT IN THE PICTURE!!! Unless you put them there!!

    It's just between you, and what you want.

    Do not use others as the excuse to hold yourself apart from what you want!

    August 2, 2020, Online Abraham Now Workshop

    I am proud of myself, that I stopped the battle with God/source about them, not doing the work. I completely relaxed into this being between me and ME, aka between me, and who-I-really-am, who HAS FULLY EMBRACED THE ABUNDANCE that I desire.

    In step 2, it's not only "given vibrationally", but source-me BECOMES the new creation. It BECOMES the me with all the money and the freedom and power and souvereignity.

    It feels sooooo ood to understand that! As always, the gap is between me and ME, and I will never be happy when I don't relax into the pain, and soothe the discord, and look in a better feeling way.

    I GET THAT. And it became a game to find and drop resistances. And obviously I'm not done yet! AND THIS IS MY LIFE. Obviously, I'm not done with it yet! I enjoy the "sweetzone" of being on the road, with all this awesome stops in the interim where I have the "orgasms" of manifestations and enlightening moments. and I ENJOY THE JOURNEY, allllllll the time. It takes as long as it takes! More chances to enjoy this ride. More adventures. More awesome rendezvouses. MORE FUN, while I float along, becoming who I really am gradually, step by tiny babystep, enjoying and trusting and adoring the process OF LIFE.

    The Process of Life

    Often you think that you want to launch the desire and you want to get it. Boom. Boom. Boom.
    "I want to know what I want, I want to want it, I want to launch it, I want to line up, and I want to get it."
    We say, yes you do and we want that for you, we want that for you, we want that for you...

    ...but we LOVE the process of life.

    We love the process, the delicious process of choosing,
    and the delicious process of launching the rocket,
    and the delicious process of knowing
    that you're not keenly in alignment with it
    or maybe not even close to it.
    And then the process of deliberately lining up with it.
    And then the conscious awareness of following your impulses,
    that intuition,
    that feeling of flow,
    that feeling of empowerment,
    that feeling of walking on air,
    that feeling of knowing you can do no wrong,
    that feeling of all things working out for you.

    And THEN, the manifestation!

    LA, 1/26/13

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    The way you CASH IN your vibrational currency,
    is by finding a way to LINE UP with it.

    from the clip It's so Simple to Calibrate Yourself for Receiving Money - Abraham Hicks 2021

    I love to know how subtle and on point and masterfully honed my guidance can feel. I love this light, effortless, delicate, precious manouvers.

    It feels masterful. It feels completely effortless. It feels like the slow hand, the slow groove, the easy touch. It feels respectful, and certain. It feels like blind faith. It feels bold in it's subtleness. It feels irresistable. It feels invincible, while so gentle and tender and friendly.

    It's the greatest power, in it's innocence and joy and love and slowness. Easy, easy. Andante, andante... light, light, pristine, deep, certain. In full whole pure blind faith.

    Blind faith is NOT NEEDING TO SEE IT.
    Or hear it, or smell it or taste it or touch it, in order to know it.
    Blind faith- it's a subtle discerning of energy,


    Philadelphia-WS May 2012

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    The way you CASH IN your vibrational currency,
    is by finding a way to LINE UP with it.

    from the clip It's so Simple to Calibrate Yourself for Receiving Money - Abraham Hicks 2021

    I love that I am at the place where I really know WHEN I can do affirmations and visualizations. I appreciate so much all this life-experience that has trained me what works, and what doesn't. I so enjoy my inner guidance, in it's subtlety And sometimes not at all subtlety.

    And I SO ENJOY the visualizations where I realize that I am training my vibe into more and more high stability. I enjoy "going there" -where who I really am is- just because I can, and relax into it and FEEL this awesome stance.

    Ups And when I leave there I FEEL the difference! Getting high on my world means, I can't go back without feeling the difference! And I like that, too, dammit

    I like having the guidance!! I like to not being able to stand living under my ability. I LIKE that I am aware. I always wanted to be a deliberate Creator!

    And now I embrace my dream and visualize how it feels... It feels not so very different from now! ItS just a small shift, and it feels delicious, it feels thrilling, it feels excellent, it feels adventurous, but sure and certain. It feels delightful to go there- into this HIGH STABILITY of joy, and ease, and freedom. I just KNOW my freedom. I just KNOW my worthiness. And also, I don't "need" anything! I know what I want, while when it comes differently- I allow that, too. I allow and embrace it, and relax into it, trusting my journey. I trust my journey- that's the best description!

    I trust my journey and I know I will get all my fulfillment eventually.
    I trust my journey, while I love my dreams.

    I allow what is, and am eager for more.
    I am satisfied where I am, and eager for more.
    I embrace where I am with deep appreciation, as it is exactly what I emanate, NOW. And it is BETTER THAN GOOD! It is awesome already! It is the fulfillment of my yesterdays dreams!

    And I also want more- eternally. I visualize me in all this delicious wonderful beautiful free, sovereign, happy situations, beloved and loving, getting and giving with full measure. I feel so blessed. I am so blessed. Now, now now now now.

    Change your beliefs and patterns with Visualization

    A belief is nothing more than a chronic pattern of thought,
    and you have the ability- if you try even a little bit- to begin a new pattern, to tell a new story, to achieve a different vibration, to change your point of attraction. The Law of Attraction is responding to your vibration,

    and you can easily change your vibrational point of attraction by visualizing the lifestyle you desire,

    and holding your attention upon those images until you begin to feel relief, which will indicate that a true vibrational shift has occurred.

    Excerpted from Money and the Law of Attraction on 8/31/08

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